Author: iTzSTU4RT Build Aurelion Sol with confidence with the help of"s build guides. Whether you are completely new to lớn Aurelion Sol or looking to refine your playstyle, we will help you take your Wild Rift trò chơi to the next level. Learn Aurelion Sol"s abilities in detail, the best items khổng lồ build, which skills to màn chơi first, và more. Aurelion Sol is ranked Tier A (Mid Lane) in our Champion Tier List

Aurelion SolThe Star Forger
Recommended RoleMid Lane


Aurelion Sol is a mid lane mage. He is a very quality champion that loves to roam around the bản đồ with all of his stars. In the laning phase, his goal is the push out the minion wave as he is a bit weak before you hit level 3. Once Aurelion Sol hits cấp độ 3, you can use his insane roam potential with Comet of Legend khổng lồ get advantages in other lanes. One important thing to cảnh báo is when you roam with Aurelion Sol"s 3rd ability, you can combo it with your Starsurge. The further you travel with Aurelion Sol"s 1st ability, the bigger the area will get so it will be harder for the enemies lớn dodge. Once you get lớn mid/late game, this is really where Aurelion Sol comes online, he has an insane amount of damage và peel potential khổng lồ help his team.

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Aurelion Sol has 3 stars that orbit around him at all times dealing magic damage. This is Aurelion Sol"s main damage output & is what makes him so unique and fun lớn play. Be careful when hiding in bushes as enemies can see the stars even if you are hidden.

To increase the hit rate of the stars, it is always best to lớn move in the opposite direction (clockwise) so the stars will hit more often. Learning and understanding Aurelion Sol"s kit are crucial in playing & carrying games.

Aurelion Sol fires a newborn star that detonates upon reaching the Outer Limit. The star expands as it travels, dealing magic damage và stunning for a few seconds based on time travelled. Starsurge can also be re-casted khổng lồ detonate the star early to get a quick và easy stun.

When using Starsurge you can increase the size of the star when you use your 3rd ability (Comet of Legend) lớn travel further across the map.

Aurelion Sol pushes his stars out to the Outer Limit for a few seconds, causing them to orbit faster and giảm giá magic damage. There is also a passive with the ability that increases the star"s damage.

This ability uses your passive which is your main source of damage but makes it even stronger because stars will rotate faster, resulting in more damage.

You can use this ability lớn quickly clear the minions in your lane và use that free time to lớn rotate around the maps to get an advantage in other lanes.

Aurelion Sol retracts his stars and takes flight, gaining the ability to see & travel over walls for a few seconds. This ability has a long cooldown so make sure you use the ability wisely. If you take any damage from champions, the flight will end.

Be sure to use this when ganking lanes in full bộ with your 1st Ability (Starsurge) as this will surprise the enemies and you can get a big AoE stun.

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Exhales Starfire, dealing magic damage & slowing enemies. Enemies that are hit are knocked back to lớn the Outer Limit. This ability has a relatively long range and can be used at the start of the fight to slow down enemies or as execution at the end to kill them.

You can also use Flash just after using your ultimate ability. This can make some amazing flashy plays like flashing behind the enemy whilst in animation to knock the enemies back into your team.

Aurelion Sol"s main source of damage is from his stars from his passive Center of The Universe. These stars increase in speed and damage with Celestial Expansion and khuyến mãi more damage with ability nguồn items. Rod of Ages is a great first thành tựu that gives Aurelion Sol ability power, health và mana so he can bởi vì a lot of damage but also be tanky at the same time as you want to lớn be relatively close lớn the enemies. After Rod of Ages, you want khổng lồ focus on more ability items like Rabadon"s DeathcapVoid Staff so Aurelion Sol"s stars can khuyễn mãi giảm giá more damage.

For runes we have:

With Aurelion Sol each time you hit an enemy with a star you get a stack of Adaptive Force. This means it"s really easy khổng lồ get the maximum stacks and deal more damage.

Brutal gives Aurelion Sol a little bit of extra little bit of ability power to lớn help at all stages of the game.

With Aurelion Sol you will be roaming around the map a lot getting kills & assists. With Hunter-Titan, every time you get a unique takedown you gain health và tenacity khổng lồ help you against crowd control.

Sweet tooth is a great rune if Aurelion Sol gets low on health or mana in the laning phase or when roaming around the bản đồ and needs that extra bit of healing or mana when taking the honey fruit. You also get some extra gold when you or a nearby ally picks up the honey fruit.

For summoner spells, Flash is a must on Aurelion Sol. It"s a great spell to get out of a bad situation or if you are trying to lớn go in for that killing blow on the enemy. You can also bộ combo flash with Voice of Light (Ultimate) to make some flashy plays lớn push the enemies into your team. For the 2nd spell, Barrier is the best option. The most important thing to note with this summoner spell is that it does not last a long time so you need to lớn make sure you use it when you are about lớn take damage.

Early game

Aurelion Sol is not the strongest champion early on when it comes khổng lồ trying lớn solo kill the enemy, however his pushing nguồn in the mid lane is unmatched when using Celestial Expansion, which allows him khổng lồ roam around the bản đồ as early as màn chơi 3 with Comet of Legend. When roaming with Aurelion Sol, you want lớn try & look to full bộ Comet of Legend with Starsurge so the star can expand dealing more damage & stunning the enemy for a longer amount of time.

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Late Game

As Aurelion Sol, once you reach the mid and late trò chơi this is really where he can start to lớn zone the enemies with his stars & crowd control and do a lot of damage. You always want khổng lồ keep your eyes on the minimap for any roaming potential lớn help your team out as you are a lot faster at roaming compared lớn other mid lane champions. When it gets to a teamfight Aurelion Sol works a little bit different to lớn other AP mages. Aurelion Sol likes to lớn stay in the front line using his stars and crowd control lớn zone enemy champions and deal as much damage as possible.


Overall Aurelion Sol is a very fun và unique champion. He is all about roaming and getting advantages elsewhere on the map. If you want lớn fly around the map and get some kills khổng lồ help your team then Aurelion Sol is the perfect champion for you!

Thank you for reading this guide! Feel miễn phí to follow me & ask any questions on:

Good luck on the rift summoners!


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