Samsung Oreo Update: Android 8


Samsung used lớn be among the first ones to roll out the major android update among non-Google OEMs back in the day. We’re talking about times of Ice Cream Sandwich và Jelly Bean when its Galaxy S2 & S3 were the first non-Nexus devices to get the latest app android version after Google’s own sets. But that’s no longer the case. In fact, Samsung now appears at the bottom over of the menu as far as timely software updates are concerned.

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A lot has changed, lượt thích the rise of OnePlus, improvements from Huawei, LG’s new software pedigree, etc., all of which means Samsung is often not among the fastest OEMs lớn bring the latest major apk update lớn their flagship devices.

As regards Samsung Oreo update, the rollout will begin with Galaxy S8 sets, followed by Galaxy cảnh báo 8 and Galaxy S7 sets. Latest devices in other series of the Galaxy brand, like Galaxy A3/A5/A7 2017, Galaxy C5/C7/C9 Pro/C8, Galaxy J5/J7, etc. Would be in line for Oreo update too, but only sometime later in 2018.

Let’s find out how each series in Samsung Galaxy brand of smartphones stands as regards apk 8.0 update.

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Samsung Oreo update Device List

Here’s a long list of Samsung devices as regards Oreo update in a table that mentions Oreo eligibility for each device alongside the expected release date, if eligible.

DeviceOreo Update EligibilityExpected Release Date
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)EligibleReleased on 24 Apr 2018
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)EligibleReleased on 19 April 2018
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)EligibleReleased on 25 April 2018
Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus (2018)EligibleReleased on 9 July 2018
Samsung Galaxy C5 ProEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy C7 (2017)EligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy C7 ProEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy C9 ProEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)EligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)EligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy J7 MaxEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy J7 NxtEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy J7 ProEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy J7 VEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo FEEligibleReleased on 26 April 2018
Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8EligibleReleased on 16 March 2018
Samsung Galaxy S7EligibleReleased on 30 April 2018
Samsung Galaxy S7 ActiveEligibleReleased on 19 June 2018
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeEligibleReleased on 30 April 2018
Samsung Galaxy S8EligibleReleased
Samsung Galaxy S8 ActiveEligibleReleased
Samsung Galaxy S8+EligibleReleased
Samsung Galaxy S9Pre-installedN.A.
Samsung Galaxy S9+Pre-installedN.A.
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy A7Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy A7 DuosNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy A8Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016)EligibleReleased on 24 July 2018 in Korea
Samsung Galaxy A8 DuosNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy C5Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy C7Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy E5Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy E7Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy Express PrimeNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy FolderNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy Grand MaxNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime PlusNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J MaxNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J1Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J1 4GNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J1 AceNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J1 mini primeNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J1 NxtNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J2Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J2 PrimeNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J3 EmergeNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J3 ProNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J5Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J5 PrimeNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J7Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy J7 PrimeNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (T-Mobile)Eligible
Samsung Galaxy note 5Eligible
Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 7DiscontinuedDiscontinued
Samsung Galaxy On5Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy On5 ProNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy On7Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016)Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy On7 ProNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy On8Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini I9195INot eligible
Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy S6EligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy S6 ActiveEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy S6 DuosEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy S6 edgeEligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+EligibleQ3 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab JNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy V PlusNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3Not eligible
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 G389FNot eligible
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4Not eligible
Samsung Xcover 550Not eligible

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Oreo update

Released on 8 February 2018

The Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 & S8+ is now available across the globe. In the US, all four of Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, & Sprint have begun rolling out the apk 8.0 update, while the carriers in Canada have jumped the gun too. Hence, other than the unlocked S8 units in the US and also those sold by US Cellular, the rest have been updated lớn Oreo.

Samsung’s Oreo update brings you Samsung Experience 9.0 UI upgrade, that is far more minimal than ever as far as Samsung’s colorful skin goes. If it needed mention, with the Oreo update, you get new features like picture-in-picture, Autofill, redefined Settings app, revamped notifications center, notification snooze, etc. Stuff.

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Galaxy note 8 Oreo update

Released on March 16, 2018

The app android 8.0 OTA is now available for all major carriers in the US: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint. The Oreo build is also available for the cảnh báo 8 users in Canada, but those at US Cellular are still waiting, along with those who bought unlocked sets.

A good number of regions across the globe have received the update to game android 8.0 Oreo, too, but many others are still receiving the update. The whole process may take days or weeks before everyone across the globe gets Oreo on the note 8.

Samsung Galaxy note 8 android 8.0 update news & downloads

Galaxy S7 Oreo update

Released on 30 April 2018

Samsung Galaxy S7 has started receiving game android 8.0 Oreo alongside the Galaxy S7 Edge. The pair’s update has kicked off in Europe, but it’ll be days or even weeks before every S7 and S7 Edge user gets the download notification.

