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The Galaxy note 8 was a very important device for Samsung. It had to reassure customers that Samsung’s Galaxy chú ý series was safe. Samsung had a point lớn prove with this device. It sent a message that the Galaxy lưu ý lineup was here to lớn stay.

Samsung hit it out of the park with the Galaxy note 8. The device did very well. It helped Samsung put the unfortunate episode of the exploding Galaxy cảnh báo 7 behind it. Now, the time has come for the Galaxy cảnh báo 8 to gọi it a day.

Galaxy lưu ý 8 won’t get any more updates

The Galaxy note 8 was launched back in 2017. It had great features và a refreshed design. The handset featured dual cameras back when this trend when just starting out. It signalled a change in direction for Samsung’s flagships. The models that came after it only got better và better.

Samsung only released two major apk OS upgrades for the device. It wasn’t on the danh sách of Samsung devices that get three apk upgrades. Consequently, the Galaxy cảnh báo 8 did not get the game android 10 One UI 2.0 update.

The company did provide four years of security updates for the device. The handset previously received a security update every single month. It was only in October last year that the Galaxy chú ý 8 was dropped from the monthly update schedule lớn the quarterly.

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Since then, the Galaxy note 8 has received on security update each quarter. The last update that it received in August 2021 is going to lớn be the last update it ever gets. Samsung has dropped the Galaxy lưu ý 8 from its security update schedule entirely. It won’t get any more updates going forward.

The Galaxy lưu ý 8 has served its time faithfully. Kudos to lớn Samsung for providing it with four years worth of security updates. Not many OEMs vì chưng that. Now it’s time lớn look towards the future, even as the future of the Galaxy lưu ý series remains a mystery.

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