Well so far I bought a PS 4 console and…

Well so far I bought a PS 4 console & 2 game CD'S. Both the CD's are so smooth without lot of scratch on it and also working well và good but when I want to say about the Ps-4 console which I bought It working well & good but it seems it's top body cover is little bit lose và feels like it is easy to open it in bare hands.

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Date of experience: May 05, 2023




Rude Staff và Shady Practices

Rude customer service staff that thinks their job is khổng lồ argue and yell at the customer instead of providing help & a solution. Most of the stuff they sell is of different region and often cracked or outright not working. The prices are also much higher than other websites in their competition. So be cautious buying from this shady company.

Date of experience: April 29, 2022

Hi User,Sorry you had to go through the hassle. We assure you that all merchandise that we khuyến mãi with are original and purchased from another bạn selling the sản phẩm to us. Any duplicate version or 'cracked' trò chơi will be automatically marked as failed during the testing process. We are sorry you had received a game from a different region. Please tóm tắt you order id khổng lồ support or disclose your registered email/user id. We will look into your order information & resolve this issue as soon as possible.

One of the đứng top Reseller..Good products…

One of the top Reseller..Good products are received in a shorter time duration..

Date of experience: May 03, 2023

Best ever place khổng lồ trade your games…

Best ever place to trade your games console and PC gaming parts. I have been helped by their executive and they were very patient and their instructions was very helpful.

Date of experience: April 29, 2023

Highly recommended for games, consoles, và accessories.

I'm a long time user of the website. I've purchased new và renewed games discs, & accessories both. I've even used the platform to lớn sell my gaming console và new game discs, & the experience has been amazing through & through.

Date of experience: March 06, 2023

So far I have bought some pre owned…

So far I have bought some pre owned games.. The experience is very good, very fast delivery and always come with original boxes without any scratches as well.

Date of experience: April 20, 2023

Great Experience

Great Experience. I sold my Xbox One X 1 TB for credit & used it to lớn buy a used Xbox Series X. The process is smooth, and Xbox Series X is in excellent condition. I ordered it on 7th March & received it on 13th March. The Xbox Series X was actually not in stock, so I asked them lớn inform me personally once they restocked it và I did receive a điện thoại tư vấn from them as they restocked it.

Date of experience: March 14, 2023

Great platform to lớn buy & sell for gamers.

Sold my Consoles and bought a RX 6700 XT, good service, got my hàng hóa in 2 days & even though it is a used graphic thẻ but it was in a very good condition and is working properly, had a nice experience.

Date of experience: April 28, 2023

Great experience!

On time delivery, within a day.

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Packaging of disk was great, align with original paperwork.The CD itself works perfectly fine!5 star experience!

Date of experience: April 21, 2023

Perfect place khổng lồ sell/buy consoles

Had a great experience selling my Xbox console. Smooth process và complete transparency.

Date of experience: May 04, 2023

The experience was really good

The experience was really good, will recommend game nation khổng lồ my friends

Date of experience: May 03, 2023

Packaging is good...but it can be…

Packaging is good...but it can be little better with bubble wrap..... Pricing can be little better

Date of experience: April 29, 2023

Wonderful experience

Wonderful experience. I ordered wwe 2k19 pre owned. Got the Discs in great condition.

Date of experience: April 26, 2023

This is the worst site ever

This is the worst site. I come across in my entire life. This site is equivalent lớn fraud. I placed a sell order on this site & they arranged a courier service và but courier stucked in midway. Neither it come back lớn me nor they received it, according to them. They didn't care about customer they didn't even reply queries after you sent your courier from your end. They should stop this is a scam. I lost my xbox one in this process.

Date of experience: April 10, 2023

Hi User,We are sorry you had to lớn go through this hassle. While It is rare to encounter such problems with our delivery partners, it is not unheard of. Rest assured, Our team has taken lưu ý of your order information & we are working lớn resolve this issue on đứng đầu priority. We will make sure we coordinate with the delivery partners, keep you in loop with new developments of the order status và process your order as soon as possible.

Got the game at a very reasonable price…

Got the game at a very reasonable price and quality was marvellous & got delivered before the date give

Date of experience: April 23, 2023

Please returns my disk(sale order GNS1286658)

Sell Order ID: GNS1286658They rejected my game(hogwart legacy)during testing.5 days gone iam waiting for disk .They won't return it.till now 8 days gone,mailed many times but they send me tự động reply mail...till now no is april 18 almost 11 days gone still they haven't return my disk....mail many times no reply

Date of experience: April 08, 2023

Hi User,We are sorry you had to go through this experience. Rest assured, your Sell Order is being processed. You will receive your merchandise delivered at your doorstep in less that 2 business days. Please follow the updates from our automated mailer system. If in case you have any additional clarification/queries, please liên hệ our support team at support

I have been a regular customer of…

I have been a regular customer of game-nation for past 1 year and my experience has really been amazing both in terms of Buy and Sell orders.

Date of experience: April 25, 2023

Better khổng lồ name it ScamNation!

I am never going khổng lồ buy or sell anything on this site. They are complete frauds and never return back the games which are failed in testing. I tried reaching them but all they tell is that it will reach me within 48 hours. It has been more than a month & the game has not reached me. They have put up the trò chơi on sale on their site which is complete shame on them!

Date of experience: March 20, 2023 và we will be happy to resolve your issue as soon as possible. While it is rare for return shipments khổng lồ get delayed, it is not unheard of. We will make sure you get your shipment confirmation as soon as we could process.We are certain that the trò chơi you see on sale in our website is not the same merchandise that you have sent. Merchandise that failed the testing process would be automatically scheduled for returns.

We are a team of passionate gamers and professionals who thrive to provide gamers an affordable and enjoyable gaming experience. We want gamers lớn experience the very best of this industry without having to lớn empty their pockets & hearts out. We want our customers to feel and think at all times that they are getting absolute value for money. If you"re in the market for brand-new or pre-owned consoles và games, we"ve got all your bases covered. From Sony"s finest lớn Nintendo and Microsoft"s latest drops, we"ve got all you want to lớn cop. Along with knock-off prices on our products, we offer free-shipping across the nation và 1-day delivery in select cities. When you"re looking lớn offload your old games or consoles, we welcome you with open arms. You can sell your old games and consoles for either cash or credit for your trade-ins. At Gamenation, we"re also starting a new service where you can sell your old gaming PC"s peripherals, and components for cash or credit.

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