Like always, we don’t know the next market that Samsung will be targeting, but from previous reports, we bởi vì know that most, if not all, users of the Galaxy S7 và S7 Edge will receive android Oreo during the month of May 2018.

Update : After commencing the Oreo rollout in the UK at the beginning of the month, Samsung seems to have embarked on a wider rollout of the OS as reports surfacing from Northern Europe can confirm that Galaxy S7 và S7 Edge handsets in this region are now receiving Oreo updates.

The updates are rolling out with build number ERE8, but it’ll be days before everyone in the said region receives the OTA notification. You can either wait for the download notification, try lớn force the update via the settings menu or take matters into your own hands and flash the Oreo-based ROM on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Your choice!

Update Android Oreo started rolling out to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in the U.S. On June 7, but this was limited khổng lồ Verizon Wireless. Hardly had users of the phones received the tải về notifications than the Big Red removed the Oreo changelog from its official software update pages. This also meant that the rollout had been halted.

On the brighter side, those using the same phones on AT&T are still receiving the Oreo update following its commencement on June 9. Hot on the heels of AT&T is Canada, where the region has also joined the Oreo tiệc nhỏ with respect lớn the S7 handsets. It’s also expected that Canadians using the Galaxy A5 2017 will start receiving the Oreo update today or this week for that matter.

Update Well, it didn’t take long as Verizon has once again resumed the Oreo update for the S7 và S7 Edge. The Big Red has updated the two phone’s software update pages with Oreo changelogs, implying that the rollout is back on. You are still getting the same software version alongside April 2018 security patches.

Update : Users of Sprint in the U.S. Are also reporting that the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are now receiving an update to game android Oreo. The update is also rolling out to Sprint’s Virgin Mobile. With this development, it now means only T-Mobile & U.S. Cellular are the only major carriers yet lớn update the S7 pair to Oreo.

Update : Users of T-Mobile have started receiving android Oreo on their S7 & S7 Edge handsets, which also installs Samsung’s Experience 9.0, the latest version of the company’s custom skin.

Update  After U.S. Cellular started rolling out the Oreo update lớn the S7 twins on July 21, the unlocked variants have followed suit, where the update is rolling out alongside the April 2018 security update.

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Discover more about solid features app android Oreo gets you in the đoạn phim below. (Credit: Jeff Springer)

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge & S6 Edge+ Oreo update

Expected release date: Eligible

Update After numerous uncertainties over the status of Samsung Galaxy S6 Oreo update, T-Mobile has finally confirmed that the OS will be rolled out lớn the 3-year old handset, including the S6 Edge và S6 Edge+. The American carrier has updated its software update page for the Galaxy S6 series, indicating that it has agreed with Samsung to update the S6 family to apk Oreo, but we don’t know when the OS will start rolling out.

Update < February 3, 2018> According khổng lồ fresh developments, which do not come as a big surprise to lớn us, the Galaxy S6 series won’t receive Oreo. Samsung reps have a tendency of not getting software updates’ details right & it seems this poor run won’t end anytime soon.

A leaked Galaxy note 8 Oreo build was found to lớn contain files with names of Samsung phones that will be updated to apk Oreo. On the list, there was no place for the Galaxy S6 series. Although some might feel a little hard done by this new development, which is not an official communication, it makes sense because the S6 family has already received two OS upgrades và will soon be three years old, which makes it ineligible for game android 8.0 OTA.

Update : A new report indicates that Samsung might begin rolling out the apk 8.0 update for the Galaxy S6 as early as next month, February 2018.


To be frank, we never thought about Samsung would release android 8.0 for Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, & S6 Edge Plus. But recent findings have given us ample hint that yes, Samsung has the Galaxy S6 trio in its Oreo update roadmap. This is quite exciting, right?

Well, a user asked the Samsung’s helpline on this, not one but on multiple occasions, and every time the Samsung rep on the other side confirmed that they vị have S6 sets in plans for Oreo release.


Given the usual 2-year update policy that all OEMs follow for their flagship devices, we were kinda sure that S6’s last major update has already arrived in Nougat OS, but now, it looks like the S6 sets would live to see a day in official Oreo 8.0 build from Samsung.

Though, bởi not expect the S6 game android 8.0 OTA to lớn hit eligible users anytime soon. If we are to go by how much time it took Samsung lớn bring Nougat to lớn all eligible devices, maybe we’re looking at quận 4 2018 release for S6 Oreo. In any case, we don’t think it will arrive earlier than q.3 2018, but the end of q.3 2018 looks probable.

