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*I'm writing this Review because this manga is really a funny romcom & I want people to lớn acknowledge it so we can have sầu faster scans and translations!*Story(7):The story is the weakest part of this amazing manga, is something we have sầu seen quite a bit in this kind of genres:Unpopular guy get te chance lớn date a really dễ thương and popular girl.What makes this manga amazing are witouth a doubt the characters, Juniđưa ra our cliché anime character, weak, a looser is constantly teased by Yuka which seem to understvà pretty well the desires of his new boyfrikết thúc, but something about her personality seem strange, is she really the type who likes lớn tease our otaku freind Juniđưa ra or she's hiding something? Is a really funny và adorable manga with fanservice too!Art(9):The art is amazing: clean và dynamic, the background are well done & the characters are well made và expressives.Characters(9):Juniđưa ra is our male protagonist, he wants a girlfriends but he's also insecure with the other sex, he thinks low of himself but he muster the courage to lớn confess khổng lồ Yuka because of a prank from his friends.Yukana, in the other hvà is a really interessting character.She accept Junichi confession even knowing that he clearly doesnt like her because she likes to lớn tease hyên, her personality seem a bit strange, she seem really confident & that she has a lot of experience in love sầu, but is it really true?Support: cliché friends that are perverted, looser & otakus that are jelous of the sudden succes of Junibỏ ra, that help hyên ổn for a purpose(getting khổng lồ know the friends of Yuka)There is also the best friover of Yuka, she's been introduced recently, she's lượt thích a hunter for virgins like Junichi, maybe she's the reason of the behavior of Yuka? Enjoyment(9):Really funny and xinh đẹp romance story.The ecchi part(fanservice) is used well, và have a purpose in the manga! In this case tease Junibỏ ra. The pacing is alright and make the manga always funny to lớn read.Overall(9):I raccomover this anime for the people who are searching for an interessting character, funny situations, and solid romance development.