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Lão Gia cát tường như ý Android Game

As a new topic of getting married, you are from a mediocre macho man with a barefooted head & undergo a relentless plowing effort khổng lồ become the number one male human power in the world with countless beauties. Beautiful people tilting the barrel of water around. The trò chơi owns the most nationals like the National Mother Mothers with the famous top-loading advice, Crush National Phan Kim Lien with the cucumber fruit on hand và a series of ancient beauty-catching beauties.

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In addition, the new way of playing is also the bright spot that can"t be ignored:【Power of battle, Ministry of mindfulness】You from a poor student who didn"t even have money lớn get married thanks to lớn his intellectual skills & promoted to become a mandarin of the royal court, could even dislodge others to become Emperor with the Three-Palace Palace every day. Headache because I don"t know who to choose.【The soul of the soul, the drop of hearing is the same】Love giang son, more & more beloved, in the trò chơi the Elders will become the general of the famous ancient beauties such as Tay Thi Van who love, Bach Thi the first female beauty of four wild bowls, even women King Vo Tac Thien also volunteered to become the wife of Lao Gia.【Growing chicken farming, enjoy the life of the family】Touching the day-to-day psychopath husband planting cucumber cucumber for his wife, the trò chơi not only has stressful ceremonies at the dentistry or the state but also has a high level of entertainment with a gardening, cooking and fishing system. , hunting, capturing ore mines, etc.【Pet system】Linh Ho, Confucius, Panda, white Tigers are pet pets waiting for Elder to lớn train to fight.【Childbirth, four-way family connection】The fact that the Elder is so charismatic & the infinite kindness that is ready to lớn be the beauty"s rain brother will inevitably be offered by many Americans lớn give themselves the answer, consequently after each impregnating the children with enough chất lượng stupid, ordinary, smart, prodigy was born. Please go lớn the game to try the feeling of joy and anxiety of the sub-model when you have to marry your husband and your husband.【Dressing system, game Development】Do not worry when playing games all year must look forever a boring face, in the game system locker, the beauty & generals over the years will have spectacular molting not inferior to modern, special development Full HD animation realistic to lớn each hair.【Devotional slaves, devotion khổng lồ exile for great karma】The old man just needs to lớn use his intelligence to lớn sit on the keyboard khổng lồ steer, and the fist fighting will let the heroes be good and high in martial arts.【Blood battle alliance, have the same happiness và enjoy self-image】The system of dentists và guilds with many bloody inter-server battles caused many female general officers lớn no longer be a chance for high-ranking warriors to lớn prove a male class.