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Galaxy note 7 and lưu ý FE Oreo update

Released for Galaxy note FE on 26 April 2018, not expected on note 7

Samsung’s Galaxy note FE, the replacement lớn the chú ý 7, started receiving apk 8.0 Oreo on April 26 in South Korea. There aren’t so many markets you’ll find the phone other than Korea & even though we’ve seen the note 7 go through the Wi-Fi Alliance, the fact that Samsung officially discontinued the phone means that it won’t be receiving any OS upgrade. If anything, it’s a non-existent phone!

Read: Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo FE begins receiving app android 8.0 Oreo in Korea

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Galaxy note 5 Oreo update

Expected release date: Eligible (Q3 2018)

Update After numerous uncertainties over the status of Samsung Galaxy chú ý 5 Oreo update, T-Mobile has finally confirmed that the OS will be rolled out to lớn the 3-year old handset. The American carrier has updated its software update page for the Galaxy cảnh báo 5, indicating that it has agreed with Samsung khổng lồ update the note 5 to game android Oreo, but we don’t know when the OS will start rolling out.

Update < February 3, 2018> According lớn fresh developments, which vì chưng not come as a big surprise to us, the Galaxy cảnh báo 5 won’t receive Oreo. Samsung reps have a tendency of not getting software updates’ details right and it seems this poor run won’t kết thúc anytime soon.

A leaked Galaxy note 8 Oreo build was found to contain files with names of Samsung phones that will be updated to app android Oreo. On the list, there was no place for the Galaxy lưu ý 5. Although some might feel a little hard done by this new development, which is not an official communication, it makes sense because the chú ý 5 has already received two OS upgrades and will soon be three years old.

Given its raw power & the fact that it is powered by an Exynos processor, you won’t be short of Oreo-based custom ROMs that are regularly maintained with updates. If you like such kind of stuff, the XDA Developers forums is a great place to lớn begin your ROM hunting.

A new report indicates that Samsung representatives have confirmed that Oreo is in the plan for Galaxy S6, which lead us to believe that Samsung is moving towards the three-year update cycle for major app android OS updates, which is a massive increment from the update cycle of two years that all game android OEMs follow usually.

Because Samsung own helpline has confirmed the news on multiple occasions, we no longer doubt it and are pretty excited khổng lồ report that at the moment, there stands a great chance of lưu ý 5 getting official app android Oreo update. That could take time, q3 2018 release probably, but it’s worth it.


Galaxy J3/J5/J7 2017 (J7 Pro) Oreo update

Expected release date: quận 3 2018

As we mentioned above, Samsung doesn’t look lượt thích becoming the first OEM to release Oreo update after Google, which is kinda sad, but its attitude towards non-flagship device’s update is far more concerning. Samsung is yet to lớn complete Nougat rollout for devices it launched in 2016, which is why the rollout timing doesn’t look anytime near for devices like Galaxy J3, J5, and J7 (all 2017 edition), as well as Galaxy J7 Pro.

While we are sure Samsung would release the Oreo update for Galaxy J3/J5/J7 sets, it could Samsung til q3 2018 before the first device among the many in Galaxy J brand of Samsung game android phones gets app android 8.0 OTA.

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Update T-Mobile has confirmed the Oreo update for their Galaxy J7 Prine, which is said to be under ‘Manufacturer development’ at the moment. That also means that T-Mobile is yet to lớn get its hands on the update. Thus, we’re not gonna see the Oreo rollout happen anytime soon in case of the J7.


Update : The usually reliable Samsung Turkey has given us a clue of when to lớn expect apk 8.0 Oreo for the 2017 Galaxy J3, J5 and J7, all of which came preinstalled with Nougat và are entitled to lớn at least one major OS upgrade.

Apparently, the update will begin rolling out khổng lồ the trio on July 13. We cannot guarantee that Samsung Turkey will stick lớn this date, but we can at least (based on this report) posit that Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy J5 2017, & Galaxy J7 2017 will begin receiving Oreo during the month of July.

Samsung has a habit of beginning its OS upgrades campaigns in Turkey. With this in mind, this should be the first market that users of the 2017 Galaxy J3, J5, và J7 will get Oreo. As for the rest, the OS should be available a couple or so weeks later.

Update : We’ve heard reports that Samsung Galaxy J series users could be up for a long wait with respect to Oreo updates. However, the latest developments might suggest otherwise, that the Oreo updates for eligible devices could be rolled out in the few weeks to lớn come.

We say this because the Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy J7 2017, và Galaxy J7 Neo/Nxt/Core appeared on the Wi-Fi Alliance with android Oreo running the show. In fact, some users of these devices can expect the newer app android 8.1 khổng lồ arrive soon, but the exact date the updates will be released remains unknown.

