Create, View & Edit Bookmarks

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So you’ve been using Google Chrome for a while & you’ve accumulated a ton of bookmarks. Or perhaps you’ve imported a slew (or is that a gaggle?) of bookmarks into Chrome from another browser. Regardless, it’s time to organize them, because you’re the ever-efficient worker bee who is super-productive to lớn the hive. Right?

Seriously, if you spend much of your work life on the web, you probably have online resources that you check regularly. Organizing them is the best way to get to lớn those resources more quickly. Thankfully, Chrome has a Bookmark Manager that can help you out.

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Accessing the Bookmark Manager

To use the Bookmark Manager, first you have to lớn find it. Here’s how:

The upper-right corner of the browser windowSource: Google Chrome
In the upper-right corner of the browser, click the three little dots (see figure above). Hover over Bookmarks (see figure below), & then click Bookmarks Manager from the submenu that pops up.
Source: Google Chrome

You will see that the Bookmark Manager acts very much lượt thích a file manager, with the ability lớn create folders into which you can file your bookmarks. You can also edit your bookmarks here.

Creating new bookmark folders

When you organize your bookmarks, it’s best to lớn create folders to put them in. Just like with folders on your computer, you can nest folders within folders for categories, subcategories, và so on — it just depends on how organized you want khổng lồ be. Here’s how to create a new bookmarks folder:

Click the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the Bookmark Manager window, and then select địa chỉ new folder.

A box opens up where you can type in a name for the new folder.

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Repeat as necessary lớn have as many folders as you need.

When you have all of your folders phối up, you can easily drag and drop bookmarks (and even additional folders) into the folders.

Creating folders in the Bookmarks Bar folder represents the epitome of organization. If you always have your Bookmarks Bar visible (and you do, don’t you?), then the folders act as drop-down menus in the Bookmarks Bar. Clicking the thư mục enables you to see all the bookmarks in the folder, any of which you can click lớn visit that website site.

Editing a bookmark

When you save a bookmark, Chrome likely uses the web page title (that is, what appears in the title bar of the browser) as the descriptive name of the bookmark. Sometimes that name is just too long và clogs up your Bookmarks Bar. You can edit the bookmark name and URL of the bookmark easily. Here’s how:

In the Bookmark Manager window, right-click on any bookmark and choose Edit.

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The name and URL become editable text boxes. Make your changes, as needed, & by all means, shorten that bookmark name!

If you want to lớn manually create a bookmark, simply click the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the Bookmark Manager window và select địa chỉ cửa hàng new bookmark. A box opens up where you can type in the name of the bookmark & copy & paste the URL lớn create your new bookmark.