Kingdom two crowns on steam

This game is easy to play, but hard to lớn master. There is a minimum amount of knowledge required khổng lồ complete this game without having khổng lồ restart a lot. Therefore I recommend for everyone to lớn read the following information on this page or at least keep it near you when you are playing the game. If any information is missing or should be added, please let me know.

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Day count và Seasons (incl. Blood Moons)CampWalls và TowersShops và SubjectsNPCs và Hermits và StatuesMounts EnemiesPortalsBoat & LighthouseDecay

1. Day count và Seasons (incl. Blood moons)

You have two different day counts, one total day count và one per island, both of which will be shown in roman numerals. You can check the total day count by pressing

, it will be located in the đứng top right corner. The day count per island will appear when a new day starts & you hear the bells ring. Especially the total day count because Winter is coming! Here, you can find a website khổng lồ lookup roman numerals both ways.

Each season exists out of 16 days, where on day one, you start during Spring. This is essential to understand because Winter is harder khổng lồ survive due to a lower, steady income. I personally haven"t had any problems lớn survive the winter on any island.

Thanks to lớn the new additions in the Xbox patch it has become easier to lớn get some income during winter. You can now hunt a boar and collect some berries with your farmers. Other incomes during winter are the merchant & pikes. Also, the banker is a great option, but this will be explained later under "5. NPC"s và Hermits - Banker". The berry bushes will be explained under "4. Shops & Subjects - Farmer Shop" và the boar den will be explained under "4. Shops & Subjects - Archer Shop".

Year 11 - 1617 - 3233 - 4849 - 64
Year 265 - 8081 - 9697 - 112113 128
Year 3129 - 144145 - 160161 - 176177 - 192
Year 4193 - 208209 - 224225 - 240241 - 256

Below you can find a short mô tả tìm kiếm of how khổng lồ recognize each season besides the day count.

Spring: Grass starts khổng lồ grow, wildlife starts lớn spawns và farmers are starting khổng lồ work on the farms (if you have farmers & farms). It can occasionally rain.Summer: Tall grass grows now & wildlife spawns have increased to lớn the maximum. No rain will fall.Autumn: The river turns red due to lớn falling leaves, indicating that winter is coming. Winter: Snow falls, destroying tall grass and rabbit dens. Deer also stop spawning in the forest. Farms will take longer lớn grow and mature, till the water in the stream freezes. When this happens the crops will die & farmers will stop working on the farms.

The appearance of Blood Moons is connected to lớn the seasons" cycle as indicated in the table above. They seem to lớn take place around two days before the seasons change, with the possibility of being one day earlier or later. Some exceptions are:

A Blood Moon during spring year 1 is very rare, but it still a possibility.Blood Moons during winter before the 3rd year are uncommon, but they are still possible.An extra Blood Moon in the middle of the season may start happening during và after the 4th year.

2. Camp

On each island, you have one camp which is not necessarily at the exact middle of the island. With a small investment of a couple of coins, you can start (and upgrade) a camp. You will need the upgrades Stone (S) and Iron (I) khổng lồ unlock the later tiers. Stone can be unlocked on Island 2 and Iron on Island 4. The W stands for Wood and is available from the start, see the table below.

By unlocking the Iron Castle you are able lớn build a bomb to destroy the Mountain Portal. This is now added khổng lồ the castle itself & not at the forge anymore. The bomb is needed to clear an island. For more information see 4. Shops & Subjects - The Forge.

Costs (coins)Unlocks
1.Campfire (W)3archer và worker shops






3. Walls và Towers

Walls: On spots lượt thích the image below you can build a wall. Sometimes you need khổng lồ cut down trees to clear the area before being able to build a wall. Upgrading a wall will cost coins but it will improve your defense. It is not always necessary to build the innermost walls, since you usually have time on the first day to clear the next option to lớn put a wall. By upgrading your camp you will get miễn phí (upgraded) walls for your innermost walls. This will happen for Wooden Fortifications (Camp cấp độ 3), Stone Fortifications (Camp level 5) & Iron Castle (Camp level 7).

