Acquaint definition & meaning

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‘you need khổng lồ acquaint yourself with the house style’‘To acquaint me with the ground reality, he asked me lớn stay at the village và supervise the irrigation of peaches during April-May, which I did.’‘A US official at the UN began acquainting him with the ‘political realities’ before he left New York.’‘Local security sources could have acquainted him with these facts if he had asked before making his assertions last Thursday.’‘The Labrador journeys acquainted Murie with both Indians & Eskimos from whom he learned durable skills & values.’‘‘So you"ll take care of that,’ he continued, ‘and you"ll acquaint Lieze with everything.’’‘After two afternoon workouts before the All-Star break to lớn acquaint Caminiti with his new position, he started the second half at first base.’‘We wished to lớn acquaint him with our quest & ask his assistance.’‘For the Department khổng lồ employ them, these educators will have khổng lồ attend training courses to lớn acquaint them with the new curriculum.’‘By the time he painted this well-known image of Iona, Peploe had been acquainted with the island for four years.’‘The trương mục tugs at the heart, & acquaints us with the pain suffered by all those who were affected by a division that ought never lớn have happened.’‘As a journalist, the competitions provide an environment with chất lượng purpose - acquainting you with new work, people, and so forth.’‘There our host Fillip Lissicharov was acquainting us with the production of rose và lavender oils.’‘My answer to lớn that accusation is that there is nothing shabby or disgraceful in telling writers the truth và acquainting them with the painful facts of publishing life.’‘Anticapitalism và the antiwar movement has pulled many lớn the Left without acquainting them with the nature of social and political power.’‘He sets out to lớn change the students" lives by acquainting them with the magic and power of music.’‘You"ve acquainted us with the advantages of both.’‘He took his young friends to see the ancestral home of the Treffry family & acquainted us with one of the prettiest towns in all of Cornwall - Fowey.’‘For the fifth year in a row students took part in the Week of Welcome, a weeklong celebration that acquainted them with the campus as well as its many organisations.’‘I shall try lớn acquaint you with that abode of human misery.’‘In the programme this year, we are also trying to acquaint you with the culture of Japanese cuisine, through lectures và demonstrations of Japanese dishes và Japanese traditional sweets.’