Raquan mitchell


When Ra’quan tiền Johnson catches the ball, good things usually happen for Hylton High School’s offense.

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Johnson doesn"t have sầu many receptions this season. In fact, he’s only caught more than two passes for over a 100 yards in one game this season.

But then, he doesn’t need to grab many receptions. Sometimes one makes all the difference.



Hylton focused on its running attachồng khổng lồ keep Hayfield’s explosive offense off the field. But the Bulldogs also felt confident they could run successfully against the Hawks.

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Johnson, who had only carried the ball seven times all season before Hayfield, gave the Bulldogs another option lớn control the game.

Johnson has been on the varsity for three seasons, but became more integral to Hylton’s game plan after a breakout spring và summer.

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“All of a sudden, he had this speed,” Bulldogs head coach Tony Lilly said. “It was a wow tốc độ. It was clear he was a guy who we needed lớn get the ball in his hands.”

Johnson hasn’t generated much college interest yet, but Lilly expects that lớn change.

“He’s a hidden secret right now,” Lilly said. “But it will piông chồng up for hyên once colleges see on film what he’s done. I’m pretty sure we’ll find a trang chính for hyên.”