3K Jailbreak Tool For Ios 9


I almost didn’t vì chưng this tutorial as it seems a bit unnecessary considering we are almost on ios 9.3 now and most people are past 9.1 I’d imagine. But, I figured maybe there are some people who are still lingering on ios 9.1 at the moment & want lớn jailbreak so let’s see.Bạn đã xem: download pangu tiện ích ios 9

The Pangu team recently released a jailbreak for quả táo 9.1 (again not the latest version of tiện ích ios at the time of writing this) & it’s caused some concern for people since usually they jailbreak the latest version as it comes out & that isn’t happening right now.

Bạn đang xem: 3k jailbreak tool for ios 9

Regardless it is a reliable jailbreak so probably worth doing the article, but please keep in mind that if you are not on 9.1 this will still not work for you. You can check which version of tiện ích ios you are on by going khổng lồ Settings > General > About and it’s under Version. If it says anything higher than 9.1, vì chưng not vị this tutorial & you’ll just have to lớn wait for a new jailbreak lớn come out.

If You Are Jailbroken Already Unfortunately, since apple stopped signing 9.1 already, you cannot even update khổng lồ 9.1 on your jailbroken iPhone (which is why I couldn’t vị a đoạn phim on this). You have lớn currently be on 9.1 or this just won’t help you.

For those on 9.1, let’s jailbreak your phone.

If you aren’t familiar, jailbreaking allows you to alter every aspect of tiện ích ios through the downloading of “tweaks” from the Cydia store. These tweaks can then allow you khổng lồ change all of your phầm mềm icon shapes, change the UI entirely, get miễn phí Wi-Fi tethering, và a whole lot more.

You can easily undo the jailbreak as well, so there’s really no reason to give it a try (just make sure to vì chưng a backup first).

To get started though, we need khổng lồ jailbreak first. Here’s how:

I. Before You Begin

1. This tutorial only works on Windows at the moment, so either wait for the Pangu team lớn release a Mac version or borrow a friend’s PC to bởi this.

II. Make Sure Your Phone is on iOS 9.1

III. Backup Your iPhone Data

1. Open iTunes.

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2. Plug your iPhone in via USB cable.

3. Click on your iPhone in the sidebar on the left under devices.

4. Click on Back Up Now under Backups in the Summary Tab.

IV. Prepare your iPhone for Jailbreak


1. Head to the developer’s site below, click on tải về and save the exe file to your desktop.


2. Right-click the exe tệp tin once downloaded và click Run As Administrator.

3. Plug in the iPhone/iPod/iPad via USB cable khổng lồ the computer & wait for Pangu to recognize it.

4. When it does, click the Jailbreak button and wait for it to bởi its thing.

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5. Once done, tap on Cydia on the phone và let it bởi vì it’s thing.

6. Done! Jailbroken! Now, head to lớn our Jailbreak Tweaks section for videos on some of our favorite tweaks from the Cydia store you should give a try now that you have this new found freedom. Enjoy!

Let me know if it worked for you or if you’re having issues in the comments below! and if it helped you please mô tả it it’s greatly appreciated!