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The Nocơ Lumia 5đôi mươi is an affordable mid-range prepaid điện thoại thông minh on AT&T that sells for $99. Here’s my case for using it as a portable media device.

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The other day I was reading an đánh giá of the Nocơ 520/521 Windows Phone 8 by Paul Thurrott. The case he makes about this affordable mid-range điện thoại thông minh is that it can be used as a quality portable media device – & he’s right. I bought the Nokia Lumia 5đôi mươi for $99 on Amazon. Yes, that’s correct, the prepaid điện thoại thông minh is only $99. The only difference with the Lumia 521 is it’s on the T-Smartphone carrier and costs about $đôi mươi more for some reason.

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Nokia Lumia 5trăng tròn Portable Media

For music and đoạn phim it has everything you could need, and more. It includes Xbox Music và Video (which syncs with your collection btw) and Nocơ Music plus you can tải về apps for music, đoạn phim, & podcasts. Apps like VEVO, Pandora, Notê Music, plenty of unofficial YouTube apps and of course — Netflix. It also includes an FM radio which works if you have sầu headphones plugged in. The radio definitely reminds me of the Zune HD when I owned one. Not to mention there are some really nice games on Windows Phone 8.

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If you’re contract is coming up, I would recommend trying out a Windows Phone — especially if you’re leaving BlackBerry. I know most people who have sầu an iPhone or Android are already loyal lớn their platform, but even so, you might want khổng lồ give Windows Phone a try. There aren’t 5 Trillion apps lượt thích the other top two platforms, but the essential basic apps are there, or if official versions aren’t in the store, chances are there’s a decent third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ version.As I get rolling with this phone over the next few days and weeks, expect khổng lồ see several How To articles on WP8 và how to integrate it in with a full Microsoft ecosystem, including interesting things you can do with it, Xbox, and Windows 8.1.

What vì you think about Windows Phone & / or the recent news of Microsoft buying Nokia? Leave sầu us a comment and let us know your opinions!

I have sầu my eye on this phone to do exactly what you’re describing – Zune on steroids. Specifically, media player + camera + GPS + a handful of apps. (I still use my Zune HD, btw. LOVE IT!) I have sầu a question regarding GPS và “activating” the phone. What happens when you plug in the SIM and activate it? Do you have lớn start paying for service? When you bởi, vày you have sầu khổng lồ select an area of the bản đồ to lớn download maps for, or vì chưng the HERE maps automatically get everything they need? Thanks!