The Statue of Building will increase the defense of all your walls by about 75-80%, which can be found on Island 2. It can be unlocked for 1 gem and activated with 7 coins. Only a non-damaged wall will have an increased defense. You can see if it is active for a wall when it has white particles. A builder will automatically activate this for every wall inside your Kingdom. For more information about the Statue of Building see 5. NPC"s và Hermits và Statues - Statues.The Rally Wall can be created by using the Hermit of Horns. It will rally the troops khổng lồ this side of the wall. So be careful using this when you haven"t cleared one side yet. The Hermit of Horns can be unlocked on Island 5. See 5. NPC"s và Hermits và Statues - Hermits for more information.
Costs (coins)
1. Spikes (W) 1

Towers: On spots lượt thích the image below you can build a tower. Sometimes you need to cut down trees to clear the area before being able to build a tower. Upgrading a tower will cost coins, but it will provide a better, higher or saver place for your archer(s). It is not always necessary to lớn build the innermost towers since you usually have time on the first day to clear the next option to lớn build a tower. By upgrading your camp you will get không tính tiền (upgraded) towers for your innermost towers. This will happen for Stone Fortifications (Camp cấp độ 5).

Certain Hermits will give you the option to change a Roofed Triplet Tower into something else.

The Ballistic Tower can be created with the Hermit of Tide. Recommended to not use this on your first tower, because it is vulnerable khổng lồ floaters và has a long-range. See 5. NPC"s và Hermits và Statues - Hermits for more information.The Bakery can be created by the Hermit of Baking. This is a great way lớn recruit from vagrants on the larger islands. For more information see 5. NPC"s & Hermits & Statues - Hermits.The Knight Tower can be created with the Hermit of Valor. This can be useful if you want khổng lồ create another squire or knight. For more information see 5. NPC"s và Hermits và Statues - Hermits.
Costs (coins)# of archers
1Rock Platform (W)31

4. Shops & Subjects

Archer shop - archers (2 coins)

When setting up camp, an archer shop will be created on the right-side of the fire. By inserting two coins a bow will spawn, by doing this the nearest available citizen can pick up the bow & become an archer.

Archers who are not in a squad with a squire or knight will start hunting automatically during day time. They will hunt bunnies (spawn on grassland) & deer (spawn on forest). I would recommend creating grassland by cutting all trees close to lớn your walls or at least on one side. Bunnies spawn more & are easier to lớn kill, this will create a great additional income lớn build và expand fast. Keep in mind that it can take some time for grassland lớn spread. Also, don"t build khổng lồ close khổng lồ a portal if the mountain portal is still active. Archers will automatically attack a portal và trigger Greed lớn spawn.

A few days before the winter a single boar den will spawn somewhere on the map. A boar will spawn when you stand near its den for a couple of seconds. Only one boar can be killed per winter per island. Killing it can be difficult, your safest bet is to trigger it when the night is about khổng lồ start and your units are (almost) behind the wall. Lead the boar towards your wall till the boar hits it. He will be stunned for a couple of seconds, which should give your archers enough time to kill the boar. This will gain you 29-30 coins! Be aware, the boar is able to hit you and your units. If it hits you, you will turn into a fountain of coins instead (if you have coins on you). Else your crown will drop, depending on the Greed this could be a problem.

Worker shop - workers (3 coins)

When you mix up camp, you also create a worker shop on the lefthand side of the fire camp. You will need three coins to lớn spawn a hammer & an available citizen to lớn create a worker.

Workers can build walls, boats, và portals. They can also cut down trees, which is needed to lớn destroy forest & be able to expand. Cutting down trees can also give you sometimes some extra coins. It is not a reliable và steady income. As stated under the "Archer shop", it can be smart to lớn keep some forest for other animals lớn spawn to increase income. Also, don"t build lớn close lớn a portal.

It is possible lớn skip certain parts, you don"t need khổng lồ build every wall or tower. You can also skip a forest area and build a wall after it. This way, a forest area is inside your kingdom, allowing moving archers to hunt deer inside.

Besides building and cutting down trees, workers are also able khổng lồ operate the catapult and ballistic tower. Builders will leave the catapult if they need to build or repair something and they are the closest nearby.

Farmer shop - farmers (4 coins)

Farmers won"t be available from the start, you will need to lớn have at least the direct second wall khổng lồ the left or right + an nâng cấp camp to màn chơi 3. With four coins a scythe will spawn và the nearest available villager will pick it up becoming a farmer.

You need builders khổng lồ build farms, which can be built on top of a small waterfall. It is recommended lớn upgrade the farm to their second tier, which costs 11 coins in total (3 + 8 coins). By upgrading to the second tier, the farmers will stay on the farm during the night and won"t go back lớn your starting camp. This will save time and increases your income. Keep in mind that it won"t protect your farmers from enemies.

One farm can be maintained by a maximum of 4 farmers. Make sure khổng lồ not build walls closely to lớn it which will block the expansion of your farm. Further, a farmer only works during the day.

During the winter farmers will stop working on the farms. Farmers can be used to pick wild berries from berry bushes. These bushes spawn somewhere randomly on the island and require one coin. Up to four farmers can harvest the bushes which will result in 3-4 coins each bush. When they are done, you can put in another coin, but it does not reset all bushes, usually 1-3. You can do this multiple times. Farmers will have to travel every day to the bushes.

Pikeman shop - pikes (2 coins)

Pikes won"t be available from the start. A pikeman shop will spawn at both sides near the kết thúc when you tăng cấp the town to level 5 (Stone Fortification) và have wall tier 3 (Stone Wall) on both sides, so in total four. Keep in mind that there needs to be enough space for the siêu thị to spawn. With two coins a pike will spawn and the nearest available villager will pick the pike up becoming a pikeman.

Pikemen can only use their spear a certain amount of times. When this amount is reached, the pikemen will drop their weapon & become a villager again. It can be beneficial to lớn use them during the winter. Recommended to lớn recruit them after a wave, so they can fish during the day & get your money (and perhaps more) back.

The first four pikemen will defend the outer wall, the 5th and more will defend the wall behind that automatically.

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Catapult shop - catapults (6 coins) & fire barrel (5 coins)

The catapult cửa hàng unlocks when you tăng cấp the town to level 5 (Stone Fortifications), the option for fire barrels unlocks with cấp độ 6 (Castle Keep). Also, a tier 3 wall (Stone Wall) is needed at the outer sides of your castle. One shop will spawn at each side of your kingdom near the outer walls. Keep in mind that there has to lớn be enough space.

Two workers are needed to lớn use a catapult. They will also push the catapult further when you expand your kingdom. They shoot at random và sometimes miss. It is possible for the catapult lớn hit floaters, but don"t count on it too much.

When a fire barrel is bought by a player, an available worker will push the barrel towards the catapult. The next catapult shot will contain the fire barrel và spreads fire on the ground where the greed will walk over. This will mix the greed on fire for extra damage besides your archers.

If the wall gets destroyed where the catapult is set behind, the workers using the catapult will run away. This might cause the catapult and purchased fire barrels khổng lồ be destroyed by the greed.

Gem Bank

The Gem bank is new và is a great way khổng lồ put away your gems safely. The Gem ngân hàng will spawn after camp cấp độ 6 (Stone Keep). You can give the shady character your gems by putting them in the chest by holding . It will cost one coin per gem to lớn get them back. Your gems will also be carried over to lớn the other islands if you unlock the Gem bank on that island. The Gem ngân hàng now always spawn at the docks where your ship can be built.

The Forge - knights (12 coins) và bomb (18 coins)

The Forge is needed to end the game, which will spawn when you have an Iron Castle (Camp cấp độ 7). With the forge, you can turn squires into knights making them tougher khổng lồ be killed, since they can carry more coins. You can also build a bomb at the Iron Castle to lớn destroy the greed on that island for good!

A sword for a knight costs 12 coins và a bomb will cost 18 coins. You will need a squire to lớn pick up the sword, which will be the nearest. When you create a bomb, three workers (if you have less, it will move slower) will go to the bomb and move it towards you. Also, two squires/knights will join you to lớn get the bomb towards the cave. Be careful when starting your walk towards the cave, some enemies are slower & might intercept you halfway. Or you might over up at the cave when a new wave starts lớn spawn. This will become a bigger problem on the later island. Try to vày a kiểm tra run before building a bomb if you and your slower bomb can make it on time after you cleared a wave. Also, make sure you have a full bag of coins on you so you can keep feeding your knights!

It will further cost you 5 coins to move the bomb and your two knights into the cave. You can move forwards toward the strange greed spawning creature, but don"t move too fast. This creature can be seen as the boss. Your archers will shoot it till it is destroyed. Island 1 has one boss, island 2 has two bosses, island 3 has three bosses, island 4 has four bosses và island 5 has indeed five bosses. After that, you have lớn move further into the cave until the bomb stops. You are now at The Hive. It will cost you another 5 coins to set the bomb. Now run as fast as you can to the exit! The time you have till the bomb explodes varies from island to island since the later island will have more bosses. Also make sure you have a fast mount, some mounts are not made to outrun the bomb. If you prefer a visual guide, you can watch the đoạn phim below by Nig Sparrow. Keep in mind that the clip was made after the most recent updates, so to lớn build the bomb you need to go to lớn your castle.

Recommended mounts: The Griffon, The War Horse, The Unicorn. With any other mount, you will NOT make it out of the cave on time.

