How Good Is The Galaxy S8 Camera? See For Yourself


Samsung Galaxy S8 – Camera

The S8 is a sizeable improvement over the S7 in almost every area, but the camera has received the fewest upgrades – on paper, at least. There’s no dual-sensor system here, no wide-angle lens or variable aperture. Instead, there’s a single 12-megapixel sensor behind a wide f/1.7 lens that uses the same Dual Pixel tech as the S7.

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The only obvious addition is a new multi-frame image processor that takes three shots every single time you snap, reducing blur & leaving you with a sharper shot. But simply looking at the spec sheet reveals only half the story.

The Galaxy S8, like the Google Pixel, shows it’s as much about the optics and sensor as how the software & image signal processor (ISP) work together. The photos achieved by the Galaxy S8 are truly stunning, và it’s a huge jump from the already excellent Galaxy S7.

The first thing you’ll notice about the camera is just how fast it is. A double-tap on the power key opens the camera quicker than any other phone, & focusing is equally snappy. I’ve probably taken over 1000 photos with the Galaxy S8, và no more than two or three have sầu had to be deleted because they were either out of focus or the sensor had focused on the wrong spot. That’s incredible for a phone – even Google’s Pixel.

It’s a versatile camera too, whether you’re taking landscape shots or portraits in daytime or at night. The fantastic auto-HDR mode – something that’s turned on by default & I would suggest keeping on – levels out exposure và contrast when there’s bright sunlight, leaving you with intensely colourful shots. Sometimes you’ll find the colours more vibrant than they actually are, especially on the already quite saturated display, but that isn’t something I necessarily dislike.

Cliông chồng on the pictures below to see the full-resolution version

The level of detail is fantastic

Landscapes have sầu plenty of depth and the auto-HDR mode balances exposure well

Natural bokeh is much better than a kém chất lượng effect

Pictures have sầu plenty of depth

Detail is some of the best around too, even though there are phones with much higher megapixel counts. Whether it’s dew on a blade of grass, a raindrop on a leaf, or a single hair on a dog – they’re captured perfectly.

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The wide f/1.7 aperture lens might not be any wider than the Galaxy S7’s, but it lets enough light through khổng lồ create that lovely shallow-depth-of-field look. There are no nhái aperture modes khổng lồ give a blurry background, but the camera gets a much more natural-looking bokeh effect all by itself.

That wide aperture helps with low-light shots too, with more light getting inlớn the sensor, giving you better results. The shutter & autofocus are still fast, while optical image stabilisation does give the S8 the upper hand over the Pixel for pub và club shots.

Even with poor lighting shots looks good

Colours look strong even at night

I can’t say enough good things about the camera on the Galaxy S8 – it’s reliable, versatile & churns out shots that need little lớn no tinkering pretty much every time. The phầm mềm is great too, và it’s functionally comprehensive yet easy to lớn use. You can save sầu photos as RAW files, stabilise your videos, or add a Live sầu Photos-esque moment of movement before the actual phokhổng lồ. There’s a pro mode too, but the auto mode is so good that you probably won’t need it.

On the front there’s a new 8-megapixel sensor with an f/1.7 aperture. It has autofocus, which remains a rarity on selfie cameras, & takes great pictures too. If you like Snapchat-style augmented filters, then Samsung includes a bunch of them.

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Video tops out at UHD, but stichồng lớn 1080p & you’ll benefit from HDR and impressive sầu tracking autofocus.