Which is better, naruto vs naruto shippuden vs boruto?

Boruto: 5 Ways It Hasn't Lived Up To Naruto (& 5 Ways It's Surpassed Expectations) Although sometimes the Boruto lớn anime falls short of expectations to Narukhổng lồ, sometimes it has surpassed them, as well. Here"s a comparison between them.

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It"s no secret that fans of the original Narukhổng lồ Naruto Shippuden series are not fond of its sequel or main character, Borukhổng lồ. While all of the hate is understandable, it"s also not all warrantedーas some of the things done in Boruto lớn may have sầu done better than in Naruto lớn.

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It"s also put up to lớn extremely high standards, as Naruto was one of the most popular and considerably well-written shounen manga of its time. Although sometimes Boruto lớn falls short of expectations, sometimes it has surpassed them as well. Here are 5 ways some may say it"s lived up to lớn its legacy, & 5 it has not.

At the beginning when Boruto lớn first began, it was a well-known fact that Masashi Kishimoto lớn would only be overseeing the story khổng lồ ensure qualityーhowever, he is not in charge of writing the story. Ukyo Kodachi is, & Mikio Ikemoto lớn is the manga artist responsible for illustrating.

Although fans were displeased with some of the early designs of Boruto lớn & Mikio can draw in Masashi"s art style, his own art style is quite good as well. A lot of fans have grown to lớn appreciate the differences.

Although Masashi oversees some of the series, that doesn"t mean he has any control over plotlines or anything else. Ukyo Kodabỏ ra is in charge of the storyーvà despite there being some great stories here & thereーthey haven"t lived up to some original ones in Narulớn.

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For one, a lot of fans still bởi not like or can lượt thích Boruto lớn as a character because of his attitude toward certain things, which makes certain stories feel meaningless if one doesn"t like the character as a person.

Despite some stating Saradomain authority should have sầu been the main character instead of Borutoーthat would have made an interesting storyーthe character dynamics in Boruto compared to Naruto match well.

In the original Naruto lớn, the main characters all are built off of clichesーNarulớn is the stupid shounen protagonist, Sasuke is his rival, & Sakura is a tsundere with a crush in the beginning. However, as time went on, the characters developed. In Boruto lớn, it"s flipped entirelyーBoruto & Sarada actually get along, as they are childhood friends, & Mitsuki is the outsider who talks to them occasionally.

7 Hasn"t Lived Up To Them: Slow Pacing

One of the biggest complaints in Naruto was how much they panned for air time by creating an endless amount of fillers. This was made worse in Narukhổng lồ Shippuden, as the series caught up a lot of times. This was because Naruto was a weekly manga, & it was hard to have material available all the time.

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However, in Borukhổng lồ, the problem is even worse. The manga is monthly instead of weekly, which means there are even more arcs filled with filler than there is an actual plot from the manga.

Despite fillers not being everyone"s cup of tea, there have been some that have expanded on the world of Boruto and the characters, lớn give sầu fans more information on them than in the manga.

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For instance, characters like Chouchou và Inojin are given the spotlightーas well as Himawari, with an adorable filler with her và Shukaku. Also, despite being source material from a light novel, the episode with Narukhổng lồ và Sasuke spending time with their families is one of the best for some wholesome post-Naruto Shippuden nội dung.

5 Hasn"t Lived Up To Them: Power nguồn Scaling

After watching Naruto train from being the weakest ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village to lớn arguably the strongest ninja in the world, it"s hard lớn pass hyên off in Boruto as being "too old" lớn fight. This goes for Sasuke và Sakura as wellーwhen the three of them managed to lớn seal Kaguya, which is basically the God of the ninja world herself.

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This is even more confusing as khổng lồ when Kakashi gave sầu the children of the Hidden Leaf Village the bell thử nghiệm and he was still a badass. Where does that leave Naruto lớn & Sasuke, who are always leveled down to make room for the new protagonist, Boruto?

Despite Boruto not having the same màn chơi of threat as it did in Naruto where war was always a hair"s breadth away, there are still plenty of villains lớn go around.

From Isshiki lớn Kawaki, the villians fans get a peek at sometimes seem more interesting than the original ones.

3 Hasn"t Lived Up To Them: Character Development

This is probably one of the most damaging and disrespectful things for Naruto fans. Despite not every single character in the Konoha 11 getting enough page or screen time, fans at least remembered và knew who was whoーfrom even Roông chồng Lee khổng lồ Ino.

Despite not knowing everything about them, fans knew Roông chồng Lee had no chakra so he focused on taijutsu, and Ino ran a flower siêu thị with her family & inherited Mind-Transfer Jutsu. But in Boruto? Barely any character is explainedーwhich leaves fans scratching their heads trying lớn rethành viên who is who.

Some of the best fights that occurred in the franchise are in Borukhổng lồ. From Sakura finally gaining the spotlight she deserved by handing Shin in a one-on-one fight khổng lồ Borulớn fighting Sumire & Nue, there is a lot of well-directed fights.

Some of the Boruto fights are even short and still manage khổng lồ be epic and well animatedーlượt thích Konohamura và Team 7 battling Jugo.

1 Hasn"t Lived Up To Them: Storytelling

The elephant in the room is what saddens a lot of Naruto fansーthe story. Naruto"s story wasn"t perfect, but at least it was enough lớn have fans still follow it, laugh, cry, and have sầu fun watching it. In Borulớn, a lot of things have sầu changed, and that"s alrightーor at least it would be if it was a more coherent plot.

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With Kara being the "knock-off Akatsuki" and the plot to lớn bring Kaguya bachồng stale, most fans are excited khổng lồ figure out why the village seems khổng lồ be destroyed, who Kawaki is, & what the Jogan isーwhich is an eye power Boruto lớn only has because Masashi forgot to give hyên Byakugan.

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