Jeanbart stories


Jean Bart SSR Battleship doesn’t deserve to lớn be the over of the battleship era, and she died like a weed that desperately wants lớn live. She wants khổng lồ be on her own, and the history was not nice on her.

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How to Get Jean Bart?

She is available on light and dark events, & you won’t get her more than that. As befitting her way of being a battleship with her first limit break lượt thích french BB, these grants can instill someone.

However, this makes you have to play manual because her skill forces you khổng lồ play manual for massive damage, but again this is your own choice to lớn make shots faster than yours or make shots that have more significant damage. She is one of the best elite unit killers, và you can make use of her a lot on the event map.

You will not regret it if you train her. However, you will lose a ton of damage if you aim improperly, so be careful in using here in manual play và if you don’t mind using your oil, bring IBP to lớn plenish them faster.

Also, the only thing you should not bởi with Jane Bart is to fight against submarines as they are only being damaged in-depth charge, và they won’t go in to lớn hunt you, so you don’t have to kill them except if you want to vì three stars.


Jean Bart is forced to lớn use her only weapon, MLE 1935, as her second skill will boost that weapon for higher critical chance và damage.

However, this is still RNG, so do not expect her lớn get critical so often, & if you want to lớn use other weapons, you can, but you would not get critical chance and damage.

She doesn’t have the highest firepower, she scores more in the upper average for that, but this doesn’t prove too much. However, her firepower stat still giao dịch massive amounts of damage that can also increase with a high reload because of her skills.


She is quite tanky for a french by having a modest 6900 hit points & getting one of the better evasion with 23 points, & because of that, she can survive for a long time.

She is classified as a fast battleship, & probably one more reason for that high evasion is that she was missing one gun for a long time which perfectly fits her AA stat.

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Jean has problems with her anti-air, and she has one of the weaker AAs under the battleships. She only has 70 AA efficiency, which is not that good.


Jean Bart has two perks, and none of them is a barrage. Her first perk is named Pirate’s Soul, it does additional 60% more damage, but this is not everything since you khuyễn mãi giảm giá with 60% more damage if you aim manually.


Usually, you vì 20% more damage if you aim khổng lồ target the people who play the game manually, but with a skill, it increased to 60%, so be sure you play manually with Jean Bart to lớn get spicy damage.


Her next skill is named Final Shot; if you equip the Jean Bart gun, your crit chance increases by 30%, và the crit damage increases by 50%. So if you get a crit in your first shot, then it is instant death for pretty much anything.


For the main gun, take the quadruple 380 mm, this gun is terrible compared to the other one, and it is only suitable for Jean.

For a secondary gun, use the triple 155 mm gun or the triple 152 mm thủ thuật that does better DPS but is not worth it on the backline ships.

You can always go khổng lồ the typical BB build with two shells for the auxiliary gun, which is a perfect build for Jean Bart.

To adjust her punch strength, go for MLE 1935 as this is her sole reason khổng lồ be that strong.

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Use white shell for critical damage, đen shell for higher critical chance, good or purple fire control radar for firepower & accuracy.