The biểu ngữ of TeaMobi is “enjoy everywhere” & this truly mobile-first point of view has helped the company achieve great success with its online social game, Avatar World.

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Based in Ho Chi Minch City, Vietnam, TeaMobi was started five years ago by three friends và business partners (pictured below). Today, the company employs more than 40 people, and its hit ứng dụng has more than 10 million registered users và averages 2.6 million users that come khổng lồ play every day – the majority of those players being from Vietphái mạnh.


The founders of TeaMobi, from left khổng lồ right: Minch Nguyen, General Director; Nhat Nguyen, Sale Director; and Lam Vo, Technical Director

The founders of TeaMobi, from left to lớn right: Minh Nguyen, General Director; Nhat Nguyen, Sale Director; & Lam Vo, Technical Director

But the company has big plans for global expansion, and it is using its Java-based games lớn build in roads in many more countries.

This new Nokia Developer video will give sầu you an inside look at the team that made Avatar World a reality:

Meeting the needs of Java-hungry gamers

“The game took them the better part of a year to develop,” says TeaMobi’s sale director, Scott Brewer. They initially started with offline games, và as the technology changed và the phones continued lớn get better, they realized the potential of online games is where mobile gaming is going, và they developed games that fit this formula and have been very successful with it.”


At the same time, the company also recognized the role that Java could play. According khổng lồ Scott, four years ago in Vietnam giới, 95 percent of the market was Java-based.

“The key feature that these guys had come up with, is that they had found a way khổng lồ develop one platsize and it would allow them lớn play on all of the feature phones at that time,” he said. And that trend has continued as the majority of their game players are still using the Java platkhung, which is compatible with feature phones lượt thích the Nokia Asha range.

Avatar World & the future of gaming

Avatar World, which was a top 10 global finamenu in Nokia’s “Create 4 Millions” conthử nghiệm, combines elements of online gaming with social functions, such as instant messaging, so users can chat with their friends from inside the tiện ích. And unlượt thích competing apps that may have sầu a gateway, & require you to lớn pay before you can even begin, Avatar World is không lấy phí khổng lồ join and use the service.

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“Once you have sầu your trương mục & you come in, you can play for không tính phí, which basically allows us to reach everyone in Vietphái nam,” says Scott.

Avatar World uses a “Freemium” mã sản phẩm, so you can go & enjoy most of the features with your friends at no cost. “But you will also find various shops, so if you want purple hair or if you want lớn have sầu the latest stylish clothes, those will be there for you,” says Scott. “There are also lots of little games that you can play, lượt thích games of Chance, so that gives you the chance to win special or exclusive items.”

TeaMobi is taking Avatar World on tour globally


“With the Nokia Store we can now reach young people in 100 different countries, which is just incredible to lớn think about,” says Scott. The team at TeaMobi has seen a surge with users interacting in their native language after the app was localized in English (the original phầm mềm was only in Vietnamese).

The second game that TeaMobi published in Nocơ Store is called “Nin-Ja School.” It’s an offline game and the company is using it as part of their testing before launching Avatar World more widely in other markets.

And, don’t think TeaMobi is only looking at Asha phones. Both Avatar World (in Vietnamese) và Nin-Ja School (at right) are available in the Phone Store today.

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Nin-Ja School is TeaMobi’s best performing phầm mềm globally, & it relies on Nocơ In App Payment (NIAP) to generate new revenue streams outside of their core market. (More information about NIAPhường is available from Notê Developer.)

One of their apps was recently selected as a finadanh mục for AppCampus, and that will bring more of their work to Phone users worldwide.