Attack On Titan: Eren's "The Owl" Disguise Explained “The Owl” in Attack On Titan is a pseudonym of Eren Kruger, but why did he adopt the disguise? Here’s Kruger’s history & motivations explained.

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Eren Kruger in Attack On Titan anime
Here"s why Eren Kruger adopted the persona of “The Owl” in Attack On Titan. Hajime Isayama’s Attack On Titan manga & Wit Studio’s anime focuses on a society that lives in settlements surrounded by giant walls put in place khổng lồ protect them from Titans – a race of giant humanoids that roam the land devouring anyone they come across. Attack On Titan follows Eren Yeager who joins the military lớn fight the Titans & – like his fellow countrymen – believes his society is trang chủ to the last remnants of humanity.

However, Attack On Titan eventually reveals that what Eren & his people have been told is a lie: they are members of a nation known as Eldia that was responsible for the creation of the Titans và used them khổng lồ establish a powerful empire that persecuted countries. One of those subjugated nations was Marley, which eventually overthrew Eldia & took control of several of its Titans. Most of the Eldians retreated to the nation’s last remaining territory Paradis Island where they built the walled settlements Eren Yeager lives in, while other Eldians were allowed khổng lồ live in internment zones within Marley’s borders.

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One of the Eldians left behind on the Marley-controlled mainland was Eren Yeager’s father Grisha. Lượt thích his fellow Eldians, Grisha was often on the receiving kết thúc of ill treatment from the ruling Marleyan people and his anti-Marley sentiments grew after his sister was murdered by its military. This led Grisha to lớn join a resistance cell known as the Eldian Restorationists that sought to lớn overthrow Marley và had a mole within its government known as “The Owl” who provided them with weapons & intel. “The Owl” in Attack Of Titan is, of course, Eren Kruger.

Eren Kruger in Attack On Titan anime
Like Grisha Yeager before him, Kruger was an Eldian born to lớn a family living in Marley and his father was an Eldian Restorationist who was burned alive by Marleyan authorities for his rebel activities. Kruger nabbed a position in the Marley military while secretly acting as a spy for the Eldian Restorationists under the pseudonym of “The Owl.” He also has something of an intertwined history with Grisha, as he accosted him và his sister they day she was murdered & his military colleague Gross was responsible for her death.

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Eren Kruger và Grisha Yeager were eventually reunited when Grisha & his fellow Eldian Restorationists were sent to lớn Paradis Island lớn be transformed into Titans for treason. Kruger was one of the Marleyan military members overseeing the deportation & saved the life of Attack On Titan"s Grisha’s by feeding Gross lớn the Titans. Kruger revealed his identity as “The Owl” to lớn Grisha và his actions clearly had an impact on the Eldian rebel, who went on to name his son và Attack On Titan protagonist Eren Yeager after the man who saved his life.