The Best Ark Mods In 2022

Ark: Survival Evolved is tons of dino-centric fun, but if you feel the need khổng lồ spice up the vanilla game, these are the best mods to vị it with.

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Ark: Survival Evolved still remains the most popular survival-based sandbox trò chơi around, thanks to a living, breathing world and a dino-centric focus that really helps sell the immersion. The game has splintered off into various add-on packs over the years, and the modding community has followed suit.

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Players who find the vanilla trò chơi lacking can địa chỉ mods to lớn their hệ thống which help to transform it while smoothing out some of the game's rougher edges. Here are the best mods that Ark players can download to showroom a lot more substance và depth to lớn the base game.

Updated on December 5, 2021, by William Quick: Originally set on just The Island, the world of Ark has continued khổng lồ expand due to lớn its developers & creative players. From their creativity, have come the officially released and recognized mods as well as the unofficial tín đồ expansions. This danh mục will cover the best of each.


When Ark decided to lớn play with the idea of taming and evolving dinosaurs, it opened its world up to be changed in various ways. There is so much lore và history in the chip core world, but there are those who would aim to alter it in various ways that can be dangerous or frightening.

The Lovecraft Mythos is one of the most popular và terrifying areas of lore still being explored today. By installing this mod, you can bring elements of Lovecraft & more into Ark by spawning the Eldritch Isle that yields tons of resources at great risk. It also introduces a collection of islands called Apotheosis as well as a giant Bee Hive that is surrounded by bees & bears.


The idea of the over of days has been described & discussed for as long as humans have been around. This idea changes from culture lớn culture, but the Norse mythology version known as Ragnarok has drawn a lot of attention throughout all forms of truyền thông with no sign of slowing down.

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Not even the Ark world can escape its own end, but you can control the way it chooses to bởi vì so. With the installation of this mod, Ragnarok will rain down on your Ark world in the form of an active volcano that rains down fire periodically. Aside from that, it introduces new environmental aspects such as Viking Ruins và Beaver Dams as well as some new creatures like the Ice Wyvern và Lava Elemental.


For many years, humans believed that they were the center of the universe và there are some who still think that way. The thought of being at the center of everything is appealing khổng lồ some và intriguing khổng lồ more who would seek to lớn investigate what lies at the center of any world.

The Ark world known as The Island has a center, but it's not as incredible as it could be. This hack adds a whole mess of new geological features such as a giant floating island, a skull-shaped island, a mountain covered in ape-carvings, & underwater domes for you to find và discover.


For the ultimate in lore-friendly architecture, CKAF:R is the one to lớn get. It allows players lớn build lavish castles và smaller abodes with a variety of rustic materials. The thủ thuật also features a well-done snap system to lớn eliminate guesswork and placing problems.

This is a major upgrade from the traditional structures available in the vanilla game. In the hands of a talented architect, your tribe can enjoy living large in a hostile world.

There's a shortage of decent lighting mods for Ark, but Additional Lighting is undoubtedly one of the best. When implemented, it can transform the Ark experience with dynamic lights and recipes that help địa chỉ flair to lớn the world space.

The hack includes 91 different adjustable lights that can be built out of a special construction table. Use it to lớn craft the perfect home, or traverse the bản đồ in style.

This is a slightly controversial mod, given the challenges required khổng lồ unlock Tek engrams và gather the necessary Element to lớn build them. Certain maps such as Scorched Earth have no Element available, which means players are forced lớn migrate between maps in order to vày pickup & dropoff runs.

Those players who want khổng lồ stay fully immersed in one maps at a time may prefer Tek Helper, which allows Element to lớn be crafted via a special recipe. It still provides a decent bit of challenge, & several settings can be overridden in order khổng lồ make the experience a bit more lore-friendly.

The Ark world has a lot of interesting & exciting aspects to lớn play with and experience. The most prominent of those are the dinosaurs which can be tamed and rode upon. As the trò chơi grew, it introduced more and more technological elements including Meks from the Expansion DLC.

However, many players had issues with how the Meks controlled and their practicality which made them unpopular. Thankfully, this hack was created to lớn make the Meks easier & more enjoyable khổng lồ use by removing aspects that make them frustrating lượt thích their high fuel consumption và heat meter.

Some dinosaurs don't have the luxury of upgradeable armor solutions, & that can be a major problem if a fight breaks out with a high-level foe. Dino Healing Brew helps soften the impact of a violent scrap by introducing an elixir that can save their skins in a pinch.

The recipe required ten cooked prime meat, two medical brews, và five rare flowers. When used, dinos regenerate trăng tròn percent of their maximum health over the course of ten seconds. They will also automatically consume this brew if their health drops below 80 percent, which is perfect for those close encounters.

Many an Ark người chơi were incensed at an update that introduced a series of crushing nerfs khổng lồ the flying creatures in the game, which hampered the ability lớn get around the island with the same kind of mobility & freedom as before. Modder Ertosi decided to vì something about it, which is where Classic Flyers comes into play.

