Chè bun

As a midwesterner, I look forward to the summer sweet corn bounty every year. As a Vietnamese American, there"s no dish I love better khổng lồ showcase summer corn than trà bắp. It"s made with only a few ingredients và it tastes great warm or cold.

Chè is the word for Vietnamese sweet soups. Bắp is corn. So Chè Bắp is just corn sweet soup. It"s more similar to lớn a rice pudding than a soup, hence the title of this recipe.

Chnai lưng is a popular dessert or snaông xã, & they have a ton of range. Some can be quite complicated to lớn prepare, while others, like this one, come together with very few ingredients. In Vietnam và some places in the U.S., you can find shops that sell several different types of chè at a time. You can even point at different ingredients lớn mix and match your own cup of trà.

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