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Quý khách hàng từng tự hỏi sẽ thế nào khi cai quản hạm chiến của chính mình? Giờ là thời cơ nhằm từ bỏ chứng minh phiên bản thân vào trò nghịch Seaport hay vời!Play Seaport, a ship and boat management & strategy simulator! Build your own thành phố on an islvà and become a shipping tycoon! This is a relaxing trade slặng và thành phố builder which will make you a wealthy tycoon of a marine empire.Are you the best train tycoon in the railway business already? Trade in the train slặng for a ship syên and phối sail captain! Be a builder of a large fleet of vessels from small fishing boats to large container ships.To become a shipping business tycoon you need to lớn master the strategy & management of your fleet. Build your small town inkhổng lồ a thành phố và then to a large ship empire of your dreams. This ship simulator will let you experience the real ship trade, cargo fleet management, & thành phố building.Build many realistic buildings in your town including a warehouse which is a container for all the goods you will trade with. In our game you don’t need a junkyard, all the ships will stay with you in the museum as your property. Establish your empire or island megapolis in the company of other players.Seaport game Features:▶ Enjoy a relaxing port-simulator strategy game & become a shipping tycoon▶ Build a naval town with many different buildings such as Town Hall, Sawmill, or a Warehouse▶ Train and battle to become the best ship manager of all times▶ Build shipping empire in your pocket & become the manager of sailing, steam và container ships.

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Build it now!▶ Come up with your own strategy and get together a fleet that helps you grow your homeport city▶ Expvà your cất cánh town by buying up land like a real estate agent and explore the waters around your island▶ Join the company of famous sailors, captains or pirates and explorers lượt thích Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and many more▶ Don't leave your naval fleet idle too long but use it to lớn trade various materials▶ Play new events every month & earn generous rewards to lớn boost your progress▶ Trade various cargo in cất cánh in the marine trade simulatorGot what it takes khổng lồ build a successful port đô thị empire? Don't let your ambitions of become a shipping tycoon be just idle dreams. Build it now in Seaport, the best ships and trade manager simulator!The right strategy is important for a thriving business but you will never lose your property, not in a junkyard nor to lớn any stealing pirates with a battleship. Your empire will always be safe in your pocket.PLEASE NOTE! Seaport is an online free simulation game to lớn tải về & play that requires a network connection to play. Some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. if you don't want khổng lồ use this feature please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.Do you have sầu any suggestions or problems in your port? Our caring community managers would love sầu to lớn hear from you, visit!Terms of Use: Policy: you enjoy our ship tycoon simulation game? Follow

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