You have probably heard of dual SIMs, it is a "fad" that initially arrived thanks khổng lồ Asian telephone manufacturers who realized that the main Western brands did not offer this function which for a large number of people is revealed. Particularly practical. In this guide, we are going to lớn teach you everything about this function & in particular, how to activate dual SIM on your Samsung Galaxy S5?In this context, first of all, we will see how this particular system works, then how to activate the function, & finally, how khổng lồ deactivate dual SIM on your Samsung Galaxy S5?

Dual SIM on Samsung Galaxy S5, how does it work?

We will therefore begin the article by briefly teaching you how does the dual SIM system of a Samsung Galaxy S5 work? There is actually nothing complicated, you probably already know your phone"s "SIM thẻ drawer", there will just be, on some models, a, second SIM card slot.

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In this way, you have the possibility of simultaneously have two active SIM cards on your Samsung Galaxy S5. This can be useful in a lot of situations, like someone who needs to lớn have their work phone and their home phone on the same device for example. Or if you use a SIM card only to have mạng internet data and the other to lớn make calls & send SMS.In addition to this physical peculiarity, the Samsung Galaxy S5 which are equipped with the dual SIM function are also equipped with a dual SIM thẻ software management . In fact, depending on the version of your phone, you can use two SIMs at the same time, or have to lớn switch from one to the other, by turning the phone back on, without turning it back on… All these options will be available in the menus that we will now reveal lớn you.

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How lớn activate dual SIM on your Samsung Galaxy S5?

We therefore now go khổng lồ the part that probably interests you the most, with activation of dual SIM on Samsung Galaxy S5. First of all, you will need to lớn perform some checks, kiểm tra in opening the SIM drawer of your Samsung Galaxy S5 that you have well two SIM thẻ ports ,. Then, you will have to equip yourself with two active SIM cards, implying two SIM cards with a current phone plan. Be careful check that your Samsung Galaxy S5 is not blocked with a single operator if you have two SIMs from different providers .It is now time lớn activate the option so that you can benefit from your two sản phẩm điện thoại plans:Turn off your phoneOpen the SIM card drawer of your Samsung Galaxy S5Insert the two SIM cards, close the drawer và turn your device back onSee you in the » Parameters »Of your Samsung Galaxy S5Select the tab " Log in s "or" Network and internet «, Depending on the app android version installed on your mobileLook for the submenu » SIM card manager " or " Dual SIM »You will now see your two SIM cards displayed, you just have lớn click on one then the other & the activate on your Samsung Galaxy S5 very simply by moving the slider of this option to lớn activate the use of two SIM cardsYou can also in this menu, choose a visual or a name khổng lồ differentiate the SIM cards, define the type of network you want lớn authorize for each card. Also, you can choose from which thẻ you want lớn receive priority calls, the same for SMS và internet

How to disable dual SIM on your Samsung Galaxy S5?

If you find that managing the two SIM cards on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is not easy to lớn learn and you prefer lớn use a single SIM thẻ or possibly alternate, depending on your desires and needs, the activation of one then the other, you can simply deactivate the dual SIM function on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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The procedure is roughly the same as the one seen previously:Remove or not the SIM card that you no longer want khổng lồ use, in the event that you vì chưng so, remember lớn turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5 upstream, this will have the effect of directly deactivating the dual SIM on your device as it is only one will remain in the SIM card drawerIf you do not remove it, go to the » Parameters »Of your Samsung Galaxy S5Then click on the thực đơn » Connections " or " Network and internet »Depending on the app android version installed on your phoneSelect the tab " SIM thẻ manager " or " Dual SIM »Select the SIM card you want to lớn deactivate on your Samsung Galaxy S5, & slide the slider khổng lồ the left khổng lồ deactivate itIf you are looking for a maximum of tutorials to lớn become the king of the Samsung Galaxy S5, we invite you khổng lồ browse the other tutorials in the category: Samsung Galaxy S5.