Halfbrick Studios brings another hilarious take on classic arcade gaming with Dan The Man kích hoạt Platformer. Relive the glory days of the arcade in a beautifully made 2d side-scrolling kích hoạt platformer that will take you on a wild ride through an even wilder story.

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With fists of fury and totally inappropriate behavior, Dan The Man is a man without a plan. Go up against the naive King and his manipulative business executives as they plan to enslave a peaceful village for nefarious purposes. The story of light versus darkness has never been told in this way before.

There may be no happy ending in this modernized classic. With upgradeable karate techniques & a selection of choice powerups, get ready to overthrow tyranny with some very questionable allies.

Dan The Man: kích hoạt Platformer trò chơi Features:

Fists of Ferocity

Dan The Man may have attitude problems, but you cannot deny his karate skills. Start off with basic attacks and have the option lớn upgrade your existing techniques or unlock a wide selection of moves.

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Use aerial attacks, combinations, grabs or a phối of everything. How you want khổng lồ build Dan is completely up lớn you. Whether you want to focus on powering up just a selection of moves or give him some variety by unlocking each one, create a karate expert that fits your play style.


Chain Your Moves

Learn lớn make chain combos as this will be very helpful in other trò chơi modes lớn get a high score. Battle mode is one of the bonus stages where you are rewarded with bonus points for each consecutive hit on any target.

The longer your chain combinations are the higher your bonus multiplier. This relies heavily on positioning and timing, but also a good understanding of your moves. Variation can easily get you very high scores as you execute multiple hits on enemies around you, in this mode getting surrounded is actually helpful.

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Download Dan The Man kích hoạt Platformer on your PC today! Play online for không tính tiền here at! If you enjoy Arcade like this one, kiểm tra out similar lượt thích Run Sausage Run! and Hungry Shark Evolution.