Today, One or more big updates has been added with tiện ích ios 10 Beta for developer tester, That’s will include soon và will be release in upcoming ios 10 Public Beta 2. After Major Changes in Lock screen Design, Raise khổng lồ Wake up iPhone screen, Bedtime and many other features are now in ios 10 Public Beta 2 from last released, và now New quả táo 10 Beta 4 features added 10+ more features for The Developers.

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Apple developer think out how tiện ích ios user get more entertainment with on iMessage, Social media chat buy adding really funny Emoji.

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New tiện ích ios 10 Beta 4 Features and Improvements should be final for game ios 10 Public

New quả táo 10 Beta 4 Features and Improvements should be final for tiện ích ios 10 Public


Time & Date in notification Center

Didn’t know táo bị cắn dở forgot to showroom Time và Date Badge in notification center when you show in unlock screen, finally my Discussion on táo board discussion worked out. See Below my iPhone unlock notification screen.

New Control center and Others

Easy you can control your iPhone Controls, Music That’s are playing, Access own cards and home kit accessories from lock screen or trang chủ screen for faster access.

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Faster Unlock or Lock The screen and App access from ios device (iPhone/ iPad)

Star For Easy lớn rate most popular songs on apple music

Older iOS Wallpaper Back in New game ios 10 Beta 4

Scalable and Faster animation when you launch or Turn off tiện ích from screen by press on trang chủ button

Beautiful New sound while we type from keyboard on Safari Browsing, Messaging or Chatting

Required Bug fixed in Safari

Faster Reply when you got notification on Message app: Also easily preview old message by sliding down finger on iPhone/ máy tính bảng ipad Screen.

Fresh New Emojis in Emoji keyboard

Improved Apple Maps, táo khuyết Music, Photos, Siri, iMessage

Watch full đoạn phim Tutorial Prepared by 9to5Mac & TakNotice for easy to preview or understand before you update Old ios 10 Beta 3 Developer.

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Above New tiện ích ios 10 Beta 4 Features only available for Developer account, if you have then Try to lớn install & Test in on your iPhone, iPad. Come back here và share your suggestion và missed out feature in comment.