If you are playing with two controllers, both players need to lớn enter the cave. You can leave one controller/player at the beginning of the cave. This player can leave the cave when the bomb has been activated. If you don"t want to bởi vì this you must use two of the three recommended mounts.

5. NCPs & Hermits và Statues

Merchant (NPC) - only available on Island 1 and Island 2

The merchant will be there every start of the day, simple stand near him and he will give you 8 không tính tiền coins. This dude must be good as his job because, in return for just one coin, he will bởi this every day. Make sure lớn give him one coin back by holding after he dropped the coins. This will make him go back khổng lồ his camp & later return khổng lồ your settlement. This is only possible during the day. If you are too late, you have lớn wait another day for the merchant to lớn drop his coins or give him a coin. The merchant will wait at the campfire till camp màn chơi 4 (Town Hall). From that point, he will usually stand near the left or side wall closest to lớn the camp, depending on which side the merchant"s settlement is located.

It is also important to lớn never cut down the adjusting trees of his camp, this will make him disappear & lose this miễn phí income. I know it is sometimes impossible not to vì chưng this because there is only forest on the right-side on Island 1. Make sure lớn have a steady settlement before choosing to vì so. This is also the case for the wanderer"s camp, which usually has the same problem since they seem khổng lồ be located closely together on the same side most of the time.

Banker (NPC) - available from camp level 4 (Town Hall)

The banker is an honest man who will give you interest over your ngân hàng account. I would recommend to lớn only give him coins when you are overloading. Better to put it into your saving accounts then dropping it into the river. This way you can request a withdrawal when needed, for example during winter.

Gem Keeper (NPC) - available at the docks (where the boat is) when you upgrade to lớn Castle Keep (Camp cấp độ 6).

This dude shows up near the boat when you tăng cấp your castle to cấp độ 6 (Castle Keep). You can deposit gems by holding và get them back by paying 1 coin. I suggest you to lớn always bởi vì this unless you need some to lớn unlock something gem related, like hermits. This keeps the gems safe and will transfer them over to the other islands without taking space up in your inventory, which means you can bring over more coins!


There are a total of 5 hermits, one located on each island. See the images below as an example for where you can find them (they all look similar). Lớn recruit a hermit it will cost you a certain amount of gems, this information and more can be found in the table below.

After paying the gems you can pay 1 coin to let the hermit ride along on your mount. If the hermit is not picked up, he or she will walk towards the town center. I would recommend lớn always pay 1 coin to get them safely into your kingdom because hermits can be taken by the greed. I have not found a way to lớn kick them off the horse, it seems to happen when you go beyond the walls of your kingdom at night. So always watch your hermit if it is riding along.

If a hermit was kidnapped by the Greed, the only way to lớn get them back is khổng lồ destroy the Mountain Portal and clear the island from the Greed. If a hermit was kidnapped by the Greed & you have also lost your crown, you can unlock the hermit again.

Also, be careful when you have a hermit on your mount because you need the hermit on your mount lớn be able to use their special upgrade. & when you change a building to lớn a special upgrade, you can NOT change it back!!

Hermit of BallisticIsland 13 gemsRoofed triplet tower (Tower tier 5)Ballistic tower18 coins
Hermit of StableIsland 21 gemMillhouse (Farm tier 2)Stable8 coins
Hermit of BakeryIsland 34 gemsRoofed triplet tower (Tower tier 5)Bakery15 coins
Hermit of KnightIsland 42 gemsRoofed triplet tower (Tower tier 5)Knight tower15 coins
Hermit of RallyIsland 53 gemsIron wall (Wall tier 5)Rally wall16 coins

Ballistic tower: This is a defensive tower where you need 1 builder for. It will fire piercing bolts long-range, but it is slow in reloading. It is able khổng lồ kill multiple enemies in one shot. The tower can be attacked by floaters, so it is better khổng lồ build it inside your walls at the edge. I have not used this personally.

Bakery: When you have a bakery you can pay 4 coins for a piece of bread, with a maximum of 7 loaves. Bread will attract vagrants to your Kingdom at running speed. By giving them one coin they will turn into citizens, which can be given a job. If you give them a coin before they reach the bakery, the bread won"t be consumed. However, if you have multiple loaves the vagrants will continue to lớn consume till there is nothing left. There is a grace period after they have eaten bread, but it is not that long. If there is nothing left, they will slowly wander away. The bakery is an excellent option during the later islands so that you don"t have to walk far out to lớn recruit.

