Review: Motorola Moto Z2

Released 2017, June 145g, 6mm thickness apk 7.1.1, up to apk 9.0 32GB/64GB storage, microSDXC 1.3% 3,621,897 hits 5.5"

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yama moto0Cq19 Jul 2022

PinguinoGSM, 01 Nov 2018Have the same thing going on with my phone. Idk why it does that, but I"ve read there are two ... MoreDon't be lazy và do some googling:

yama moto0Cq19 Jul 2022

kola, 03 Dec 2018its great,dont buy chinese phones,they are same crappyFYI: moto was a trademark licensed by smartphone division of Motorola USA lớn Chinese Lenovo. No, after license ended, Lenovo does not use "Motorola", it uses "Moto" signature. Anyway, xe máy by Lenovo IS a CHINESE PRODUCT!

yama moto0Cq19 Jul 2022

The_Vick, 17 Dec 2018This is a great phone. The only failure is that the internal battery died exactly in 1 year.Use non-motorola charger, some regular non-turbo charging one.

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yama moto0Cq19 Jul 2022

Plaidlemur, 25 Jan 2019Do not buy this phone! Had the phone less than a year. The first one decided that it wouldn"t ... MoreSolution: turn off proximity sensor & adaptive brightness.

Yama moto0Cq19 Jul 2022

Deepak kr lal, 30 Jan 2019Why m i not finding wifi and miracast/Screen mirror connectivity from my điện thoại Moto Z2 pl... MoreYou don't see miracast/screen mirroring icon in the pull down menu, because there IS NOT such an option AVAILABLE in all moto / Lenovo phones / tablets. There is an ongoing discussion on this topic & the response from Motorola was: use Chrome Cast, which however requires to lớn buy a special usb dongle lớn plug into receiving TV. I wish I could from time khổng lồ time be in the heads of the top executives of those companies. Such a "little omission" can kill sales.

KW4Aw29 Jun 2022

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2021You can manually update it to game android 9: MoreAnyone know if the manual update lớn 9.0 works for na users? Love this little tank, has been going strong for over 4 years at this point, and I'd really like to keep it until I have khổng lồ give it up. This work for anyone in NA?

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Anonymous78K17 Apr 2022

Vivek Hb, 18 May 2021My moto z2 play had software issue, it was showing start up failed error. I took my phone lớn M... Morethats honestly why i always use custom roms. "ohh stock rom is more reliable" doesnt seem lượt thích it. I know its late but for anyone else with this problem, try looking for the firmware of this phone on XDA developers & try flashing it with fastboot. Although this phone (from experience) is EXTREMELY PICKY with what it lets you flash, likely to prevent downgrading. You might wanna try your hand at custom roms if you feel confident enough, but yên not responsible for anything. Still, if theres a chance lớn turn a brick back into a phone, you might wanna take it.

Anonymous78K17 Apr 2022

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2021are Motorola Z 2 wireless chargeable?no, but wireless charging isnt a feature you should look forward to. Think about it, whats the point? its less efficient, and its not lượt thích you dont need to still put your phone in a specific place. Its not *that* simple. And also the fact that wireless charging creates a ton of extra heat causing your battery lớn heat up and degrade. (especially in apple's magsafe.. You'd expect the one with magnets lớn align itself khổng lồ be the most efficient but táo khuyết is uhh.. Special