Confetti and noisemakers? Check. Big cake? kiểm tra (we already ate it). A bunch of fun facts about Obviously! is turning 35 và we’re celebrating with a little trivia of our own. Behold, the epic history of in 35 facts…

1. It’s our birthday, but our players get the presents.

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That’s how we roll. We’re showing 30 million players some love this April with a daily chance to win $100 in our latest Trivia for Cash competition: Players’ Choice.

2. has given away millions in cash prizes since 1984…

…including nearly $40,000 in the past year alone. You could hotline 2019 the year of Trivia for Cash, since we’re running all these monthly player competitions with big cash prizes.

3. We love spoiling our partner locations, too.

Want lớn join the party? Become a location in April, and get a không lấy phí month on us. Expect lớn see new faces ASAP because 96% of players are looking for additional places khổng lồ get their trò chơi on.*

4. Now, let’s take it back…way back…to 1984.

Iconic movies lượt thích Ghostbusters, Gremlins, & Karate Kid made their debut. Everyone was rocking big hair và argyle sweaters while singing “Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon.” (Sorry, not sorry, it’s stuck in your head.) & most importantly, the first game – QB1 – was played in 1984.

Quick side note: was founded as NTN Communications, Inc. & known as “NTN” throughout the 1980s và 1990s, but we’ll refer to it as lớn keep things simple.

 5. You’ve grown up with Exhibit A.

Even if you haven’t played trivia or ordered drinks on our touchscreen tablets, you’ve seen us before. We’ve been a part of pop culture for 3 decades now. Did you see our poster (next to lớn Jen’s famous hair) in Office Space? Noticed our trivia on the TV? Don’t get distracted by those pieces of flair.

6. Exhibit B

You saw us on the CBS Show, Mike & Molly, starring Melissa McCarthy & Billy Gardell. Mike và Molly indulged in some friendly competition using tablets.

7. Exhibit C, D…

In 2004, players even competed in a televised trivia championship round on Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve special. Fox TV even aired Paranoia, our live trivia gameshow – hosted by Peter Tomarken.

 8. Before made it big, we had just 8 locations & 1 game in 1985.

Gotta start somewhere, right? Today, there are over 2,600 bars, restaurants, breweries, và other venues carrying over 26 trivia games.


 9. QB1 was the first game. Nope, it wasn’t trivia…

…it was a predictive football game. Longtime fans already know all about QB1. For the noobs, QB1 was played in real time as fans watched televised college và pro football games. Before the snap of the ball, players predicted if the next play would be a pass or run.

10. Football fans went QB1 crazy from the 80s through the early aughts.

In 1986, Sports Illustrated held a VIP buổi tiệc nhỏ with QBI as the featured entertainment. (Put that VIP tiệc ngọt on your bucket list if time travel becomes a thing.)

Our own CEO, Ram Krishnan, competed in QB1 on the University of Virginia campus. At the same time on the University of Michigan campus, CFO Allen Wolff was playing QB1 as well. We’ll never know who had the higher scores…

11. Miss QBI? Blame Janet’s Wardrobe Malfunction in 2004.

After the 2006 Super Bowl halftime show – yeah, that one – TV stations started running football games with a 5 second tape delay. However, radio stations still broadcast in real-time giving unscrupulous QBI players an advantage. Over game for QBI.

12. But sports fans can still get their fix from

We’ve got Sports Trivia, Football Trivia, Baseball Trivia…you get the picture.

13. Wait, let’s go back to the 1980s. Some big stuff happened in 1987. launched Showdown và Countdown Trivia, 2 games which are still going strong today. Plus, the very first wireless playmaker debuted…


14. Can we all pause lớn appreciate the very first wireless Playmaker?

Listen, we realize this doesn’t look high tech. But in the 1980s – the era of the Zach Morris cell phone – it most certainly was. Player answers were typed in & transmitted over a 49 MHz signal, the same signal as a cordless phone.

15. Players are still phoning it in…

In 2011, launched the Playmaker mobile app so competitors could use either a tablet or their own điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh to submit answers.

16. …and they have a new way to vì chưng it in 2019!

In 2019, the new Entertainment phầm mềm launches with even more features & fun stuff. The phầm mềm is in a beta format, so players can provide feedback khổng lồ make it even more awesome.

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17. Did we mention we love our players? All 30 million of them?

Have you ever met a diehard player? You’ll know. They’re insanely smart, funny, and can hold their own in any game (or drinking game, for that matter).

