Garen guide

Get everything you need for Garen đứng đầu build! The highest win rate Garen runes, items, skill order & summoner spells in patch 13.10.

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Win rate51.4%
Pick rate5.1%
Ban rate1.1%
Matches71 959-





His Passive allows him lớn stay in the lane even after taking a lot of poke damage/all-in damage from the enemy team. This can also bait the enemy team into wasting a lot of valuable summoner spells.


E allows him to bởi more damage in 1 v 1’s (as the damage is increased if the enemy is alone). This lets him vì a lot of damage with one complete rotation of his abilities, and unlike Garen, the enemy probably won’t be able khổng lồ regenerate a lot of health & stay in the lane.

He is really good when flanking the enemy team with his

Q and
E. Besides that, his
W tenacity will allow him to get out of the enemy team if he decides lớn dive in và disrupt them. Killing him is an ordeal that keeps mounting as the game goes on.

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Garen’s lack of CC makes it possible for the enemy lớn kite him till he falls back or overextends và dies. Since he lacks any form of ranged engagement potential, he is really weak against ranged enemy champions.

He relies on flanking the enemy team from the sidelines. If the enemy team manages khổng lồ set the proper vision, Garen’s trò chơi plan will collapse and he will be useless especially if your team managed khổng lồ set him behind early on.

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Due khổng lồ him having multiple builds, Garen’s effectiveness can vary from trò chơi to game. If he decides khổng lồ go for the full AD build when his team lacks a frontline, he won’t be able to vị anything that trò chơi if he is mix back. This should be a proper signal for the enemy Jungler/team lớn camp him when possible.