Bless là gì


a blessing in disguise

a problem that becomes a benefit or advantage The rainstorm was a blessing in disguise. It stopped the fire.

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bless 1. Bless me! an exclamation of surprise, pleasure, dismay, etc. 2. God bless! may God bestow blessings on you

bless one"s heart|bless|heart

v. Phr. Khổng lồ thank someone; consider one the cause of something good that has happened. Aunt Jane, bless her heart, left me half a million dollars!

bless with

give a special gift to;favor with赐福于;使有幸得到May God bless you with success!愿上帝保佑你成功!He has not been rich,but he has always been blessed with good health.他不是个富人,但却拥有健壮的身体。

Bless your pointy little head

This expression is used as lớn patronise someone, especially when they don"t realise that they"re not very clever.("Bless your pointes little head" is also used.)


the blessed (for 1, blest or bles′id; for 2, bles′id, also blest) 1) people who are blessed 2) Theol. Those dead whose souls are in heaven

blessed event

blessed event
The birth of a baby, as in When is the blessed sự kiện expected? This expression combines two senses of blessed, that is, “happy” & “sacred.” Today, however, unless used ironically, it is considered cloyingly sentimental. <1920s>


In addition khổng lồ the idiom beginning with blessing, also see give thanks for small blessings; mixed blessing.

blessing in disguise

(See a blessing in disguise)

Count your blessings

When people count their blessings, they concentrate on all the good things in their lives instead of the negative ones.

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give thanks for small blessings

give thanks for small blessings Express gratitude for a minor favor or advantage, as in My bag didn"t get on the plane but it did arrive in time—give thanks for small blessings. This expression is usually uttered when one encounters an unexpected bit of good fortune.

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the jobless those who are unemployed

mixed blessing

mixed blessing
Something that has both good & bad features, as in Being accepted by the college was a mixed blessing, since she couldn"t afford the tuition.

mixed blessing|blessing|mixed

n. Something good that has bad features. John"s new bicycle was a mixed blessing. The other boys were always asking John to lớn ride it.
miss is as good as a mile miss out miss the boat miss the point missing link misty-eyed mix up mixed bag mixed blessing mixed up money is no object money to lớn burn monkey business monkey on one"s back month of Sundays moonshine mop the floor with
blessedly blessedness blesser blesses blessing blessings blest blet blether bletherskate bletherskite blew blewits blight blighted blighter blighters blighting
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