Players khung tightknit communities at locations that carry – và meet up regularly to lớn compete individually và as a team. In fact, a study found that 74% of our players recommend businesses with khổng lồ their friends and fam.*

18. When we say players are tightknit, we mean it.

They often help teammates – lượt thích Thomas Hoobler, a player at Mad River Bar và Grille in New York, NY – compete for cash. Hoobler said, “Our team has never played on Sunday before, but we sure did after I (with the team’s help) won the $1,000 prize during the January Trivia for Cash event…Sunday Funday. When we told the waitress & manager what we had won, we noticed that the service even improved! Keep it up,!”

Players don’t just meet up IRL. You’ll find them online, too, discussing all things


19. Players have always had their own inside jokes…

When (then called NTN) launched a new hình ảnh sản phẩm back in the day, players named it “Bad Bart” for the resemblance lớn Bart Simpson. Players even named their nationwide Yahoo message board BadBart.

20. …but they take winning very, very seriously!

A spot on the local leaderboard is a big deal, but getting on the national leaderboard? That’s the holy grail.

21. So we take question writing very, very seriously… has an entire team dedicated lớn researching và writing questions – all day, every day.

 22. For fact’s sake, has 700,000 questions and answers.

And we showroom more trivia daily…


23. The last question we got (sorta) wrong was in August, 2012. It involved mythical winged creatures, obviously.

The question: In mythology, what famous creature was the offspring of Poseidon and the snake-haired Medusa?

The answer that provided: Pegasus, the winged horse.

Pegasus was actually the correct answer. However, an astute player let us know that Pegasus had a twin brother – a flying boar – named Chrysaor, who should have been included in the answer. Sorry, bro.

 24. Our questions cover everything: from Greek gods khổng lồ the latest headlines.

Throughout the history of, we’ve launched themed trivia games around niche topics our players care about. There’s SciFiles Trivia for the Trekkies và sci-fi buffs. We’ve got Glory Daze for back-in-the-day facts.


25. Even Canadians have their very own trivia game.

Aptly titled “Canada, Eh?”

26. The trò chơi development team is always adjusting the game lineup.

Our trò chơi gurus use player feedback, advanced gaming analytics, và trend tracking to create games that players want.

27. Along the way, there have been some “interesting” games.

Anyone remember Nightside trivia in the 1990s? It had an “adult” theme that didn’t go over well at family-oriented venues. Granted, the game ran after 10pm, but decided to keep things more PG going forward.

Other games of yesteryear include: Boys and Their Toys (trivia about snow mobiles & jet skis…Kenny Powers would approve), PowerPlay (all hockey, all the time), & this gem…

28. Would you rather thua thảm at or đại bại a $20 bill?

Decisions. Decisions. In the early 2000s, ran a game called “Zobmondo” which was essentially a “Would You Rather?” game. One question was: would you rather get poked in the eye with a stick or fall off a cliff? Um, neither?

29. But trivia and arcade games aren’t all that does…

After all, we’re focused on helping businesses provide an awesome in-venue experience. That’s why we decided lớn bring more to lớn the table…

30. You can order from a digital menu, & even securely pay – on a tablet.

Launched in 2017, the customer-facing dining technology platform lets customers browse a digital menu, send orders to lớn the kitchen, và pay their bill with a credit thẻ or mobile payment. Right now, digital dining & tableside payment is taking off – and over 79% of today’s customers are hungry for it according to lớn a recent study by TSYS.

31. As you can tell, the last 35 years have been an adventure at

And we’re still creating ways khổng lồ delight our players & partner locations. That’s what inspires all of us at, and keeps us excited about coming to lớn work every day. That, and the fact our new office in Carlsbad, California is just a mile from the beach…

32. Some of us have been here since the beginning (or close to it). Like Chris C…

Today, he’s the Technical Operations Specialist và has been with for 21 years. “It was my first job out of college, & I’ve never wanted khổng lồ leave. Getting to lớn work with trivia games & great people all day? What could be better?”

33. …and Skyler T.

Skyler came on board just a year after Chris, she says, “Working here has at times felt lượt thích living in a movie. We’ve definitely had our nói qua of ups & downs, quirky characters, và crazy stories, but through it all…it’s been fun. It helps that “fun” is the whole point of our main product!” Well said, Skyler.

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34. is lượt thích one big family made up of hundreds of employees, 30 million players, và 2,600 locations.

We gọi it the Nation – and everyone is welcome…