Get Automatic Site Translation With Google Translator For Firefox


No longer are the days of clicking away from a website just because it’s in a language you don’t know. The need for an accurate translation addon that can be used instantly in a browser is something people have wanted for years, & hear this Firefox-users – you can’t get any better than Google Translator.

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This addon is the translator addon khổng lồ have for any browser and this is especially the case for Firefox. A fantastic version of this extension has been made just for the latest version of Firefox. From offering 42 different languages to being able to right-click for instant translation, our guide will outline how khổng lồ use Google Translator for Firefox.

Install Google Translator for Firefox

To get started, mở cửa Firefox, then go to the download page for the “Google Translator for Firefox” addon. Once the page loads, click the green “Add to lớn Firefox” button.
After you click, a software installation dialog box will mở cửa verifying you want khổng lồ install Google Translator. Click “Install” lớn complete the quick installation process.
After it’s installed, restart your browser, and it’ll be ready lớn use.

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Using Google Translator

Using Google Translator in Firefox is just as easy as installing it. It’s been designed so you can access the power nguồn of Google Translator in three different ways. One of the easiest ways lớn use Google Translator is to lớn first visit a site in a language you don’t know, then anywhere on the page right-click, & you should see a “Translate this page with Google Translate” option in the right-click menu.
Select “Translate this page with Google Translate,” & the page will be instantly translated into a language of your choosing.
The addon will attempt khổng lồ figure out your language first, but if it can’t, English is the default language it translates into. Và at the đứng đầu of the new tab, you will also find translation options such as the language you wish lớn translate from or into & if you want to lớn view the translation or the original.
Also if you want khổng lồ translate a full page, you can access Google Translator via the “T” icon in the top-right corner of your browser. Just click the “T” and the translated page will open in a new tab. Otherwise, you can click the drop-down arrow next to lớn the icon khổng lồ translate a page.

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After you click, the “Options” dialog box for the addon will appear. Click the drop-down menu under “Languages” lớn view the 42 languages it supports.You can also change what the “T” icon translates – selected text or the full page – as well as the keys you want to use to lớn quickly access the addon. Click “Ok” before exiting.Google Translator for Firefox is without question the best browser translator available, and it works great in Firefox. The ability to access quick translation three different ways, & all incredibly easy, finally make reading websites in another language fun. Và if you have an Android-phone and would like to use Google Translate on that too, here’s a quick overview explaining how to use it on your phone.Download Google Translator for Firefox.