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Tokyo, December 14, 2011

binhphap3d.vn today announced that its new smartphone, docomo NEXT series ARROWS X LTE F-05D, will be available in japan from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. Beginning December 17, 2011.

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ARROWS X LTE F-05D is a high-spec, water-resistant smartphone powered by NTT DOCOMO, Inc"s ultra high-speed Xi ("crossy") communications network. The all-in-one điện thoại thông minh is equipped with a wide range of advanced features, including a high-performance 1.2GHz dual-core CPU boasting unparalleled processing speed, DTCP-IP-compatible DLNA connectivity, a "human-centric engine" that delivers the ultimate level of convenience, & a high-resolution 13.1 megapixel camera that is among the top of its class of smartphones. As such, the new water-resistant điện thoại cảm ứng is being positioned as the flagship mã sản phẩm of binhphap3d.vn"s winter 2011 collection.


Amid an expanding điện thoại cảm ứng market, there has been widespread attention regarding the increased need for handling rich content, such as large-screen data-intensive video content, as well as tư vấn for high-speed communications services that can be used lớn easily download nội dung and applications.

With its quick-response touchscreen for speedy operations, ARROWS X LTE F-05D—which runs on NTT DOCOMO, Inc."s next-generation "Xi" communications network—enables among the fastest response speeds for its class of smartphones. This, in turn, allows users khổng lồ enjoy simple high-definition clip playback, cảm biến screen operations, website browsing, and mobile applications with unprecedented smoothness.

In addition to lớn featuring DTCP-IP-compatible DLNA functionality, which makes it possible for users to lớn view terrestrial digital broadcasts recorded on a media recorder or TV from even anywhere in the home, F-05D comes pre-installed with applications for clip on-demand services such as TSUTAYA TV and Hikari TV. Users can tải về their favorite movies and TV dramas, and comfortably watch them at any time on the handset"s large 4.3-inch screen.

Moreover, the 8.7mm thin handset incorporates a plethora of advanced features, including a high-resolution 13.1 megapixel camera that is among the đứng top of its class of smartphones, water- (IPX5/8) và dust-resistant (IP5X)(1) technology, hand-written đầu vào featuring an advanced handwriting recognition engine, ATOK, infrared communications, Osaifu-Keitai, & one-segment broadcast reception. The result is an "all-in-one" điện thoại that offers users all the features they are looking for.

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Product Features

1. Slim water-resistant smartphone featuring a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU và Xi ultra high-speed communicationsHigh-performance dual-core CPU & quick-response touchscreenThe handset is equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core "OMAP4" CPU that boasts unmatched processing speed, thereby enabling high-speed operations. Through the optimization of its computational performance, the processor also offers low power nguồn consumption. In addition, F-05D includes a quick-response touchscreen that makes for a smooth and effortless user experience. With the smartphone"s special surface processing, called Super Glide Coating, users can glide their way through the phone"s touchscreen operations.Slim 8.7mm khung factor và water-resistant technologybinhphap3d.vn has developed a slim khung factor that, while 8.7mm at its thinnest point, incorporates all of the features users are looking for. Thanks khổng lồ water- (IPX5/8) và dust-resistant (IP5X) technology, users vì not have to worry about getting the handset wet when using it in the kitchen or in the rain.2. 4.3-inch HD display & DLNA và other entertainment capabilities4.7-inch HD display supporting 16.77 million colorsThe smartphone comes with a large 4.3-inch ultra high-definition display that supports a full spectrum of 16.77 million colors. As a result, one-segment broadcasts and video content are displayed in brilliant resolution. Furthermore, the smartphone"s high-fidelity Dolby thiết bị di động V3 engine allows users lớn enjoy video content that boasts gorgeous visuals and striking audio.3. 13.1 megapixel camera among the top of its class of smartphones

The smartphone"s 13.1 megapixel high-resolution & high-performance camera is equipped with an Exmor R for sản phẩm điện thoại back-illuminated CMOS sensor, along with binhphap3d.vn"s high-resolution Milbeaut thiết bị di động image processing engine. The combination of these two features enables photographs & videos khổng lồ be captured in high definition. In addition to lớn full HD video clip capturing, unlimited sequence photography mode, and other functionality, F-05D is loaded with entertainment-oriented camera features, including chrome key mode, "art camera" mode allowing users khổng lồ select the presentation of the photo, and focus control. With "My Collection," it is also easy lớn index captured pictures and videos by location & subject.

4. Human-centric engine supporting busy lifestyles

The điện thoại thông minh is equipped with an alarm clock system that monitors and analyzes the user"s sleeping condition for the best wake-up hotline time; a 3 chiều motion-sensor technology to diagnose the user"s toàn thân posture; và sound control technology that responds lớn the noise cấp độ in the environment và the hearing ability of the user.

5. binhphap3d.vn smartphone Integrated Dictionary + and other useful lifestyle features

F-05D provides access khổng lồ a total of 29 dictionaries(4), including the same full-featured dictionaries that can be found in electronic dictionary devices in Japan. It also comes with a variety of advanced features, such as bluetooth connectivity and F-LINK, which enables data khổng lồ be transferred wirelessly.

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Key Services

Product Specifications

Size: 129 × 64 × 9.8 milimet (9.9 mm at thickest point)Weight: 124 gContinuous Standby Time: Approx. 490 hours in FOMA 3G Approx. 290 hours in GSM Approx. 200 hours in LTEContinuous Talk Time: Approx. 340 minutes in FOMA 3G Approx. 460 minutes in GSMMain Display: 4.3-inch HD LCD (720 × 1280 pixels)Camera: 13.1 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor (external)Colors: Magenta, xanh Black

About binhphap3d.vn

binhphap3d.vn is the leading Japanese information & communication công nghệ (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Over 170,000 binhphap3d.vn people tư vấn customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience & the power of ICT khổng lồ shape the future of society with our customers. binhphap3d.vn Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.5 trillion yen (US$55 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. For more information, please see http://www.binhphap3d.vn

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