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DIABLO III Video trò chơi Developed And Published By Blizzard Entertainment. The Third Installment In The Diablo Franchise And Was Released In The Americas, Europe, South Korea, And Taiwan On May 15, 2012, And Russia.

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The Game, Players Choose One Of Six Character Classes – Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor Or Wizard (With The Crusader Being Unavailable Unless The Player Has Purchased The Expansion Paông chồng, Diablo.

Artisans Are Non-Player Characters (Npcs) Who Sell And Craft. Two Types Of Artisans Can Be Introduced By Completing A Quest For Each: Haedrig Eamon The Blacksmith And Covetous Shen The Jeweler. The Reaper Of Souls Expansion.

Diablo iii Set A New Record For Fastest-Selling Pc trò chơi Selling Over 3.5 Million Copies In The First 24 Hours Of Its Release, And Was The Best Selling Pc trò chơi Of 2012, Selling Over 12 Million Copies During The Year. It Has Sold.

• Developer : Blizzard Entertainment• quảng cáo online : Blizzard Entertainment• Genre : Action Role-Playing• Release Date : May 15, 2012• Modes : Single-Player, Multiplayer

Diablo III <2012> Download Size – 7.60 GB



Diablo III <2012> (Size: 7.6 GB)


Installation Information

1. Disable Your Antivirut Before Running “Setup.Exe”

2. ‘Setup.Exe"(IMPORTANT) As The Antivirut Will Mark ‘Setup’ As A Suspicious File,Making It Unable To Launch Setup Or May Run It But With Some Glitches,Same For Uninstall.(For Avast Users: Disable DeepScreen In Antivirus Settings).

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3. After Running Setup,Clichồng On ‘Configure’,Specify The Install Directory,Cliông xã On Next And Next,Select The Necessary Software (Direct X And Visual C+Provided In Redist Folder),Again Next.

4. Finally On’Install’.Play The trò chơi From Desktop Shortcut Using Run As Administrator.

5. Always mở cửa The Game Using ‘Run As Administrator’To Avoid Any Savegame/Crash Issue,If It Still Crashes,Lower The Graphics Settings.

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6. Make Sure U Meet The System Requirements Along With Updated Graphic Drivers For Your Graphics Card.

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