Miyamoto Musashi

Base AtkBase HP Max Atk Max HP Grail Atk Grail HP
NPhường per Hit (%)NP.. when Attacked (%)
Star AbsorptionStar Generation per Hit

Hit Count Up
Self Ignore Invincible
Self Buster Up
Self InvincibleSelf Debuff Clear
Self Star Drop Rate Up
ST Buster NPBuff Removal
Self NPhường Damage Up

Fifth Force A

Double the number of hits when normal attacking (1 turn).

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Decrease own damage per hit by một nửa when normal attacking (1 turn).Increase own damage when normal attacking (1 turn).


Heavenly Eyes A

Apply Ignore Invincible lớn self (1 turn).Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).


Emptiness A

Apply Invincible lớn self (1 turn).Remove own Debuffs.Increase own Critical Star Drop Rate (3 turns).


Six Paths, Five sầu Rings: Kurikara Divine BladeA

Deal significant damage lớn a single enemy.Remove Buffs for a single enemy.

Increase your NPhường strength (1 turn).

Six Paths, Five sầu Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade

Rikudou Gorin - Kurikara Tenshou


Deal significant damage lớn a single enemy.Remove Buffs for a single enemy.

Six Paths, Five Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade (Upgrade 1)A+

Upgrades via Rank Up 1 (Not available, ETA: 8/2022)

Deal significant damage khổng lồ a single enemy. Remove Buffs for a single enemy.Deals extra Special Attachồng damage to lớn a single or class enemy.

Increase your NP.. strength (1 turn).

Six Paths, Five Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade (Upgrade 1)

Rikudou Gorin - Kurikara Tenshou


Deal significant damage to lớn a single enemy. Remove sầu Buffs for a single enemy.Deals extra Special Attaông xã damage to lớn a single or class enemy.


Assorted Info

IDCostGenderGrowthInst. Death ChanceDamage Distribution QuickDamage Distribution ArtsDamage Distribution BusterDamage Distribution ExtraDamage Distribution NP

Attaông chồng / HP.. Growth

Total Materials Required


Costume Dress Materials

April Fool's0
Buddhism of Emptiness

When equipped on Miyamoto lớn Musashi,Increases own NPhường. Strength by 30%.Grants Self Debuff Immunity (3 times).

Table of Contents


Wielder of two blades và historical founder of the Niten-Ichiryu style, Miyamokhổng lồ Musashi materializes as a Servant in the Saber class. Musashi is a powerful damage dealer with a single target Buster NP, a dechồng of three Buster cards, a self Buster buff, 1-turn invincibility và ignore invincibility, self debuff cleanse and the ability lớn remove buffs from an enemy with her NP, and last but not least, the ability khổng lồ dual-wield to lớn double her hit counts.

Musashi’s base parameters feature not only a slightly above sầu average ATk stat for a Saber class Servant, but also good hit counts & NP. gain on her basic Comm& Cards. Her main forte is the sheer damage potential her triple Buster deông xã & Fifth Force skill can provide, especially when mixed with her single target Buster NP.. và how easy it is to phối up a Buster Brave sầu Chain as a result. Although her primary damage boosting skills last only for one turn, she ranks among mỏi the highest in damage ahy vọng Saber Servants.

Charging Musashi’s NPhường normally & from scratch may prove sầu difficult with her single Arts và Quiông xã card though, but with either a proper tư vấn, a well-timed use of her Fifth Force, or the right Craft Essence, Musashi can more than compensate for this.

Overall, Musashi is one of the more powerful ST Sabers available, và would slot in perfectly as the primary damage dealer in Buster teams. Aao ước SSR Sabers, she has one of the highest damage performance ceilings due khổng lồ her compatibility with Merlin"s tư vấn, especially given her own damage boosts & hit count boosting capabilities.

game Play Tip

Fifth Force, which doubles all Musashi’s hit counts for a turn, is a quality skill và the way it interacts with Musashi’s generation stats leads lớn some very particularly powerful uses. Properly timing Fifth Force can lead khổng lồ a massive sầu jump in performance and may even lead khổng lồ a full refund of Musashi’s NP.. gauge if timed just right in combination with a critical hit and her Arts card.

The key mechanic khổng lồ gain access to this jump in generation stats is to trigger the Overkill status on enemies. Once an enemy is in Overkill status, both NP gain (+50%) & star generation (+30%) are improved, which further stacks multiplicatively with card performance buffs, and NP.. gain buffs.

Overkill is normally triggered by depleting an enemy’s HP bar. However, Overkill also seems khổng lồ trigger when an enemy loses một nửa of their relative (remaining) HPhường bar in the same turn. Any subsequent hit after reaching this benchmark will often profit from Overkill anyway even if the game does not display this.

This odd facet of Overkill is especially notable on Musashi who often has no problems depleting a vast amount of HP with her Buster cards when her Arts thẻ is put last in a chain. Thus, when trying lớn charge or refund Musashi’s NPhường. bar, try to lớn time her Fifth Force with an Arts thẻ at the over of a chain with an Overkill bonus for some incredible generation numbers.


