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Meer over Magic Launcher Pro Widgets lees je bij ons. Magic Launcher Pro Widgets valt onder ProductivityEen beoordeling van 2.875 is ontvangenMagic Launcher Pro Widgets is beoordeeld door 2.875 mensenGemaakt door Roxwin Vietnam Technologies Company LimitedMagic Launcher Pro Widgets is voor :compatibility

Magic Launcher is the only Today Widget tiện ích Launcher you will ever need, with the ability lớn launch more all apps in the phầm mềm Store và actions from the Today Widget in the Notification Center it makes using your iPhone or máy tính bảng ipad even easier! Launch calls, texts and more with your friends in one swipe and tap with our Magic liên hệ launchers.Features Include:- Unlimited capabilities for launching any apps in tiện ích Store và actions including all đứng top apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all in your Notification Center- Dynamic Launcher makes your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh smarter: Dynamic Launcher is an intelligent launcher that gives you the right apps at the right moments throughout your day- thiết kế your own Launcher layout including modifications for icon size, text và shape- Magic contact allows instant tương tác via Call, Messages (SMS), FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Mail và Telegram!- A huge phối of Magic Launchers including Google Search, Wiki Search, Weather, Clock, Clipboard search, Clipboard clear, automatic Tweet/Facebook post latest photo, Battery monitor and much more!- Widget Scheduling allows you khổng lồ automatically show và hide widgets depending on time or location- Have multiple Launchers for various functions- Universal tiện ích works on iPhone and iPad devices- iCloud Backup và Restore- Multiple languages support- Request additional apps via our request form- & so much more...If you like Magic Launcher please take a moment to lớn leave a reviews or send your feedback lớn hi also visit our pages:’re always happy to lớn help.Thank you for using Magic Launcher!

Inloggen by Magic Launcher Pro Widgets?

Het is gemakkelijk om in te loggen via de ứng dụng Magic Launcher Pro Widgets zelf. Installeer de app dus op je mobiele telefoon om van alle functionaliteiten te kunnen gebruiken.

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Hoe installeer ik Magic Launcher Pro Widgets?

Open de ứng dụng store op je smartphone en zoek op Magic Launcher Pro Widgets, druk op download om de download van de tiện ích op je mobiele telefoon te krijgen.

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Waar kan ik Magic Launcher Pro Widgets downloaden?

Je kunt Magic Launcher Pro Widgets downloaden via de ứng dụng store bij telefoon. Start de phầm mềm store en zoek naar Magic Launcher Pro Widgets klik op het icoon om de de ứng dụng te downloaden op je telefoon.

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Hoe start ik Magic Launcher Pro Widgets ?

Zoek Magic Launcher Pro Widgets op je điện thoại door gebruik te maken van de de vindfunctie van je eigen mobiele telefoon.

Beoordelingen met Magic Launcher Pro Widgets?

Er zijn op dit moment 2.875 beoordelingen van Magic Launcher Pro Widgets, de gemiddelde beoordeling rating is 2.875