The 8 undergoes a rigorous 40-stage process of machining, anodizing and polishing to lớn ensure its distinctive thiết kế pairs flawlessly with the polished aluminium unibody toàn thân. The ultimate in seamless unitoàn thân construction, 8 is designed to nestle perfectly in the palm of your h&.

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Super-slyên ổn cameras with ZEISS optics

Nocơ 8 features a 13 MP. dual image-fusion rear camera with both colour and monochrome sensors, plus a wide-angle 13 MPhường. phase detection auto-focus front camera. Both front & rear cameras are equipped with ZEISS optics, meaning every snapshot moment becomes a story worth sharing.


Dual-Sight mode

A first for điện thoại phones, the exclusive sầu Dual-Sight mode lets you use both front và baông chồng cameras simultaneously for split-screen photos and video clip.


Facebook Live

Share the moment in the moment with built-in streaming straight to lớn Facebook Live™ và YouTube Live. Your creations are one touch away from the world.

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Notê 8 comes with Android 9 Pie⁴, packed with the full spread of Google's most popular apps và no unnecessary extras. Plus, we’ll make sure you keep getting regular updates to lớn help you stay on top of features & security.

Google Assistant, always ready khổng lồ help

From managing tasks and planning your day to lớn controlling your favourite apps and smart trang chính devices, Google Assistant is ready to help wherever you are.

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Android Enterprise Recommended

Android Enterprise Recommended serves as your assurance that the power, security & flexibility of an Android phone are fit for your enterprise. A device bearing its mark has been rigorously tested by Google to lớn ensure it meets a very specific mix of requirements.




Network & connectivity

Network speed LTE Cat. 9, 3CA, 450Mbps DL/50Mbps UL

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (MIMO), BT 5.0, GPS/AGPS+GLONASS+nhà đất, NFC (sharing) ANT+


Operating system Android™ 9 Pie⁴