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Last Thursday might have been one of the saddest but happiest days ever at Brooklyn’s, Long Islvà College Hospital. Shakeema Cheek-Collins, a determined mother, insisted she have sầu her baby where she và her other two children were born. Collins gave birth the same day State University of Thành Phố New York Downstate officially gave up ownership of the hospital. 

Upon arriving lớn the hospital, against what her husb& wishes, she want met by a small staff. Luckily for her the OBGYN was still on the premises. The doctors were able khổng lồ deliver a healthy baby boy at 8:52pm on May 22nd. After the delivery the family was moved to Kings County hospital for further care.

The remaining staff called hlặng the “Miricale Baby”.

Long Isl& College Hospital is phối for closing in the next few days.

Photo lớn Credit – NY 1

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