As a soldier và the queen of Paradis in Attack on Titan, Historia played an important role throughout the story.

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Historia Reiss was a member of the 104th Cadet Corps và the queen of Paradis in the Attack On Titan universe. As the only surviving thành viên of her family with royal blood, she played a prominent political role in the story.

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Therefore, it doesn"t come as a surprise that Historia is responsible for shaping the series in both minor và significant ways. By identifying her most meaningful contributions, we can better appreciate the many profound aspects in which she has forged her own path and brought glory to the people she has sworn khổng lồ protect.


At first, Reiner Braun had a preconception that all Eldians on the island of Paradis were devils. This was a notion relentlessly drilled into him by the Marleyan state as part of his training as a Warrior candidate.

However, he was completely enchanted by Historia & even expressed an interest in making her his wife. Given that, it"s reasonable to lớn assume that she has played at least a partial role in forcing him lớn reconsider the merits of the people he has sworn to destroy.


During the battle for Utgard Castle, it seemed as if all hope was lost. The Beast Titan called his minions to assail the structure from all angles, & one of them even breached the tower"s perimeter.

Because Ymir loved Historia so deeply, she raced into battle and mowed down scores of giants on her paramour"s behalf. The Warriors were surprised at the Jaw Titan"s revelation, especially given the accidental role she played in the death of Marcel và how well she managed khổng lồ conceal her identity.


Historia found Daz in the midst of a blizzard và attempted to lớn haul him back to the Scouts" cabin. Realizing that she was on a doomed venture, Ymir agreed to help her by traversing down the mountain as the Jaw Titan.

While he may have seemed insignificant at the time, Daz would play a relatively prominent role later in the story. He stood alongside Floch"s Yeagerists against the combined Eldian và Marleyan resistance during the events of the Rumbling. Daz nearly even murdered Armin with Samuel"s assistance during the battle for the port.


After Eren was captured by Rod Reiss" henchmen, he was brought below a cathedral & bound in place. Rod told Historia that the only way lớn return the royal family to lớn its rightful glory was to willfully inject herself with a syringe of titan fluid and eat her friend.

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Initially, Historia considered his offer. Since Grisha was responsible for murdering Frieda whom she was close with, it was particularly tempting. However, the young woman ultimately refused, flipped her father over, and broke his back instead. It was a daring act of defiance that distinguished her as fiercely independent.

After a harrowing encounter with the Female Titan, the Scouts lost a decent number of their horses. Together, Armin, Jean, & Reiner were forced to lớn make a decision in which one of them would have to make it back khổng lồ the walls on foot, almost guaranteeing death by the marauding pure titans.

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Instead of answering such a grisly question, Historia arrived with fresh horses for their use. The men were stunned by her generosity và even likened her khổng lồ a goddess.

Historia played a vital role in the retrieval of Eren & the defeat of the Warriors. After being abducted by Ymir, Historia managed to lớn convince her lover to stand down in order lớn prevent a fight with Mikasa.

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After gauging how well the Scouts performed against Reiner, the Armored Titan, Ymir even began khổng lồ believe that there might be hope for the denizens of the walls. Still, she ultimately agreed to follow the Warriors back to Marley under the condition that they deliver a final letter lớn Historia that expressed her true feelings.

Despite Erwin"s requests, Historia participated in the battle against Rod Reiss. She understood that, in addition to a leader of royal blood, the Eldian people needed a hero they could look up to.

After Eren destroyed the monster"s body, Historia identified & slashed through the nape of the Reiss Titan"s neck. Although she had a rough landing, her actions were seen & praised by the people she had hoped lớn rule. Shortly after, she revealed her true identity & officially stepped into the spotlight as a leader.

With the usurping of the monarchy, the Scouts knew that military rule wouldn"t suffice forever. Historia was quickly established as a replacement for Rod Reiss, with her blood ties lớn the royal family being used to justify her presence on the throne.

She led with grace, courage, và foresight, demonstrating a willingness to hear all perspectives và sacrifice whatever was necessary for the sake of her people. Historia also became a talented diplomat, as proven by her interactions with Kiyomi Azumabito.

After the Reiss Titan"s defeat, part of the Scouts" exonerating ceremony included touching & kissing the residing queen"s hand. When it came Eren"s turn to lớn reach for Historia, his reaction was surprisingly stiff.

By making tương tác with her, he saw a glimpse of the future and discovered that the Founding Titan could be used simply by touching someone with royal blood. He kept this knowledge quiet for as long as possible since he didn"t want khổng lồ compromise his friend"s freedom for the sake of her duty to the people.

As the last member of the royal bloodline in service lớn Paradis, Historia realized that it was imperative lớn have as many children as she could. Without descendants, it would have become impossible lớn use the Founding Titan & defend the country from its many enemies.

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Shortly after becoming queen, Historia was impregnated by a childhood crush. Although her duties were not as glamorous as one might have hoped, they were essential for the nation"s survival since the wall titans were the single factor separating Paradis from utter annihilation by foreign invaders.

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