‘girl crush’: how the k


Defining K-pop"s version of "girl crush" presents a logistical challenge because it has such a dynamic meaning. But it often boils down khổng lồ "you know it when you see it."

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BLACKPINK has the bad girl image down lớn a tee. The K-pop girl group’s music đoạn clip for “DDU-DU DDU-DU” has the kind of mix pieces of an overwhelmingly anthemic fever dream. Each of the four members has their own instantly memorable scene. There’s fierce and luxurious Jennie who relaxes on a tank. The bubbly và affable Lisa goes all-in on camp as a high-fashion professor wielding a recognizable pink hammer. The quirky Jisoo trips over her platform heels on a red carpet (because relatability).

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Then resident songstress Rosé appearslike a goddess on a chandelier swing.

It’s a decadent, outlandish, stylish visual that accompanies lyrical braggadocio like, “In my hands is a fat check/ If you’re curious, vày a fact check.” & the song did outdo their previous high-performing singles: “DDU-DU DDU-DU” became BLACKPINK’s first binhphap3d.vn Hot 100 entry at No. 55, while the music video clip went on khổng lồ become one of the most-viewed in 24 hours of all time. No wonder why they are K-pop’s most visible representatives of the concept known as “girl crush” in 2018.

Defining K-pop’s version of “girl crush” presents a logistical challenge because it has such a dynamic meaning. The term could refer to lớn a group’s overarching concept (think girl group powerhouse 2NE1), a more ephemeral tuy vậy concept (like Girls’ Generation’s sassy kiss-off “You Think”) or even an individual girl group member (TWICE’s short-haired Jeongyeon). There isn’t really a specific sound to “girl crush” — it functions more as a descriptor of both visuals và message, lớn varying degrees. (As with the Western counterpart of the term, the lãng mạn implications of the word “crush” tend lớn be overlooked, veering into the “gal pals” variety of LGBTQ erasure.)

Still, a tuy nhiên will hardly qualify for the label if it sounds too cute và bubblegum.The concept goes harder as idols morph into badass, tomboyish and occasionally sexy women. But it often boils down to lớn “you know it when you see it.”