How to open msconfig in windows 10


MSConfig is a good, versatile tool for managing the startup process on your computer. Additionally it can be of a lot more use if you are looking khổng lồ troubleshoot performance & stability issues. MiniTool shows you how khổng lồ access & use it on Windows 10.

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How to lớn Access MSConfig

Where is MSConfig in Windows 10? Many users may wonder this problem. In this part, I will show you how to lớn access MSConfig through 2 ways.

Method 1. Access MSConfig Through Windows search Box

Click inside the Windows tìm kiếm box on the taskbar and type "msconfig" into it. Then click the best-matched search result: System Configuration.


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How lớn Use MSConfig

Once you mở cửa System Configuration, you will see a window shown like the following picture:


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2. Boot Tab

The Boot tab is shown like the following picture:


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3. Services Tab

When the operating system boots up, only services that are checked here can run at startup. If you don"t want some services to lớn run at startup, uncheck them here.


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5. Tools Tab

Tools tab lists some Windows administrative tools. To lớn use these tools, you just need lớn select the one you want và then click Launch button.


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