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I was almost giddy when I reviewed the Smartphone HTC 10 last year. After years of casting about for the right approach, the company built a phone that seemed lượt thích a clear step in the right direction. Fast forward khổng lồ January 2017: Smartphone HTC revealed the $750 U Ultra, a glossy flagship that represented a totally new direction for the company. The phone packs a huge screen, a second display for quiông chồng controls & an AI-powered virtual assistant that promises to subtly help you out during the day. It"s an ambitious device, certainly, but what"s life without a few risks? Unfortunately, looks aside, HTC"s newest phone feels poorly thought-out. At the risk of sounding too grim too early, the Điện thoại HTC U Ultra is beautiful, expensive and misguided.


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Fantastic designExcellent build qualityMostly good performanceSpeaker thiết lập works wellSense Companion is a good idea

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The glass body scratches easilyNot water- or dust-resistantExpensive for what you actually getSecond screen doesn’t vị muchSmall batteryRelatively mediocre camera



Normally, I loathe putting phones in cases – engineers & designers didn"t slave sầu away on these things just so you could hide them behind cheap plastic. But with the U Ultra, I didn"t feel lượt thích I had a choice. After years of crafting metal-bodied smartphones, Smartphone HTC wrapped the Ultra in glass, including Gorilla Glass 5 on the 5.7-inch screen and a curved pane of colorful "liquid surface" on the back. (There"s another version of the U Ultra with sapphire crystal coating the screen, but it"ll mix you baông xã cchiến bại khổng lồ $1,000 — no, thanks.)

I don"t have sầu enough adjectives for how nice our xanh nhận xét unit"s finish looks. Stunning? Striking? Rapturous? (That last one was a little much, but you get the idea.) Just as impressive is how those two glass sides gently curve sầu toward each other, eventually meeting the thin metal ryên that runs around the phone without any harsh or protruding seams. The only thing that breaks up the U Ultra"s sleek lines is a square hump where the 12-megapx rear camera lives. For all of the financial trouble HTC has had lately, it still knows how khổng lồ build an impeccably pretty machine. It"s too bad that the U Ultra isn"t water- or dust-resistant -- a phone this pricey should be a little more durable.