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Take cover, NES troops! Neo City”s under assault once again, and Konami sends a new soldier squadron into battle — the Contra Force. Hold your fire và don”t radio in those battle plans just yet. If you”re thinking this trò chơi delivers the same fast-paced, Contra-cool kích hoạt as the previous games in the series, think again. You just overestimated the power nguồn of the Force.

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Ditching the straight-up, two-player warfare from Contra and Super C, Contra Force leans towards both strategy and cooperative action. You and a control- pad partner pick from four C-Force handgunners – Burn, Smith, Iron, và Beans. Each compatriot has a different foot speed, jumping ability, and weapons arsenal. The advantage is that you can switch between them anytime.

Another new Contra feature enables you to direct a “resting” enForcer lớn cover your back! At the player select menu, you pick one of six screen positions for him to lớn guard for five seconds. Much like an Option in Gradius, the extra player acts as a second gun who follows in your footsteps. It”s nothing radical, but it helps you pass tricky spots.

Short Fuse

If you lượt thích to run and gun on the fly, prepare lớn attach super glue to lớn your combat boots. Despite a great sounding, four-soldier setup, C-Force is the slowest-moving action game for the NES in a loooooong time. The unfrantic pace is designed khổng lồ enable you lớn think before you shoot, but who wants to vì chưng that? Moreover, multi-character screen clutter spells big trouble for the NES system”s processor.

Stand still behind the barrels và shell the cấp độ 2 missile boss. His shots will skim by your ear, but won”t inflict damage.

Weak kích hoạt combines with equally unmuscular level layouts. Three standard side-view stages & two top-view levels khung the shorter-than-usual mission. You get unlimited continues, but slowdown plus overflowing enemies equal a rough challenge. The wild và creative alien goobers from previous Contra episodes are gone, replaced by a nondescript band of soldier strongmen.

The control is clean, but often hampered by a too-slow-to-scroll screen. Additionally, this Contra”s only solid blast is the weapon power-up system, which enables you lớn swap between Machine Guns, Homing Missiles, và Hand Grenades by collecting toolbox icons.

Blast this màn chơi 3 lever mechanism to lớn release a giant crate. The chain reaction will propel you up the skyscraper.

Contra”s formerly robust graphics suffer some downgrading in this chapter. Ricker, sparse sprite detail, và occasionally washed-out colors detract from the almost good-looking backgrounds. The music and sounds are unobtrusively average.

Unnecessary Use of Force

Konami had an awesome clip game formula that worked in Contra & Super C. For whatever reason, Contra Force strays from the path & pays the price. The visuals & audios are passable, but the slow-moving, uninspired chơi game is the worst casualty of war. The four-character command feature is a great idea whose time should come someday. May the Force be without you.

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tải về Now System requirements: PC compatible Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP P-200, 32 MB RAM

Contra is coming to lớn both the Super Nintendo và the Nintendo Entertainment System. This 8 bit version continues the same tradition set by the previous Contras. However, it is not just another sequel as Konami has made some changes. The biggest difference in this trò chơi is that there now are four players instead of two to lớn choose from. In the beginning of the game, you can pick which of the four characters you want khổng lồ use. Another difference is that you don”t find your weapon, as each character has their own specialized weapons at the start of the game. This game is still like Contra though, because there is still plenty of action, và you have to lớn fight your way through the various areas, then destroy the end quái thú in each màn chơi of the game. Finally, lượt thích the original Contra, the levels in this version alternate chơi game from side scrolling to lớn overhead views. What”s nice about the overhead screens is the fact that you don”t just charge straight head, rather you can move around almost everywhere giving you the chance to lớn explore the whole level. You have to lớn remember to vì chưng this as you will find power-ups hidden in strange places.

Of course, this game is two player simultaneous (if it wasn”t it wouldn”t be Contra), but in this trò chơi it can be two player with only one person playing! lượt thích the arcades Konami built in the “join in” feature. At anytime during the game the second player can come in, and help you out. With two players though, it makes the game very easy lớn beat because you do not have to worry about killing everything yourself.But, if you are playing alone và there is no one to come và play the second player, all hope is not lost. You can have one of the other four characters come in & attack the enemies. This character will stay on the screen for about 5 seconds. When this character comes in you

can have him cover your back or front, cover all around you , or you can set it so he is behind or in front of you & he will imitate everything that you do. When the player comes in, he will be fully powered.If you are playing the game và are about to thua trận your last life, you can switch your player to one of the other three. This will give you two additional men because each of the four players has three lives, but, if you thua thảm all three lives of any one player your game will be over, even if any of the other four characters still have lives left so stay alert!.

Contra kích hoạt continues in the newest edition of the series. Save the head of the CIA who has been kidnapped by terrorists. Choose the correct person & weapon for the level & head out lớn eliminate the terrorists.

Has once again graced NES players with an excellent action game. This cart has you out lớn stop enemy forces from control of the planet. Sure lớn be a hit!

It”s the third in the classic Contra series. Battle through five brutal stages. Great weapons, great graphics, great action — and all you have to vị is avoid blowing up the world!

Contra Force is a run và gun style clip game, released by Konami in 1992 in North America. Unfortunately, the game released for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was only available in North America. The game was a spin-off of the Contra series, and was the third game released for NES.The trò chơi focused more on certain modern task forces, instead of different sci-fi elements, as in the previous games. The new forces have to lớn fight human terrorists, with modern weapons và settings featured in this sequel.

The trò chơi was also planned khổng lồ be released in Japan, under the title of Arc Hound, but it was cancelled in the end. Konami decided to lớn make North America the only release location for the spin-off, leaving the huge European market off as well.

The story happens in the fictional metropolis of Neo city in the same year of the release, 1992. Contra Force is a group of special forces led by Burns, whose task is to defeat the crime syndicate known as DNME. The whole kích hoạt starts when Burns receives a phone điện thoại tư vấn from Fox, who informs him that the Head of Intelligence is in danger. He arranges a meeting with his informant khổng lồ learn more about the case, but when he goes to lớn the meeting, he finds out Fox has been murdered by the crime syndicate. Burns và his squad have now to find out on their own about the terrorist group.

The player can control up to lớn four different characters, but he will have lớn choose one of them in the beginning of the game. Besides Burns, the leader, the players can choose Iron, a weapon expert, Smith, a sharpshooter và Beans, a demolition expert. Each character comes with his own weapons, skills, speed và jumping attributes.

There are five stages in the game, with three of them played from the side-view perspective, and two of them from the overhead perspective. Fighting enemies và moving from a màn chơi to another are the objectives of this game. There is a trùm cuối awaiting at the end of each level, who has lớn be defeated in order to lớn progress to lớn the next level.

The player can jump, crouch, and walk left or right in the side-view stages, & move in eight different directions in the overhead perspective. He can”t jump or crouch in the overhead perspective levels.

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The trò chơi was fairly popular when released, và received a lot of positive feedback by users, press and critics. GameSpot users rated the trò chơi with 8.3 from a total of 290 votes. GameStats users rated the game with a total of 7.6 out of 10.