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Doraemon is a robotic mèo that comes from the 22nd century. He comes lớn 20th century và stays with Nobi Family. The Nobis love Doraemon very much. So Doraemon always help the Nobis with the devices from 22nd century.

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Gian & Suneo blame Nobita for breaking Kaminari's glass. Nobita chews a 'say it for me gum' given by Doraemon. He goes to lớn Kaminari's house và confesses the mistake and gets a box full of balls. / Nobita sends Shizuka Doraemon's butterfly letters apologising khổng lồ her for spoiling her cookies. Gian and Suneo collect the letters in a basket, but they fly and reach Shizuka. & she rushes to lớn Nobita.

Suneo takes out a dinosaur from Doraemon's genuine encyclopedia và invites trouble. Doraemon manages lớn capture the dinosaur back into the book, but Nobita also tags along with the dinosaur. / Gian shouts at Nobita & makes him apologise to him. Hence, Nobita's soul gets into Gian's toàn thân with Doraemon's help & apologises to Nobita's body, making everyone feel that Gian is a good boy.

Nobita unknowingly sleeps on Doraemon's dream pillow. He questions Shizuka about her love interest in his dream, while in Doraemon's dream, Shizuka confesses that she likes Doraemon. / Nobisuke encourages Nobita to lớn never give up. Doraemon makes Nobita taste a hardship soybean paste, which makes him go through many hardships. Later, Nobisuke eats the soybean paste và gets into bigger trouble.

Nobita finds a whale on the shore of an island with the help of a watching glass. Doraemon & Nobita together dig the ground và push the whale back into the water. / Nobita uses Doraemon's 'a forgetting flower for you' gadget on Tamako, Gian, his teacher, Shizuka & Dekisugi to lớn divert their attention. But when the smell fades, all of them confront Nobita.

Nobita faces Tamako's wrath even after speaking the truth about his test paper. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a snail house lớn stay in. After finding the kiểm tra paper, Tamako's face distorts with rage. / Gian and his friends decide khổng lồ make their bodies strong in order to lớn face accidents. Nobita creates an illusion of himself with the hide and seek shower and beats Gian.
Nobita tries to give Suneo a hardship soybean candy, but Suneo pops the candy in Nobita's mouth. Suneo thinks of giving a game ticket to Nobita, but Nobita forcefully feeds Suneo the candy. / Nobita scores a zero in his test, but the teacher motivates him to lớn move on. Doraemon gives Nobita the soul-stirring microphone lớn pass on his message. Nobita sneezes in the mic & melts everyone's hearts.
Nobita and Doraemon use the time room gadget and go into the past lớn pluck the oranges from the garden. The younger Nobisuke reads Nobita's comic book và returns it lớn Nobita at the present time. / Doraemon sets an out of the blue air troop of UFO's so that Nobita can practice shooting. However, the UFO's trouble the people around. Dorami sucks all the UFOs with a UFO collecting machine.
A superhero appears as mister help và helps Nobita. Tamako returns Nobita his play costume, similar to lớn mister help's costume, & solves the confusion that Nobita is mister help. / Nobisuke & Tamako get into an argument over an old scarf. Doraemon và Nobita use the memory clone lớn make Nobisuke remember about the scarf, but fail at it. Nobisuke sees a pot of flowers & remembers the scarf.
Nobita hypnotises Tamako, Doraemon, Gian, Shizuka, & Suneo to do what pleases him with the help of the hypnotist glasses. After being beaten by Gian, Nobita looks in the mirror and hypnotises himself. / Shizuka expresses her desire khổng lồ go skiing but feels sad for not being able to lớn make it true. So, Doraemon creates a miniature garden ski resort outside the house và fulfils Shizuka's desire.
Nobita uses Aladdin's lamp to complete his work and wishes for 5 lakh rupees from Alladin. The Alladin gets out of control & threatens the people for money. But Doraemon captures Alladin in the lamp. / Nobita wears an antenna lớn prepare himself for the imminent events. He carries a bag with all the required items before going out with Nobisuke. Nobisuke feels embarrassed & shouts at Nobita.
Nobita opposes the thought that certain games are supposed to lớn be played by a particular gender. So, Doraemon spreads the He/She gas in the city & notices a change in everyone's behaviour. / Nobita uses 'the decider' lớn decide about Tamako's broken brooch. The brooch instructs Nobita khổng lồ stay out of the house until 7 pm. At 7 pm, Nobisuke confesses that he broke the brooch.
As Nobita faces unfortunate accidents, Doraemon uses the unlucky đá quí to transfer Nobita's bad luck to someone else. / Suneo and Gian put Nobita in a fix, by blaming them for drawing on a neighbour's wall. But Doraemon gives Nobita the graffiti gun. But it works in favour of Suneo và Gian.