Galaxy A3, A5, A7, A8 Oreo update

Android 8.0 available for 2017 editions of Galaxy A3, A5, and A7; 2018 A8 and A8+; and năm 2016 A8


Update : Even ahead of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung has now started rolling out apk Oreo khổng lồ the Galaxy A5 2017. This has been spotted in Russia, a region that is notorious for early Samsung software updates. FYI, Russia was also the first market that received android Nougat on the A5 2017.

Update A few days after rolling out Oreo lớn the 2017 Galaxy A5, Samsung has now availed the A3 2017 Oreo update in Russia, just like its counterpart. The update is available over the air và installs this month’s security patches.

Update Samsung started rolling out app android Oreo khổng lồ the Galaxy A7 2017 on April 25 in Vietnam and while the widespread rollout is yet lớn commence, it won’t be long before every owner of the device receives the new OS.

Update The Galaxy A8 2016’s Oreo rollout has commenced in South Korea and is expected khổng lồ be spread lớn other countries in the weeks to come.

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Galaxy C5/C7/C9 Oreo update

Expected release date: quận 3 2018

Given Samsung’s large portfolio of game android devices, it would take Samsung a good khuyến mãi of time to lớn update the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy lưu ý 8, Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge to lớn Oreo update: first for unlocked variants, và then for locked variants at various carriers in USA & across the world.

After they are done with their flagship releases of the year 2017 & 2016, their Oreo update software team would invest its time developing Oreo for the Galaxy C5, C7, C9 Pro, etc. Handsets, while also working side-by-side on Galaxy A và J series of sets. All of this means Oreo update release for Galaxy C5/C7/C9 Pro would take time, and it could be q.3 2018 easily by the time we see the Oreo OTA for first Galaxy C series handset.

Update : Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has made a stop by the Wi-Fi Alliance with app android 8.0 Oreo on board, all but confirming the device’s OS nâng cấp is around the corner. We still don’t have an exact date, but it for sure will happen before the kết thúc of q3 2018.

At the same time, reports recently emerged from china claiming that the Galaxy C7 Pro update is almost here. In fact, it should be out by now, if the report is to lớn be believed, but since we don’t have one of these Chinese units, we still don’t know the current status.

Galaxy Tab S3 Oreo update

Expected release date: Released in the U.S. On June 1

Galaxy Tab S3 is easily the best apk tablet available on the market right now. It packs the best hardware in a tablet & is an eligible candidate for the game android 8.0 update too. When will Samsung release the Oreo update for the Galaxy Tab S3, though?

Well, those using the Galaxy Tab S3 in the U.S. Have already received the update to Oreo, but of course, software updates take time & thus not everyone has the new OS on the slate just yet.

As regards Tab S2 Oreo update, well, it would happen only after Samsung is done with the Galaxy Tab S3’s Oreo OTA. We think it would be released alongside Oreo rollout for devices in the C and J series, somewhere in q.3 2018. BTW, the Tab S2 was launched by Samsung in năm ngoái but refreshed in 2016. As far as we know, the 2015 releases will not see a day in Oreo, but as regards 2016 iterations of the Tab S2 tablets, we vì chưng think Samsung would take a lenient view and bring them the apk Oreo upgrade.

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Galaxy Xcover 4 Oreo update

Expected release: q.3 2018


Samsung’s Xcover series isn’t so popular, but the company will still upgrade the latest mã sản phẩm to the new game android Oreo. This is the Galaxy Xcover 4, which has already been cleared by the Wi-Fi Alliance with Oreo on board, which could mean the OS may roll out in the coming weeks, probably in May 2018.

Galaxy Tab 4 Oreo update

Expected release date: q3 2018


Samsung isn’t the company to surprise you, but it appears there’s another surprise being lined up. The first surprise popped up a while back when T-Mobile confirmed that it’s working on Oreo updates for the Galaxy S6 and chú ý 5 series.

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Now, apparently, the Galaxy Tab 4 from 2014 is being lined up khổng lồ get Oreo. The tablet has been cleared by the Wi-Fi Alliance with Oreo 8.0 on board, suggesting that the OS will be rolled out soon.

What bởi vì you think?

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s Oreo rollout scene?

They are slow, but is it worth it because they vì have khổng lồ push out apk 8.0 update for countless devices — about triple of the number of device OEMs like Sony, Motorola & HTC would release Oreo for?

Or given their size, they should finish the Oreo rollout for all eligible devices in their portfolio within 9 months maximum of Google rolling out Oreo for its px sets?