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Updated: October 25, 2022 - 1game swappedFinal Fantasy is a franchise that has been around for a long time, bringing games, board games, merch, và more out into the world for us khổng lồ consume! We have seen quite a few Final Fantasy games make their way onto mobile devices. Final Fantasy is a staple of the JRPG genre, with so many lovely games khổng lồ pick up & play, you might not know where to start. But, that"s why you"ve come here!

To the list of top 10 best Final Fantasy games on mobile!

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Though Final Fantasy VI is not one of the newer games, there is a smartphone port of the 1994 addition khổng lồ the series. This trò chơi has loads of characters lớn explore, a well-written story to lớn go along with the game itself, and a good amount of character building, if you are interested in that. Unlike other games in its franchise, the fantasy aspects of this trò chơi were actually replaced by scientific advances & technology, dipping more towards reality.


FFBE War of the Visions contains all of the past Final Fantasy characters from previous games but brings you into a large world with multiplayer quests, online duels, a large world to explore và a bunch of beautifully crafted 3 chiều terrains. The battling system includes auto-battling, & you are able to use various powerful attacks lớn take on your enemies, while also going on quests và exploring. Of course, if you decide khổng lồ grab this one, take a look at our guides, including the War of the Visions tier list.

Final Fantasy III has a great control scheme khổng lồ the game, which works so well on mobile - & that"s one of the main reasons why it is so high up this list. These controls & the easy-going nature of the game makes Final Fantasy III a great game to pick up & easily get into before you get pulled into the entire world.


On a more recent note, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is in the same style as other freemium Final Fantasy games and includes many characters that you will know from the past and current games in the franchise. Combat, in this mobile game, is turn by turn - and there are new stories to lớn follow & online social mechanics that brings this game up a few notches!


Final Fantasy Dimensions revisits more of the 2D, pixel art style that can be found in various Final Fantasy games. It is worth mentioning that the prologue is không tính tiền to play, but then there are in-app purchases for various chapters afterwards. There is, of course, a battle system that can allow you to change and grow your character, through ability combinations, so that you can continue to take on any enemies you come across. The game itself does have a retro look to it but feels quite modern.

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest focuses on the battles - in an arcade version of the game. You can find yourself battling enemy after enemy, trying khổng lồ get more character slots và bring more members to lớn your party. It"s so easy lớn start attacking & quite addictive when it comes to continuing to attack & upgrade. The game has some great pixel art và amazing music from other games in the series, which brings together a pretty fun little trò chơi to enjoy.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper allows you khổng lồ recruit characters from many of the Final Fantasy games, before allowing you to lớn play through various scenarios from older games in the franchise. You can then create a new history, through your choices và actions, altering the story as it is currently written. There are also various different abilities and items khổng lồ collect, events to enjoy, và lots of fun memories you can relive from some of the older games.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition brings together major plot elements of Final Fantasy XV but brings them khổng lồ the smartphone platform. Though this game isn"t as polished as the base game, it does tell the story of the base game & makes for a good, pocket-sized, version of the base game itself. It"s a decent mobile version and works well on mobile.

Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL differs from the majority of Final Fantasy games và attracts fans of strategy games to lớn this universe. The chơi game of this game is more similar khổng lồ the tabletop tactical strategy than lớn the RPG setting, which is usual for this series. You will have khổng lồ engage in a long conflict between the two countries, và moreover, you will play a very significant role in it. Good graphics & an interesting story guarantee exciting gameplay. If you are tired of regular Final Fantasy games, this one might be a great choice.

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FFIX was released a long time ago, and it became an instant hit. Animations and storytelling were amazing, you"d easily blend into the atmosphere and swallow every bit of your character"s personal adventures as if it was showered with cherry và cream. Older players will love this, & younger audiences will be in for a real treat! Controls were appropriately done, it doesn"t feel lượt thích a lousy port, but it does have a few bugs.

Never thought I"ll say this, but it"s one of the best Final Fantasy mobile games!