Dream league soccer 2017


Wonderful football game for Android, in my opinion the best currently in the market store. Graphically well maintained & fluid. Flaw slightly in AI of NPC teams. Almost perfect.

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The football championship has just finished, and last Saturday the Champions finished with a 4-1 victory over Real Madrid on Juventus.

In order not lớn open a hooker among muốn fans, I will not tell you who I fancy or if I am bạn of one of the two teams, but the question that all football fans are asking is “what bởi I bởi vì until August”?

If you can not think about football when your wife or girlfriend takes you lớn the sea, maybe I have the solution for you.

Dream League Soccer 2017 is one of, if not the best, football game for Android.

Here you will find a short đoạn phim of gameplay, just to give you an idea:

Dream League Soccer 2017 – Top soccer game for Android

Saying Dream League Soccer 2017 is the best football game for Android is a strong statement.

But we consider what alternatives are.

In the world of PCs & consoles, Fifa & PES are bosses, but on mobile devices these two titles can not convince.

On the one hand, they introduce concepts that are unwise to lớn players as the energy to lớn spkết thúc in order to lớn play và recover very slowly.

On the other hand, you play everything except in a football game.

Dream League Soccer 2017 fits in with bullying aý muốn the best soccer games for Android because it realizes what a soccer game must have, that is, playing football matches without waiting for hours khổng lồ play.

Dream League Soccer 2017 – Features and coins

Let’s go inkhổng lồ the detail of the game và see the salient features.

Dream League Soccer 2017, was developed by First Touch, the same software house of Score!Hero, which I had reviewed a long time ago.

Here is the article about it: Recensione Score! Hero – Gioco di calcio gratuito offline per Android.

The game looks like an arcade with a side of management.


You will start from the lowest division & you will have to lớn play & improve your team to try to place you higher and get inkhổng lồ the next division.

You will have sầu a total of six divisions to face and overcome, & more than seven cup competitions.

Everything runs around the coins needed for each enhancement you want to buy.


To buy new players or tăng cấp your stadium, game coins are necessary.

The strange thing is that even to train your players you need to use coins.

The higher the statistics to lớn increase, the more expensive the training is.

I would have preferred maybe, always buy coins with a coach and reason in less arcade and more managerial terms.

However, this choice, though controversial, does not thất bại much of the game.

The coins can be earned simply by playing, và you get a bonus if you win, you score and you play at home page.

In the latter case, the upgrading of the stadium, affects the number of coins obtained as a bonus.

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So it’s good practice to lớn try khổng lồ raise the stadium lớn get more coins when playing at home.

Another way lớn get coins, as in any good Android game lớn play with ứng dụng purchases, is paying to lớn get them or watching the promotional videos offered.

Dream League Soccer 2017 – Team management

In Dream League Soccer 2017 we will have sầu to focus the energy of our players và apply a minimum turnover.


We may also be forced to replace a player because of a red card.

However, team management is an important part of the game, trying lớn use the best players when dealing with the strongest teams.


The initial team is one of the poorer of the championship.

It’s up to us to lớn try to improve it lớn grab some good purchases và increase its technical characteristics.

So far, however, it has rarely occurred to me to replace a player just for exhaustion.

Dream League Soccer 2017 – The game & the PvP

And here is the crucial part of the game, or the game.

Players are controlled by a virtual pad, very often used in Android games.

We will have the joystiông chồng for the movements, on the other h&, the three buttons for managing the actions of our players.

With the ball at the foot we will have:

A = Tire; B = Short passage, C = Long pass

Without ball instead:

A = Slide; B = Contrast; C = Player change


I must say that sometimes this kind of monitoring is unsatisfactory, và if you fail the contrast often your opponent manages to get in the door with no chance khổng lồ counter it again.

But after taking the necessary measures and the first defeats, the controls are able khổng lồ master without much difficulty.

Some of my friends complain about the difficulty of pressing the right button on smartphones since they are very small.

In addition khổng lồ being able to lớn face single player championships, Dream League Soccer 2017 offers the chance khổng lồ play against real players online.

This mode allows you lớn greatly increase the longevity of the game by having khổng lồ face ever-stronger players & try khổng lồ prove sầu to lớn everyone their skill.

Dream League Soccer 2017 – Conclusions

Well we have reached the final conclusions on the game “Dream League Soccer 2017”.

As regards the technical aspect, the game I was very impressed, seems khổng lồ have sầu in h& a console or a personal computer.

Graphically it is well maintained and the animations are very fluid.

The artificial intelligence of non-real teams in some cases presents some problems.

It happens from time khổng lồ time lớn see npc players go with a ball to the ball directly out of the field without an apparent reason.

However, if I were to lớn give sầu a score from one to ten I would give a nice nine.

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Here you can found the Download game from play store for Android

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