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Mohesh Baran Chakma
Charan Singh Chakma

Dg. Mohesh Boran, Dg. Charan Singh Chakma and Dg. Bana Chandra Tongchangya of Boroituli were found dead on the spot while Dg. Lakkhan Chakma và Dg. Dilik Chakma of Jaruldubosora sustained injuries and were rushed khổng lồ the Trinity Hospital, Aizawl. The incident took place at around 4:30 am at Melthum near Aizawl. They were in a Gypsy while on their way to Aizawl for official purpose.

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Both Dg. Mohesh Baran Chakma và Dg. Charan Chakma were elected MDCs from the MNF party. Dg. Mohesh Boran Chakma was elected during the last General Election to lớn Chakma Autonomous District Council held in 2018 while Dg. Charan Singh Chakma was elected in a by-election to 9-Ugudasury MDC Constituency. This is their first instint as MDC.

Earlier, Dg. Mohesh Baran Chakma has served as UPST (SSA) under He was the only child of Dg. Samratsur Chakma, Ex-EM, from 11-Ajasora Constituency. After his father death, he joined active politics and was elected as an MDC. He held the posts of Deputy Chairman,; Executive Member,; Adviser to lớn Planning và Development Committee, and Adviser to lớn CEM, during this term. He is survived by wife Dgb Sunita Chakma & 3 daughters – Chitti Parita Chakma (15 years), Chitti Bovita Chakma (13 years) and Chitti Sujugi Chakma (8 years). He was 41 years only.

Dg. Charan Singh Chakma had served as a Cultural Artist under After the death of his uncle Dg. Pranab Kumar Chakma, Ex-EM,, he was elected during the by-election in 9-Ugudasury South MDC Constituency held on 6th June, 2019.

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He held the posts of Deputy Chief Whip of, Executive Member, và Adviser to Planning và Development Committee, during this term. He is survived by his wife Dgb. Kabina Chakma và 3 daughters – Chitti Pattomi Chakma (15 years), Chitti Chorchori Chakma (12 years) và Chitti Rashiami Chakma (4 years). He was 38 years only.

Dg. Amol Srivastava, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai và Caretaker of 10th sent a condolence message. The DC & Caretaker, along with the officers & staff of condoled the untimely death of Shri Mohesh Baran Chakma, MDC of 11-Ajasora MDC Constituency and Shri Charan Singh Chakma, MDC of 9-Ugudasury ‘S’ MDC Constituency of Chakma Autonomous District Council and Bana Chandra Tongchangya of Boroituli Village in a tragic car accident today at 4:30 am near Aizawl, the Capital City. The DC further added that “The untimely demise of the two councillors is an irreparable loss khổng lồ the Chakma Autonomous District Council & the entire community.” & sent his sincere condolences to lớn the families of the bereaved & prayers for the early recovery of the persons injured.


All the offices under the Chakma Autonomous District Council shall remain closed on 16th & 17th January, 2023 as a mark of respect & mourning at the demise of the Members of Chakma Autonomous District Council Dg. Mohesh Boran Chakma và Dg. Charan Singh Chakma in a tragic oto accident on 16th January, 2023.

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An official condolence meeting was held today organised by in the Secretariat premises.