This hack restores the full functionality of flying creatures to their pre-nerfed state, including the ability to màn chơi up their speed. It still works with the most recent update lớn the game, giving players a lot more leeway when it comes lớn fast traveling.

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Though The Island of the Ark has a lot to lớn offer, there is more khổng lồ exploration than roaming across the lands. Being an island, you're surrounded by an endless ocean that yields its own types of resources & creatures which you can encounter should you be brave enough khổng lồ plunge the depths.

Despite this, many would prefer khổng lồ stay on land since underwater exploration doesn't have the best track record but has significantly improved. That's why a team of devs got together lớn create this mod which aims lớn expand the underwater world with new environments to lớn explore & unique creatures to lớn meet.

Having to lớn venture out into the wilderness lớn recover the loot off of your dead corpse is time-consuming and irritating. Death Inventory Keeper rectifies this problem by doing exactly as its name suggests.

Upon dying, your items respawn with your body, eliminating the need khổng lồ put yourself at risk khổng lồ acquire high-level loot. Survival enthusiasts (and sadists) might prefer the challenge, but for everyone else, this hack cuts down a lot of wasted time và agony.

If dealing with crafting skill levels while scouring the environment for top-tier items sounds abysmal, upgrade Station v1.8i can inject a little convenience into the game. This hack allows players to lớn craft a table where they can improve the quality of weapons, armor, & tools, provided they have the correct resources.

The hack introduces a risk factor, as well. Not all upgrades will necessarily work and may fail, costing you valuable resources. It's a minor nerf on an otherwise brilliant hack that allows players to upgrade their gear right up to lớn ascendant status, provided they're willing to vày the legwork.

This hack is perhaps one of the best that Ark has khổng lồ offer, and should definitely be considered if build convenience is a must. Super Structures undoes many of the issues surrounding building constraints in Ark, opening up new possibilities.

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All items can be picked up, even after their expiration window. No longer is there a build height limit. Foundations are stackable, & new items have been introduced, including triangular pieces. Snapping has been vastly improved, as has versatility when it comes lớn powered structures. In short, the thủ thuật unshackles Ark's strict build system in the best possible way.

Even in a world full of dinosaurs and other environmental hazards, the climate can prove to be just as if not more dangerous. You can be hit by severe weather conditions while at the base or out exploring which can ruin your expedition or even your base.

Of all the weather conditions, ice is one of the most devastating but also the most transformative. A realm covered in ice would lead khổng lồ the birth of a lot of new plant life và wildlife as shown in this gian lận which also adds a number of different snow and ice-related weather events.

Purists may not like what eco's RP Decor has khổng lồ offer, but it's far more lore-friendly than most realize. It's also a great way lớn circumnavigate the rather bland decor of the vanilla game.

This hack allows players khổng lồ craft a ton of RP-inspired assets including flags, furniture, kitchen items, and mounts, khổng lồ name a few. Spending so much time in a hostile environment means having a nice home to escape lớn at the kết thúc of the day. Why not style it up?

There are plenty of stacking mods for Ark on the Steam workshop, but Monte Stacks is one of the easiest khổng lồ get up & running. In addition to modifying stack sizes and weights of various items, the mod will also alter spoil timers for more realism.

The thủ thuật eliminates the problem of running out of storage space in cabinets and chests, not khổng lồ mention your own inventory. This helps maintain a more efficient inventory system, especially if one is big on harvesting a boat-load of resources.

It may seem like a simple và rather unnecessary mod, but Wooden Hanging Bridge can showroom a cấp độ of immersion và convenience to lớn Ark that few others can muster. There are so many instances where bridges would not only suit the decor but prove invaluable for travel, as well.

The mod is unique in that the player can dictate the start and endpoints, up to lớn a max distance of 20,000 units. This means no fussing with complex, awkward builds. Just mix it and forget it.

Though humans are fascinated by soaring through the sky & reaching beyond, the thought of what lies under our feet is just as fascinating. However, there is a lot of fear associated with exploring the depths as it requires you khổng lồ plunge deep into the dark unknown that may leave you trapped within the earth.

Curiosity is a powerful thing though và it is one of the feelings that compel us lớn take the risk. You have the chance to take it in this mod that starts you off in a destroyed ARK và prompts you to lớn explore these caves that have revealed themselves và are filled with whole new biomes & unusual creatures.

Yes, every Ark player's dinosaurs should have access lớn the most ultra-cool armor possible. Pimp My Dino understands this need, which allows you to vày just that. The mod introduces leather, chitin, & metal armor for multiple dinosaurs, with a dyeing option.

The hack is also largely lore-friendly, fitting in nicely with the existing atmosphere & aesthetic of the game. Gamers who are tired of the same old plain dino saddles can spice up the play experience with this mod.

There is a lot of discussion & creativity birthed from the topic of alternate history. During the industrial era, steam was considered a viable power nguồn source but was soon replaced by fuel-burning alternatives. This didn't stop the entire lore from being created around the idea of a world that runs on steam.

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