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Infinity Blade Saga
Epic Games
600 MB
September 14, 2019 (2 years ago)


Infinity Blade Saga – Taking part in a duel between gladiators always makes the player excited. Basically, if you have entered this battle, there is never a way out. You will fight until you find the winner, the loser will die. Tencent’s Infinity Blade Saga is one of the most beloved series in this type of fighting because of the strangest mechanics as well as the sharp visual investment that surpasses the same category choices.

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An excellent RPG of Epic Game

Previously, Infinity Blade Saga was a successful game with the Epic Games trilogy. This version is only a remake of Tencent but will undoubtedly bring new points that never before. Actually, this is still a game world that is reproduced from the perspective of the famous Chinese game publisher. Improved equipment and gameplay, as well as the updated corps system, make the game much more diverse than its original series.

The operation of the game is quite complex, so I will have khổng lồ describe it accurately for the player lớn imagine. First, starting a game will make the character’s screen with the corner but the third turn behind the baông xã of the protagonist. This view allows the player lớn see the whole game in a way that feels like playing a first-person shooter. The two sides of the screen will let you move left or right khổng lồ dodge enemy attacks và run away. After learning how to dodge, learn how khổng lồ attaông chồng the enemy. There is no basic operation for the player lớn launch the tactics. Players will be gradually unlocked actions that can be manipulated on the screen. With the claws on the screen In different directions will create the slash in different ways. That means you’ll have sầu to work on extremely fast & agile screens to lớn avoid being hit as well as counter-attacking enemies in extremely short moments.

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There are swords và blocks, shield defense, & quichồng reaction dodge. Contains all the actions that we must learn to lớn manipulate. To master the battle, all these must be coordinated. Most of the time in combat is to lớn dodge and beat. In just a few moments, take advantage of the enemy’s loopholes to lớn comb your attacks to lớn defeat them quickly.

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The graphics of the game are incredibly successful because of the use of Unreal Engine 4. With the 3D graphics and smooth motion mechanism of this thiết kế system, Tencent has wholly succeeded in re-creating a famous game 5 years ago. Perhaps this result also makes the father of this game somewhat satisfying.

How to lớn install

Download APK, OBBUnzip DATA, move sầu thư mục “com.tencent.tmgp.ibd” lớn Android/data patch
You are now ready lớn download Infinity Blade Saga for không lấy phí. Here are some notes: