Aggro shaman deck


This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, và deck-buildinginformation to help you improve your Aggro Shaman play for theUnited in Stormwind expansion meta.

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Aggro Shaman is an ultra-aggressive archetype with a lot of burn damage at itsdisposal. It uses early-game minions to quickly secure the board beforetransitioning to a full-face strategy using burn spell & the all-powerfulDoomhammer.

Aggro Shaman Deông chồng Mulligan Guide

Aggro Shaman is an aggressive sầu deck with a very low minion count — assuch, it is important lớn find those minions in your opening hvà.

General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent isplaying) — Kindling Elemental, Wailing Vapor, Cagematch Custodian.Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing againsta slow deck) — Primal Dungeoneer.

Aggro Shaman Deông xã Strategy

The gameplan of Aggro Shaman is lớn conthử nghiệm the board with early-gameminions while assembling enough direct damage in h& lớn burn down opponents.During the early game, you should look to lớn play Cagematch Custodian,Wailing Vapor and Kindling Elemental todevelop your board, using Serpentshrine Portal andLightning Bolt khổng lồ giảm giá with any high-priority threats if needed.

Going into lớn the mid game, it is important and sometimes difficult to lớn identifywhen to lớn stop controlling the board and begin directing damage at the face to lớn thiết lập two- or three-turn lethals. When making these decisions, Doomhammerbecomes a very large factor due to lớn its ability to lớn consistently khuyễn mãi giảm giá damageacross multiple turns. With Doomhammer equipped, you can turnRockbiter Weapon & Stormstrike into lớn 6 damage each due to lớn theirinteraction with Windfury.

Against Aggro, you will usually be trying to lớn control the board formost of the game. You will be aiming to lớn use an excessive number of spells onenemy minions in order to lớn keep the board under control. Because most Aggro decksstruggle to lớn regain control of the board once theyhave sầu lost it, it is often best lớn use Doomhammer tocontrol the board while pushing chip damage with your minions instead ofimmediately directing everything at face.

Against Control, it is important khổng lồ maximize the amount of damage yougiảm giá khuyến mãi above all else. The best way khổng lồ vị this is through repetitive sầu chip damagewith minions, so look out for opportunities to lớn stick any of yourcheap minions lớn the board. It is also generally important to lớn playDoomhammer on Turn 5. Consider planning for this in advance by playingyour Overload cards on Turn 3 if possible so that you are not forced to usethem on Turn 4 và prevent Doomhammer from being played next turn.Forward-planning lượt thích this is key khổng lồ success with this deông xã và with overload-heavyShaman decks in general.

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Aggro Shaman Deông chồng Card Swaps

Against Control — Add 1x Diligent Notetaker, for1x Gyreworm.Against Aggro — Add 2x Landslide, for2x Wandmaker.


08 Aug. 2021: Deckcác mục has been swapped out for an Elemental-based variant.08 Jun. 2021: Deông xã has been updated for the Wailing Caverns meta. Removed 2x Landslide, 2x Primordial Studies, 1x Raz Frostwhisper, for 2x Wailing Vapor, 2x Primal Dungeoneer, 1x Selfless Sidekiông xã.01 Aquảng cáo. 2021: Dechồng has been updated for the year of the Gryphon.07 Apr. 2020: Guide has been completely overhauled for the Ashes of Outland expansion.

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27 Jun. 2019: Deông xã added.