Contra: evolution apk for android

Contra: Evolution for iPhone has bad controls and makes up for it by letting you pay real money to lớn win. And players are raving about it.

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Usually remakes of games look better than the original product. Not so with Contra: Evolution.Screengrab:

Contra: Evolution is a remake of the original Contra, for thiết bị di động devices. It's coming soon lớn Android, and is already tearing up the sales charts on the iPhone.

The game it's based on is one of the enduring classics of the 8-bit era. Even today, Konami's 1987 NES game is great fun. But Evolution has big problems. The control scheme is awful, và Konangươi has seen fit to add freemium-style purchases khổng lồ the game, so players with more money than skill can pay their way to lớn completion.

Typical for an iOS remake of a console classic. What's disturbing is that players perceive these issues – và yet are unbothered by them. "Controls are off & your thumb covers a lot of the active sầu area..." writes one App Store customer Review, spelling out the issues. And yet it continues: "...but still worth it for us old Nintendo fans!!!"

In other words: "I can't see the screen, và the controls don't work right, but the melange of whatever random things are happening underneath my thumbs evokes nostalgic memories, so it's good."

Another four-star Review called Evolution a "classic," but complained that the controls "are so hard. Can't shoot diagonally at turrets và jumping is a chore."

Contra is a game in which literally all you vì is run, jump and shoot. Part of what makes Contra a standout example of this genre is that the controls are so precise và pleasing, even by today's standards. Two of those functions barely work at all in this version, yet App Store gamers are hurrying lớn fling their money at it.

There's a takeaway here, & it's that you don't actually have to try that hard if you want to sell a throwbaông chồng to a fondly remembered classic on the App Store. Slap a virtual control pad và tons of pay-to-win mechanics in there, and nobody toàn thân will care! All the beloved game designer axioms about designing to lớn the strengths of the platsize can be safely ignored, left khổng lồ collect a scant few hits in the depths of Gamasutra's archives.

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Of course, Contra: Evolution is not the first terrible game to lớn enjoy the adoration of plenty of fans. The graphic design of Rage of Bahamut looks like the aftermath of a war between two Geocities pages, but at one point it boasted 10 million active players.

"Bahamut's success seems khổng lồ tell today's game designers that a game with minimal interactivity, massively disorganized UI and incredibly confusing game thiết kế is the way khổng lồ hook millions of players & make a fortune," Limic Software CEO Arash Keshmirian told in an email earlier this year.

Konami, apparently, has taken that lesson lớn heart with Contra: Evolution.

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And let's not forget the dozens of thrown-together sản phẩm điện thoại ports by big publishers like Capcom, Activision & Ubisoft. All of those games are, like Contra, primarily employing nostalgia to lure gamers in.

Nostalgia is a powerful force. It's not surprising that fans of old-school Contra games would decide lớn buy this new version of the classic title. It is surprising, however, that those fans aren't balking at the broken control scheme & needless integration of real-money "gems" và "coins."

Another App Store reviewer sums it up: "Can't see anything most of the time. But $1... I'll forget all that<.> It's cheap."