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A new preview for dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 shows that Granolah is still capable of holding his own against the powered-up Gas.

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Granolah và Gas" dragon Ball-powered battle continues in the latest preview for Dragon Ball Super"s Chapter 80.


New rough sketches of the chapter were released through the official Dragon Ball website. The rough drafts show off more action shots from Granolah and Gas" on-going battle. The villainous Gas previously used a wish from this planet"s dragon Ball"s to make him the strongest warrior in the universe, similar lớn how Granolah powered himself up earlier in the arc. While the wish has now technically made Gas the most powerful fighter on the battlefield, Granolah revealed that he has learned khổng lồ make more efficient use of his new strength, allowing the two fighters khổng lồ keep up their battle on seemingly equal footing. The new preview images seem lớn suggest that Granolah will maintain his slight advantage, but Gas & the other Heeters seem lớn have more tricks up their sleeves. In addition lớn the new panels, a new promo video clip looking back at the events of the arc so far was also released.

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During a recent update video covering the entire Dragon Ball franchise, a representative for the series confirmed that the current Granolah the Survivor saga is nearing its conclusion. The arc first began in 2020 và introduced several new characters to lớn the series, including the eponymous Granolah, the sole survivor of a race that was supposedly driven lớn near-extinction by the Saiyans decades ago. The arc also featured the debut of Vegeta"s newest form, Ultra Ego, which is intended to lớn be the dark counterpart khổng lồ Goku"s Ultra Instinct transformation.

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In addition to lớn updates about the manga, Dragon Ball series producer Akio Iyoku also recently revealed that there may be more animated entries in the franchise in 2022 beyond the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. While Iyoku did not reveal any other details about what this new animated project may be, fans are hoping that he was teasing the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime series. The original Super anime concluded its broadcast run in 2018, và the manga has since completed the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Neither that saga nor the current Granolah arc have received an animated adaptation yet, so there is plenty of content for a theoretical new season of the show to work off of.

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The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super is scheduled lớn be released on Jan. 20. The manga is distributed in North America by VIZ media and new chapters are released digitally through the publisher"s Manga Plus service.