Knight tower: This tower will allow you lớn recruit an additional knight. To lớn put up a shield it will cost 4 coins. I personally have not found much use for this tower, since you can move 3 squires or knights from other islands.

Rally wall: The rally wall allows you to hotline in reinforcements for 1 coin. All military units on the whole bản đồ will be directed khổng lồ this wall. When the new day begins, all military units will return khổng lồ their duties as before. Keep in mind when using this, that your other wall will be left defenseless. I have also not used this personally.

Stable: The stable can be used khổng lồ keep two unlocked mounts. This allows you to change mounts safely inside your kingdom. If there are not two mounts on the current island, one or two mounts will be moved over at random to your current island. You must have taken them for a spin at least once first before the mount starts moving towards the stable by itself. Changing a mill-house lớn a stable, will destroy all plots from this farm & can no longer be used by farmers. I have not used the stable during my runs.


If you like statues you are in luck! There are four, but only three are useful. We will NEVER activate the Statue of Knights. It will increase the chances of your knights dying, which of course we want lớn avoid.

IslandUnlocked withActivated withAbility
Statue of ArchersIsland 14 gems10 coinsPerfect aim for archers
Statue of FarmersIsland 21 gem7 coinsBasically increases yield
Statue of BuildersIsland 33 gems9 coinsIncreases max. Health walls
Statue of KnightsIsland 52 gems9 coinsKnights will vì a charge attack

6. Mounts

Default Horse - starting mount on island 1 - cost: 2 coins (if you want khổng lồ hop on again)

Your trustworthy mount, till you reach Island 2. It can regain its stamina by eating grass, so not during winter. This is not possible inside the forest area. During the grazing và its animation, it is important to NOT move too quickly again. Moving too early will cancel it and not regain stamina. This is the case for all other mounts as well.

The Griffon - located on island 1 (You will see it) - cost: 2 gems và 8 coins

If you have scouted on Island 1, you will know where it is located (maybe this sounds not specific, but you will understand when you see it to lớn avoid spoilers - I personally enjoyed this little moment). You need gems to lớn unlock the Griffon which can only be found from Island 2 và higher. Therefore you can pick this up when returning. The Griffon can eat anywhere lớn regain its stamina, even during winter. The Griffon can be seen as one of the best mounts during the early-mid trò chơi due to its great stamina & ability lớn eat anywhere. By holding you can sprint và by pressing once you can blow back the (Masked/Armored) Greed, other enemies are not affected. It can be tricky to find the correct rhythm to spam this ability, but it will help you defending the walls and attacking the portals.

The Stag - located on island 2 (Waterfall) - cost: 1 gem & 3 coins

A better mount compared khổng lồ the default Horse if you ask me. I would recommend you to lớn change to lớn this mount on Island 2. By holding you can gallop with the Stag. It benefits most in the forest area & loses tốc độ on grass terrain. Another reason to lớn use this mount in the early trò chơi is his ability khổng lồ make deer fall for him. I mean this literally after you have lured them back & they have been shot by your archers. If they run away, try again to lure them towards your archers. The Stag can regain its stamina by eating grass, so not during winter.

The War Horse - located on island 3 (Battlefield with sword) - cost 2 gems & 8 coins

A decent mid-game mount. You can activate a buff for all loyal forces nearby by pressing , this will last around 10 seconds where they will not take damage from enemies. This ability has a trăng tròn second cooldown period. It can regain stamina by grazing, not during winter.

The Wild Horse - located on island 3 (Open field with fence) - cost: 1 gem và 4 coins

This mount can vị the same as the mặc định Horse, except it has better stamina. Just lượt thích the other mounts, it can regain stamina by grazing, not during winter.

The Lizard - located on island 4 (Ruins with a fountain) - cost: 3 gems và 10 coins

This is one of the best mounts in the game for defensive purposes because it can breathe fire! Basically, a mount and a BBQ in one. Like every special ability, this can be activated by pressing once. This walking BBQ can also run but has low stamina. This is compensated by its increased basic speed. When it has low stamina, it can regain it by sunbathing.

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The Great Bear - located on island 4 (Cave with beehive)- cost: 3 gems và 11 coins

The title isn"t really correct, this bear is not so great. It can khuyễn mãi giảm giá one arrow damage lớn animals & Greed while running but has further no advantages. It can not recharge its stamina.

The Unicorn - located on island 5 - cost: 4 gems & 12 coins

This mount will make you rich! It can poop out 3 coins when it grazes, which can be activated around ever 12 seconds.