Ability lớn Dual-Wield

Fifth Force doubles the hit counts on Musashi’s basic commvà cards, resulting in massively improved NP. gain and critical star generation per card. At higher levels, it also further increases her damage potential & can function in practice as a Pseudo-NPhường (can be used for wave sầu 2 bosses, break bars, etc.). With Fifth Force active sầu, her NP gain becomes enormous, particularly with crits or with an overkill bonus. In the right situation it can cause Musashi khổng lồ completely fill her NP gauge in one shot by ending a Brave sầu chain with a crit from her Arts card.

High Damage Buster-centric ST Saber

A combination of a single target Buster NP. with a triple Buster deông chồng và powerful offensive sầu buffs from her Fifth Force, NP overcharge & Heavenly Eyes make her unique among mỏi SSR Sabers in sheer Buster damage potential. She synergizes particularly well with Buster-centric Supports in hard content.

High Utility

Musashi has a vast array of tools for hard content such as buff removal on NPhường., self debuff cleansing, Invincibility, and Ignore Invincibility. These effects are highly valuable for Challenge Quests, & her ability khổng lồ supply such utility is unmatched among muốn Sabers.

Unwieldy Skill Set Without Support

Musashi’s damage-oriented skills last only one turn, which can result in inconsistent damage output across multiple turns without external support in a team. Musashi is also fairly reliant on getting suitable thẻ draws lớn vì full damage with her Fifth Force. For support, Merlin works particularly well with her as he provides much of the tư vấn she needs khổng lồ be more effective sầu (such as a 3-turn Buster + Crit damage buffs).

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Difficulty Charging NP.. Bar Without Fifth Force or Support

A triple Buster deông chồng can frustrate any attempts at charging the NPhường Gauge from scratch, particularly when thẻ draws are unlucky & Arts cards vày not show up for several turns in a row. While Musashi can somewhat rely on her Fifth Force skill to counteract this, in situations where tư vấn & Craft Essence options are limited, Musashi can struggle khổng lồ charge her NP.. bar in time.

Fifth Force A

Double the number of hits when normal attacking (1 turn).Decrease own damage per hit by 50% when normal attacking (1 turn).Increase own damage when normal attacking (1 turn).

Heavenly Eyes A

Apply Ignore Invincible to self (1 turn).Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).

Emptiness A

Apply Invincible lớn self (1 turn).Remove own Debuffs.Increase own Critical Star Drop Rate (3 turns).

Miyamoto lớn Musashi’s skills are all functional at level 1, but when leveled, they provide a great boost to lớn her performance by raising raw damage values as well as improving skill cooldowns. If one had to lớn choose, her first two skills are the most important to lớn her role of primary damage dealer & should be leveled concurrently if possible.

Fifth Force A - Fifth Force is Musashi’s chất lượng skill. Initially, it doubles the hit counts of all normal cards for 1 turn (does not influence damage). With additional levels, the damage of all her normal command cards is boosted by up to +30%, making overkill status easier khổng lồ reach. This skill is central khổng lồ her effectiveness as it also effectively doubles the star generation và NPhường. generation of every one of her cards for a turn, & is therefore worth leveling first.Heavenly Eyes A - This is a more straightforward Buster buff with added invincibility pierce. Given the Buster bonus scales with levels up to a maximum of +1/2, và the skill cooldown reaches a decent 5 turns at max level, this skill is also very much worth leveling second. For Masters who want more pure damage, it could be leveled first as well. Emptiness A - Levels in this skill further improve the star generation bonus, which synergizes very well with Fifth Force’s doubled hit counts. Although not of the highest priority, levels in this skill will more likely guarantee that any brave chains Musashi can pull off with a Quick card, her NPhường và Fifth Force will flood the field with critical stars.

Craft Essence Recommendation

Miyamokhổng lồ Musashi’s goal is to lớn generate both stars and NPhường gauge with her dual-wielding skill(or simply use it khuyến mãi more damage), with which she can then slash her enemies into lớn pieces with her subsequent critical hits, and/or carve sầu her foes into lớn a new landmark with her NP.. All the usual Buster Servant suspects work for her: Buster Up, Critical Damage Up, Attaông xã Up, NPhường Damage Up, and Starting NP Gauge CEs all persize well with her.

Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament / Aerial Drive / Holy Night Supper / Partake with the King / First Sunrise: These hybrid CEs provide a bit of starting NP. Gauge to assist with filling her NPhường. gauge in case of unlucky thẻ draws. Golden Sumo Stacks particularly well given her lachồng of an Attack Up buff of her own.

Victor of the Moon / Joint Recital / Limited/Zero Over: When starting NPhường. Gauge isn’t needed or is not relevant to lớn a quest, these options provide a Buster and/or Crit damage boost at higher values than the starting NP Gauge CEs listed above.

Blaông chồng Grail: This CE gives the largest boost to lớn her NPhường damage, & is useful for times when maximizing burst NPhường damage is desired.

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Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element / Dragon’s Meridian: These Starting NPhường Gauge CEs are always useful when an NPhường is desired as soon as possible upon entering the fight.

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