Tobirama created edo tensei to revive his brother

Naruto: 10 Strongest Characters Raised By The Evị Tensei, Ranked While introduced during Orochimaru"s attachồng on Konoha, the Ebởi Tensei played a much more prominent role in the Fourth Great Nin-Ja War.

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The Evì chưng Tensei was a ritual in the Naruto universe invented by Tobirama Senju. It was able lớn bring the dead baông chồng to lớn life và make their bodies effectively indestructible against most conventional means.

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While introduced during Orochimaru"s attachồng on Konoha, the Evị Tensei played a much more prominent role in the Fourth Great Ninja War. The strongest ninja in history were resurrected to vì chưng battle against one another on both sides of the conflict.

Deidara In Narulớn Shippuden
Once a proud thành viên of the Akatsuki, Deidara was aao ước the few of Obito"s former comrades impressed inlớn Kabuto"s service. He possessed all the strength of his previous life và the versatility his clay sculptures afforded.

While his explosions may not be insurmountably lethal against resilient targets, he can dice his creations into lớn microscopic charges và weave them into lớn his enemies" skin. When detonated from the inside, it is virtually impossible khổng lồ survive them without lightning skills (such as Sasuke"s chidori) that are capable of disarming the bomb.

9 Mu

Mu possessed the power of the particle style, a jutsu frequently practiced by Onoki and a favorite amuốn the many Tsuchikage of the Stone Village. It allowed hlặng lớn concentrate a brilliant beam of light against his opponents, one that would evaporate anything caught within it.

As a result, it could compromise targets even as durable as Madara"s Susanoo if it successfully connects. This made hyên a deadly adversary lớn face since he could kill the Allied Shinobi Forces" most talented warriors in a single targeted hit. Fortunately, Onoki was able to defeat hyên before he had unleashed considerable havoc.

The Third Raikage shared much of the power, speed, và vitality of his descendant. Capable of rushing at lightning tốc độ và delivering staggeringly devastating blows, he was ahy vọng the most physically capable of Kabuto"s forces.

He was one of the few threats lớn require Naruto"s direct attention in order lớn defeat (unlượt thích the other raised ninja, who were mostly manageable through the ability of his allies). This spoke to lớn his outstanding combat prowess, especially since his aggressive sầu, melee oriented combat style had only been enhanced through his immortal new body.

7 Tobirama

Tobirama Senju second Hokage
Tobirama was the second Hokage of the Leaf village and who had experienced the Edo Tensei twice (especially ironic, given that he was its inventor). A natural genius at jutsu, he had also invented shadow clones, a skill which Narulớn had employed throughout his journeys.

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Most frequently, Tobirama uses water-based attacks in order lớn apprehkết thúc his opponents. His physical skill enabled him to fight (albeit briefly) against Madara, demonstrating how the many campaigns he had fought in served hyên ổn well. He balances versatile jutsu with decades of experience in order lớn be one of the most formidable warriors of the Fourth Shinobi War.

In life, Nagalớn had distributed his paths of pain lớn six different vessels, puppeteering them in order khổng lồ make for a one man fighting force. After his resurrection, all of his powers were concentrated inlớn a single body, arguably making him even deadlier than before.

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He was able khổng lồ employ his jutsu with fluency against Narukhổng lồ & Killer Bee alongside Itachi, being one of the only shinobi capable of facing down two Jinchuriki (especially considering the reluctance of his ally). This evinces that death has not curbed his immense skill as a ninja.

5 Itachi

Fiercely intelligent và perhaps the greakiểm tra genjutsu user to lớn have ever lived, Itachi was the only Evày Tensei resurrection not only lớn have sầu resisted his master"s programming but to lớn have also changed sides through his own không lấy phí will.

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Despite the massive sầu strides Kabuto had made in his jutsu since the original series, he was able lớn outsmart hyên, trapping the scientist within the humbling prison of the Izanamày. He would say his final goodbyes to lớn Sasuke shortly after, but they did little to lớn quell the rage in his younger brother"s heart.

Once considered the greademo shinobi of his time, Hiruzen was capable of dealing with Hashirama, Tobirama, and Orochimaru simultaneously. Like the second Hokage, he had an enormous number of jutsu at his disposal, but was an even more effective melee fighter through the power of the staff he carried with him.

In death, Sarutobi was equally ready khổng lồ defend the Leaf from Madara"s invasion and was instrumental in protecting the Allied Shinobi Forces. Through his service, he proved that his will of fire burned even from beyond the grave.

3 Minato

Minato lớn was considered the faschạy thử shinobi alive at the time, surpassing even the Fourth Raikage"s legendary speed. He did this through laying tags across any surface that he could emerge from at a whlặng.

As a result, he was one of the most capable Hokage to defy Madara, especially since he was equipped to lớn evade his attacks. Although he would thảm bại an arm during the melee, he imbued Narulớn with a gift that would ensure the victory of his allies – the second half of Kurama"s chakra that had presumably died with hyên.

Considered the God of Shinobi & possessing one of the strongest Kekkei Genkai in existence, Hashirama was the only ninja lớn not only have confronted Madara in the past, but also to have sầu defeated hyên ổn (in spite of Kurama"s assistance).

Though he would pose an admirable threat lớn the fallen Uchiha in death, he would ultimately be unable khổng lồ withstvà his former friend"s onslaught. As a consequence, he depleted much of the first Hokage"s chakra và took it as his own, rendering him an even more serious threat against Naruto lớn & Sasuke. Nonetheless, he remains one of the Leaf"s most powerful champions, especially evinced through the versatility dormant in his coveted cells.

1 Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha"s strength decisively eclipsed everyone else"s. Directly after his rebirth, he dominated an entire army of shinobi by himself and had only grown stronger ever since.

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His body toàn thân made it so that ninjutsu was not particularly effective sầu on hyên and was capable of healing from the damage taijutsu might inflict. Should Black Zetsu not have sầu betrayed the man in the final hour, it would be uncertain whether or not Narukhổng lồ & Sasuke could have defeated hyên ổn even with their combined effort in staunching his vision.

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