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Nobita swallows a hermit bug in order to giảm giá with his mood swings. His transformation into a polite và calm person impresses everyone around him. / Worried by Gian & Suneo’s behaviour towards Nobita, Doraemon gives Nobita a ‘thank you halo’. On using the halo, Nobita gains respect & attention from people around him.
Nobita uses a turn around spray on Gian and makes him his friend. Suneo gets to lớn know about the spray and uses it on himself và faces Gian's wrath, as the spray does not work on oneself. / Suneo refuses Nobita to come along for a picnic. Hence, Doraemon uses the 'Choose a tomorrow washer' khổng lồ show Nobita his future. On seeing a glimpse of his future, Nobita refuses khổng lồ go on a picnic with anyone.
Gian misunderstands a recycling sự kiện to be a recital event. Doraemon uses the response testing robot to lớn change Gian's mind, but it does not help. So, he asks Jaiko to lớn draw her mother's picture on the robot to scare Gian. / Tamako loses the key of the house. So, Doraemon và Nobita use the elevator plate lớn enter and hide the test papers. But the teacher and Tamako find Nobita's chạy thử papers.
Nobita sticks a spoil me sticker on Tamako và experiences her love. He also gives a sticker to lớn Gian. Gian does not stick the sticker on his mother but cries on seeing his mother's love for him. / Nobita speaks in Doraemon's 'the find anything microphone' và finds Shizuka's book. Gian notices the mic in Nobita's hand & snatches it from him. He sings a tuy vậy on the mic & invites many animals.
Suneo gives the fretful timer to Gian, who releases his anger on the items in the siêu thị with the assurance that it will be fixed. But the things don't get back into shape. / Nobita takes Doraemon's good shot camera to click pictures for the school paper và clicks a picture of two raccoons. But he does not disclose the picture to anyone with the thought that the raccoons will get into trouble.
Nobita loses the baseball match. So, Doraemon applies a balm on Nobita's toàn thân to make him strong. Nobita loses his strength as the balm effect fades. But Shizuka encourages him to be strong. / Doraemon sets a turning house for Jaiko và Dekisugi to establish their love story. As Dekisugi goes out with his family, Doraemon uses the transforming light & turns Nobita into a duplicate of Dekisugi.
Doraemon và Nobita use 'rewrite the past machine' và go into the kindergarten days. There, Nobita beats Gian. Suneo & Gian also hurt Nobita with a punching box gift. However, Shizuka pacify's Nobita. / Tamako knits a sweater for Nobita, but he does not appreciate her. So, Doraemon places the sensitivity machine on Nobita. As it gets cold, Nobita wears the sweater & returns to lớn his mother.
Nobita doesn't vì well in the physical test. So, he drinks the exercise satisfaction liquid, which makes him small in size. Nobita faces hurdles, yet makes his way lớn Shizuka's place. / Nobita requests Nobisuke khổng lồ get him a mountain bicycle. He puts the true intention signal on Nobisuke & reveals the truth about his interest in his job. The next day, Nobisuke gifts Nobita a mountain bicycle.
Nobita, Gian, và Suneo leave their houses because of their moms. So, Doraemon uses the family swapping machine and swaps their places. But, they miss their homes & return to their respective houses. / The teacher announces an exam to be held. So, Doraemon uses the good time machine to make Nobita lucky. Nobita enjoys a good time for some time & moves back into the bad time.
Nobita compares his life khổng lồ the swallows và leaves the house. Doraemon prepares aeroplanes with the help of boomerang folding paper khổng lồ bring Nobita back. Nobita follows a swallow and returns home. / Doraemon tells Nobita the story of a fox và the tiger. He gives Nobita a tiger cap and inserts Gian's handwritten notes in it. Thereafter, all the children get scared of Nobita.
Doraemon uses the spotlight light on Nobita và makes him famous. But Nobita gets frustrated with the crowd & regrets being in the limelight. / Nobita wears Doraemon’s 4th Dimensional pouch và gathers the unnecessary things from his room into the pouch. But Suneo and Gian also enter the pouch và wreak havoc on the streets.
As a detective, Suneo suspects Doraemon to be the thief of a gold coin. Doraemon uses the words association magnifying glass and the time machine and realises that Suneo's suspicion is true. / Nobita goes lớn deliver Mr Osaki's golf stick & Shizuka's book using the smart feet. Gian gets angry at Nobita và keeps Shizuka's book with him. Nobita goes to lớn Gian's place but gets stuck there.

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Doraemon uses the hideaway spray & hides the mess from Nobita's room. Nobita uses the spray on the things in the house and makes them disappear. But Doraemon uses the make appear spray and gets the things back. / Doraemon uses the universal remote control lớn enjoy a Dora cake. Nobita misuses the remote và troubles his friends. So, Doraemon pauses Nobita using a 'reflect in the glass mirror'.