Arrowverse's The Flash is still going strong & fast after all these seasons, but fans have chosen to lớn ignore 10 major flaws since the series began.

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“My name is Barry Allen, và I am the fastest man alive.” That’s the opening every fan hears when the show starts, a catchphrase that has become one of the best in the Arrowverse that encapsulates the story at hand & the nature of the Flash. If only it was true.

Just about every season, Barry meets someone who’s faster và better than him. From Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, a character who’s got some pretty big questions surrounding them, khổng lồ Nora West-Allen, XS, and his own daughter, Barry isn’t the only speedster and is the furthest thing from being the fastest man alive.


Now, creating CGI for movies và tv shows is as different as night và day. Movies have a larger budget to lớn work with while series work with a smaller “allowance.” However, sometimes it seems that even TV series don’t understand that.

Too many times the superhero-oriented show has pushed its meager CG budget khổng lồ the limit & sometimes, it just doesn’t work. From the weird slow-mo of speedsters khổng lồ King Shark & Gorilla Grodd looking wonky in some spots, the CG of the series just isn’t always the best.


No one wants lớn admit a story is similar khổng lồ something they’ve seen before. Given the age we live in, there’s always the chance that the stories will blend together or mimic another series or film. Yet, if the own series is copying previous ones, then the shows not doing all that well.

Every season seems to have the same obstacles recur: a bad guy flies in, creates problems, và then Barry fixes said problem with consequences that are resolved the next season. Same old story, all series long.

7 Villains Who Go Nowhere


Any time a villain makes their grand entrance in a series, audiences’ hopes are always raised. It’s always intriguing khổng lồ see where a new villain, whether they be the main villain whose power nguồn levels vary depending on the character or a supporting antagonist, and how they’ll fit into the narrative.

However, so many times the villains over up falling off the grid. From The Rogues lớn The Trickster, the first Mirror Master and so many others, promising villains kết thúc up falling off the grid & are replaced with new baddies who oftentimes lack the same cấp độ of characterization.

Of course, that’s not lớn say there aren’t some interesting villains, right? After all, what about the guys like the nefarious Reverse-Flash, the brutal Cicada, và the ever intelligent Thinker? Don’t they have some intriguing characterization khổng lồ them?

Well, yes. But actually no. While the villains can be somewhat different, they all seem to blend together. They have a goal that involves the Flash in some capacity and have some kind of connection to them, whether it be through the particle accelerator, speed force, or through personal means.

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5 Forced Redemption

By the time one separates the villains out in the two other categories, they’re left behind with very few villains. The ones left behind, like Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd, have intriguing aspects about them. Unfortunately, the series takes those fantastic villains in another direction: redemption.

Rather than utilizing the baddies in ways that work for their villainous nature, the show decides khổng lồ take the few remaining ones và push them into the category of being redeemed. Sometimes, it does work but other times, it misses the mark terribly.

Some fans don’t appreciate Cisco’s unique brand of levity, but the awkward humor và moments actually appear when Cisco isn’t even around.

With the other characters, even Barry, the humor just doesn’t always work. When it does, it’s goofy và cheesy at best but when it doesn’t, it’s like watching a sitcom và not having the laugh tracks after the jokes. Incredibly awkward lớn the point of being extremely painful & obvious.

3 Whiplash Changes

Development is always needed in the world of TV shows & movies. It’s what keeps the characters fresh and interesting as well as shaping the plot to be the best it can. However, there are times when the series can make changes so fast, it feels lượt thích whiplash.

From relationships turning on a dime lớn characters vanishing without any rhyme or reason và not lớn mention Flashpoint being undone in two episodes, the series doesn’t always execute the world-changing events lớn the best of their ability, thus hindering the show.

In the beginning, the idea of alternate versions of characters was awesome. Getting a chance to lớn see Harrison Wells be Wells without the influence of Eobard was intriguing for the series. At least, until the alternate Wells became a running gag.

Instead of just sticking with one Wells, the series constantly kept switching it up. One season, it was a dumb Wells. The next, a French Wells. There’s even a council of Wells. Even with the most recent changes in the show, the Wells problem is still an issue.

1 The Whole Future Flash Thing

Now, right off the bat, the idea of time travel in The Flash is confusing. It can be one of the many times Barry’s incredibly selfish, never fully explained and when it is, it just creates more problems. Problems like Savitar, the so-called god of speed who ends up being another version of Barry.

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While a future version of Barry does go evil in the comics, they never explain it that well with Savitar. It’s unclear whether he’s a future version of Barry or an alternate one created by the timeline. Either way, it ruins the character as a whole.