Advantage Là Gì

< + lớn infinitive > It would be lớn your advantage (= it would improve the situation for you) khổng lồ agree khổng lồ his demands.

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give sb an advantage Her background as a financial officer gives her an advantage in dealing with public budgets.
give sb an advantage over sb His height & reach give him a big advantage over (= make him better than) other boxers.
have the advantage of sb He has the advantage of being able to walk lớn work because he lives so close by.
have the advantage of sb UK formal "Do you know how old I am?" "I"m afraid you have the advantage of me there (= you know the answer but I vày not)."
In games such as football, if a referee plays advantage, they vì not stop the trò chơi when there is a foul because allowing play to lớn continue gives an advantage to lớn the team that has been fouled:

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If you change the rules in the middle of the game, you"re advantaging or disadvantaging one of the competitors.
< U > Her teacher likes her very much, which works khổng lồ her advantage (= helps her) if she has trouble in class.
have/get/gain an advantage Smaller businesses often have an advantage in the area of customer relations.

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advantage over sb Neither company appears to lớn have a particular technological advantage over the other.
the advantages of doing sth Some firms may find that the advantages of using free software outweigh the disadvantages.
The British ferry operator complained that its French rivals had an unfair advantage because of government aid.
a great/important/significant advantage Foreign domestic investment brings important advantages through new technologies và enhanced access lớn overseas markets.
a clear/definite/distinct advantage There can be distinct advantages in having a dominant individual presence in the boardroom.

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Your experience as a legal secretary undoubtedly puts you at an advantage in terms of legal knowledge.
to use your skills, resources, etc. Or a particular situation in order to lớn get an opportunity for yourself: